Proctoscope exam stories

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I was hurting too much to ride my bike, so I took the bus. I walked up to the counter, or more like loped up to the counter, and told a nurse that my left testicle was hurting. I figured it would be a long wait because it was not Proctoscope exam stories severe case, and so I had come prepared with a good ebook on my phone. My first surprise is that they took me into one of those little curtained sections and a moment after a nurse finished taking my blood pressure and a blood sample, a doctor came right in.

She was accompanied by four other doctors, which I found out later were interns. Two were guys, tall, thin and handsome, one black, one white, and two women, one a spectacular red head, and the other Asian. This girl looked really young, but she must have been something over twenty. She was a bit plump, but still very, very attractive.

The doctor asked what's up, and I told her. Just my luck that she'd be another very pretty Asian woman. She was around 40 years old. I have a weakness for short Asians, yet I've never really met one.

You see, I was terrified that I'd get an erection in front of all these people if she looked at my junk, and I was pretty sure my pants would be coming off any moment. And that's just what happened. She asked me to remove my shoes, socks, pants and underwear. I was reluctant, but also relieved. Whatever this pain was, it needed attention, and Proctoscope exam stories was about to get attention.

She put on some blue rubber gloves, and had me lay back on the bed. I was very concerned about an erection. Terrified in fact. In retrospect, I don't know why that worried me even more than having the pain in my balls, but by gosh, it sure did. I needn't have worried. I stayed soft the whole minute or so that she checked me out. Maybe too soft. I was vaguely thinking my penis should be a bit larger, a bit firm, with these people looking at it. I've always been a bit self-conscious about my prick being a bit on the small side.

She held my penis for a few seconds, pulling it gently this way and that, and then got down to the business at hand. She slightly squeezed my balls within my scrotum, evidently feeling for some sort of damage. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt very much more than I was already hurting. Then she started probing above my balls, the area below the lower belly, and bang! Oh wow, she hit a point that really hurt.

I majorly flinched. I think I even yelled out a bit, and she let go right away. She turned to one of the young guys and asked him for his opinion. He said a whole paragraph that I didn't understand.

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All medical terms. In fact the only word I got was "through. That's it, she said. She explained that I was suffering an ordinary, and harmless groin pull.

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Evidently, the opening through which the spermatic cord travels swelled up a bit, causing a partial restriction of circulation to the testicle, and the testicle overreacts with pain. She explained that it would clear up in a day or so, and then asked the red head what she'd prescribe. The red head said something, and the doctor had the other guy intern write that in my chart.

She said if the pain is too bothersome, I could take some pills, two every four hours, but that I might not need them at all. I must tell you, I was greatly relieved. I know it's psychosomatic, but I could swear the pain was already starting to let up somewhat. The doctor then went on to tell the interns the reason my case was taken right away is that in my age group, testicular torsion is a possibility. The testicle twists Proctoscope exam stories, circulation is cut off, and emergency surgery is necessary to save it. I'm glad I didn't have that! I was about to pull my pants back up, and the doctor said, "No.

My instinct was to say, "No way," but I'm sort of a yes-man, a people-pleaser, and so I agreed. They all donned the blue gloves. First the tall black guy approached and the Asian doctor guided him through a much more thorough exam than she had performed.

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She explained that this was the standard genital exam to rule out STDs and all sorts of things I didn't "present with. So, he started in by grabbing my penis. I flinched a bit. Not because it was painful, but because he just jumped right in, it was sudden, plus I wasn't expecting his hand to be so cold.

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Under the doctor's verbal instruction, he felt all the way up both sides of my shaft. Interestingly, I was starting to fluff up a bit, and was maybe a bit proud that my penis was a bit larger now. He then pulled the foreskin back. All the way back. The doctor said, "Geez Paulson, not so hard. Much more firmly than she had done.

And, I have to say, it felt pretty nice. I wasn't expecting that.

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Then, he kept it up, and at one point he squeezed a point near the top of my right nut that really hurt, and I jumped. She explained that a man has a Proctoscope exam stories point near the on each testicle where the epididimis s it, that is sensitive and should not be "palpated. I really didn't want that. I've never had one, but had heard that they are uncomfortable. The guy had me get on my hands and knees on the table, which took a moment, since my groin, or more specifically, my testicle, was still hurting.

While I did that, he spread some lubricant on his index finger. It was ordinary KY jelly. I was expecting they'd use something more professional in a hospital. But that's what they use. He stuck his finger right in. It didn't really hurt, but it made my eyes open wide.

The doctor told him he must go slower. So what did he do? He pulled his finger back out, just as fast as it had gone in. That didn't feel any better. She then decided to demonstrate, and put some KY on her glove. She then spread some around my asshole, and it felt quite nice. No one has ever done that to me. She then slowly, ever so slowly, pushed her finger into me, while rotating it back and forth a bit. Really quite nice! I hadn't noticed, but my penis was starting to become erect.

She pulled out, slowly, and invited the tall black intern to try it again. He did it just like she did, nice and slow, and gentle. She instructed him to curl his finger forward, and feel around for my prostate. They had a bit of a conversation about what it should feel like. He wasn't sure Proctoscope exam stories was feeling it, but eventually figured it out. By now, my dick had become fully erect, and I was horrified!

Proctoscope exam stories

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