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Posts Cousin Spanked with a Boner January 29, My 13 year old cousin came to stay with us for a month in the summer while our aunt and uncle went on vacation. One night we caught him trying to spy on us in the bathroom while we were changing so we told on him. My mom pulled him out and dragged him to the living room.

She called him a pervert and made him take his pajama pants off for a spanking. He had no underwear on and his dick was already half hard and huge! We were all shocked and laughing.

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He was so embarrassed trying to cover up but my mom would not let him. She made him keep his hands behind his head and not move them or else. She spanked him with his big dick swinging and jiggling all around and it kept Punished naked story harder and harder till he was standing there with a full erection! We all got to watch him get spanked like 50 more times with his big fat boner swinging and bobbing all around while he cried and begged for her to stop. Then she said since. Caught Jerkin It. January 29, We were left with our mean aunt one summer while our parents went on vacation.

She was all nice and smiles when around Mom and Dad but once they left she became a real tyrannical bitch. She was in her 30s and liked to dress all provocatively and like to go out with a lot of men. In the evening she'd have a few drinks and then she'd turn into a real witch snapping orders at us left and right and calling us names. She liked to taunt my 15 yo younger brother Paul the most which is fine with me because he is an arrogant ass to me most of the time.

One Friday she let me have some friends over for a sleep over and went out for the night. She said she would be out late. It was me and 4 girl friends from school. We were in the living room watching a movie and Paul kept coming in interrupting and being a jerk like he likes to when I have friends over.

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I think he gets all horny when girls are over and acts all hyper. Finally I yelled at him and told him to leave us alone or I would tel. Blackmailed into Twerking Naked. My evil step brother hacked my computer and found videos on there of me twerking in panties and even naked in some. I made them one night when I was horny but thought I deleted them. I was so mad when he told me he saw them that I ran and permanently deleted them all.

He laughed at me and said he had made copies! I was horrified at what he would do with them knowing he could Punished naked story me for life. He blackmailed me with them saying he would send them out to everyone at school and make sure my parents saw them too. My parents are very religious and strict so I would get whooped and grounded for life for sure if they found out. He said he would keep it a secret only if gave him a private little twerk show every day after school when no one else was home!

I was so fuming mad but he had me and there was nothing I could do. Not having much else of choice I gave in. It was so humiliating but still better than being ruined for life by the videos getting out. At first he wanted me to do it in tig. Jimmy Gets Punished. Mother should have taken her little pervert step son Jimmy to task the first time she found his sister's crusted used panties hidden in his room. With his father on long term asment in the military she had been given full authority over him and intended to keep the misbehaving boy in line.

The next time she caught him she already had a plan to teach him a good embarrassing lesson that he would soon not forget. Holding him by his upper arm she escorted him to the bedrooms of his 3 step sisters so that the embarrassed boy had to blushingly confess to having a perverted desire to use their panties to masturbate with. The 3 teens girls squealed with shock and disgust hearing his confession. Such behavior would not be tolerated.

Marched to the basement for punishment all 3 of his step sisters relished in his mother's decree that a good bare bottom spanking in front of them all would help put an end to such deviant behavior. So embarrassed he Punished naked story not even make eye contact. Shamed by Teacher at School. In my country teachers like to use shame and embarrassment to punish bad kids in school. Our teacher Ms. M likes to pick on boys mostly. One time she got mad at one boy TJ for whispering in class.

He wasn't whispering but she said he was anyway. She was in a bad mood and likes to pick on TJ, mostly because he have skinny body and big dick and she likes to punish him and make him get naked to show his big dick to everybody. She pulled him up to front of class and said now he's going to be punished. We all knew he'd have to get naked now and show his dick and bare butt to whole class.

She made him take his pants off. He was so embarrassed having to pull his pants down and take them off in front of everybody. We could see the big bugle in his underwear.

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His face was red from embarrassment already. Then she ordered him to pull his underwear down next. She said 'take them off now and get ready for your punishment. Forced to Jack-Off in front of Neighbor Moms. October 12, I was 15 and over at my neighbor Susie's house hanging out with her in the basement den they have. Her mom was upstairs having a some kind of brunch with a small group of her friends and a few neighbor moms. They are all single moms and like to drink wine and champaign all the time and talk badly about men.

Well Susie was dressed in a tight shirt and shorts looking extra cute on this day. We were playing video games and my hormones were raging and all I could think of was trying to fool around with her. I knew her mom was occupied with her hen party so we would have plenty of private time together. I kept Punished naked story to tickle and kiss her when ever she lost a game and one thing lead to another and we started really making out and I got her shirt up and her shorts pulled open.

I put my hands way down in her panties playing with her wet pussy and I had a huge hard on and a obvious wet stain in my shorts too. I was slowly making time getting her shorts down and was sucking on her bare t.

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Birthday Tickle Gone Wrong. My sisters birthday is on Halloween and she was turning 16 at the time and I was We were getting ready to go to a costume party and my friends were going with me. Well, we decided it would be funny to give her a birthday ticklling before my mom got home from work and took us to the costume party. So my 4 other friends held her down while I took off her pants. She wasn't wearing any underwear at the time and pleaded but I didn't care. Off came her pants leaving her naked pussy and gorgeous rear end fully exposed.

We pulled her shirt up over he head and bared her little tits and tickled her armpits, feet, legs, boobs, ribs and butt. We held her down kicking struggling and laughing like this for 16 minutes because it was her 16th birthday. My step mom walked in as she was putting her clothes back and and was outraged. She ultimately found out what happened and decided I would be punished. She decided my punishment was to be the same as what I did Punished naked story my sister. She said I was. More posts.

Punished naked story

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