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I have been following Desi Tales for many years now.

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I have fantasized a lot. I have seen things happening also. But I have never experienced it. But that was all about to change. Finally, I decided to pen down my unexpected, lucky incident. I am 31 Yrs male, tall, fair in complexion, bit — fit body. I am a tasteful explorer in bed. This incident happened in one such trip to Chennai. It was early in the morning am on a rainy day. I reached Tambaram and had to go to Trivanmiyur. Since it was early in the morning the city buses in the route were scarce or only one was available.

The bus was very crowded, people were are already crammed inside. I had a second thought whether to board the bus on wait for the next one. But since it was raining, I decided to go on the same bus. People were already standing till the foot board. The moment I started climbing, there were Two girls who also started to board. As usual, I let them board first and I followed.

Let me call them the one Bold and the other Beautiful. The Bold was little on the plump side, a bit short, but with wealthy assets. The Beautiful was of a perfect Public groping stories, she was dusk in color, around the face, big eyes, pouting lips to die for, flawless neck ending on a silky smooth skinned shoulder, protruding Melons the size of ripened mango, perfect hour glass hip, and an ass to die again for! The bum was protruding and swayed like an Halwa piece.

The sight of her will take your breath away. As we boarded, I realized that the bus is jam packed than I expected. I was climbing the steps just behind the Bold one. Because of the crowd, I had to stand in the last but one-foot board. The Bold was standing before me, the Beautiful just before her. I maintained decency and as far as Public groping stories did touch her.

I saw a hand of a stranger brush against her ass. The strange thing is she did not react. On seeing this my junior woke up. As the bus started intentionally or otherwise her ass started to touch my chest periodically. And there was no negative reaction from her. Both the girls started to chit chat and giggle even in the crowded situation. Then I started to observe the surroundings. Beautiful was surrounded by 3 guys. The guy in front of her practically crushing her melons, one guy feeling up her thigh on one side.

One guy positioned exactly behind her ass. The bold had her front felt by the same stranger hand and I was on her back, her ass supported on me. But the gals gave away nothing, they continued to chit chat as if nothing was happening. In fact, they were enjoying.

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So it was a planned by them. As they could have boarded the bus from the front side were gals crowd was more, yet they chose the rear side. As the bus progressed we were moved further up. For all good reasons, I was Public groping stories between the two gals. What a lucky moment!! The Bold was on the right side and the Beau was on my left side. I was holding a bag in my left hand. The Beau was wearing the cotton kind of churidar. It was a very light material, in the moment of a touch you can feel the skin not the cloth.

Due to the crowd, her front side of the body was completely pressed against my left side. What a feeling it was! Just typing this make my junior wake up to its full glory! Still, I was hesitant to move ahead, as I should not be doing anything to an uninterested gal. That will be nasty and offensive. But I got a al.

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Both the girls had their smartphones in their hand. The Bold as if correcting her bangles are something lowered hand down so that no one can see in the crowd brushed my junior as if unintentionally and took her hand up. I was shocked, my face must have turned red. Then I could not meet them in the eye. Then it followed by the Beau as if adjusting the mobile lowered her hand touched my junior.

That was the al. Then I thought, what a fool I am, wasting the time so far. Then the sleeping monster in me woke up. Then I had the decide the Bold or the Beautiful? Bold had her partner already. Then I started to concentrate on the Beau.

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I folded my left hand to hold my bag near my chest. This made my hand press against her melons. Elbow pressing the left melon and forehand the right melon. I sync with the movement of the bus to make a cycling motion.

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I could feel the right nipple, as the churidar material was soft and inner wear was also soft. I saw her lower her head and bite her lower lips. I slightly moved away to tease Public groping stories, and she moved to close the gap, I was in heaven. Her melons were very soft like cheese vennai. I made some hard presses with my elbow. Both of us started to breathe heavily. In the meantime, I adjusted my left leg to the position between her two legs. Sensing this she also adjusted. I could feel both her thighs between by knees.

I felt the nipples between my fingers and pinched it. She adjusted the shawls to hide the action from others. I felt her thighs tighten with my leg in between. Then I lowered my hand to feel her tummy. It was a bit of fleshy — the sexy way. By this time bus has crossed few stops I felt silky smoothness, and the shape of the deep navel, easily as it was covered with only the churidar material. I circled it, pinched it for some time. Then slowly moved further lower and touch her left thigh. I felt an electric shock running down me. I saw her bit shocked. I changed my bag to the other hand, so my left hand is free.

Then I started to feel her thighs with the back of my hand gently. I was able to move the churidar as it was covering only the mid of the thigh and feel her pant covering her ample, shapely thigh. Then I rotated by hand so that my palm touched, I saw a small smile in her.

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She lowered the hand and slowly as if by mistake touched my junior. She saw whether any one is watching. Since it was early morning, people were damn tired and no one was watching. She started to apply more pressure with her fingers. Our hands touched, which I liked the most I slowly crawled by fingers to her triangle area. It was hot and damp there. I slowly crawled my fingers to her love triangle. Placed one finger on her triangle, Public groping stories if knocking a door. Slowly I applied pressure and increased pressure gradually.

I sensed her stiffen and sweat. Dusky-Brown-skin-sweat-and her aroma was mesmerizing. If it were any other place, I would have made love to her then and there. Such a beauty. The pant material and the inners were the only things between Me and her glory. I could feel her slit and started to caress it slowly.

It was wet. Her hand was touching my hand now for support. I continued to apply more pressure, move up and down on her G-spot. She started to completely lean on me and breath heavily. I increased the speed and continued for some time. Then after a moment, I felt wetness on my fingers and she was stopping on me exhausted.

She must have reached her climax. I saw her face drain and glow again. She regaining her composure, with a satisfied smile on her beautiful face. I slowly open my zipper and made her insert hand to touch my junior anyways I did not wear inners. The touch of her hand on my junior — had no words to describe.

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I was flying in the clouds — cloud 9. My precum was in her hand. She felt the stickiness. She held it and started to press in gently. I moved my left hand behind to touch her back in an embrace. People around us thought that we were couples.

I slowly moved my hand on her waist lin. She started to squeeze my junior hard. I moved to cup her ass Perfect shape — Silky Velvet smooth. She leaned on me and started to stroke my junior without attracting attention.

Public groping stories

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