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us as we read this glorious piece of work. Prince Lawrence lives in a castle somewhere in the Philippines. She is invited to his room, and was… taken advantage of by Prince Lawrence. Butlerdiscovers that she is pregnant. She then sees Lawrence making out with his ex, failed heiress??? Marj, and runs away.

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Okay, standard soap opera fare so far, except this wonderful piece of literature involves vampire princes and bad grammar. Why does he have a butler named Mr. Why am I still reading? She sat on my lap grinding hers on mine and started to kiss me. I somehow missed her kisses. But while we where kissing, only one person came into my mind. My Julienne. My love. My mate. It took me twenty minutes before I realized what I am doing was wrong. I immediately pushed Margie away from me and stood up. Ade: You were talking to Marj…. My ex-girlfriend, who left me because of her fucking ambition of being the chosen heiress but she failed.

Was there a test? Was she not vampire enough? Why does she hate commas? My twins, Sofia and Jaze are now at their 6th year. My kids kept on asking where there dad is and I keep on changing the topic. Probablyno. Ade: Wait. She got impregnated by a vampire. I wonder how the appointment went?

That was highly relevant to my interests. Rika: That would have been a great chapter tbh. Perhaps we could recommend some Lovecraftian reading material to the author so she can insert a new chapter. How was she living her life without me but with my baby? Maybe my child looked just like me, or maybe her. To brush things off my mind, I went to the mall. Everywhere I looked, I see a family. A mother, a father, and their. Kailan kaya ako magkakaroon ng ganyan?

I made another glance in front of me and my heart skipped a beat. Ade: Or maybe you should stop obsessing over the woman you fucking raped six years ago…? Khan: Hi, I just got here. Regretting my decision. Rika: Good job. Please hold this bucket while I empty the contents of my stomach.

Ade: When we started this, we thought it was going to be a fun exercise. But Chapter 7… changes everything. This is when this novel jumps from hilariously misguided and terribly written to the territory of totally fucking disturbing. And this happens. He suddenly leaned on my neck and bit me.

I screamed in pain but he covered my mouth. He then licked the blood that dripped down my neck leaving no trace in it. So fucking sorry. He immediately looked at Rape stories wattpad with happiness in Rape stories wattpad eyes. I nodded bowing my head.

He caressed my cheeks and whispered on my ear.

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Ade: Jesus. Dude just assaults a woman in front of her. And forcibly kisses her. In public. RJ: Chapter 7 is the worst so far. Couple fights in public. Guy tries to force a kiss, gets slapped instead. Girl kisses him anyway 2 minutes later. I need to lie down. Next week: Prince Lawrence plans a kidnapping! Butler has a secret profession!

Justin confesses his love! What happens next to our bitey, rapey, assault-y vampire prince? Why do we all have an overwhelming urge to drive pointed objects up our eyes? Why is the fifth bottle of vodka already Rape stories wattpad Wait for the next installment of WTF Wattpadwhere none of these questions will be answered!

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Rape stories wattpad

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WTF Wattpad: ‘Raped and Got Pregnant By A Vampire Prince’ [Part 2]