Raped by a horse stories

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A battered mug was held up to her mouth, and the cattle prod buried deep in her gapping ass ensured Veronica parted her lips invitingly. Eagerly she drank down cups contents, white runny snot-like goo. Before her descent, Veronica had on just a bare few occasions pushed herself into tasting barely a fingertips worth of gooey horse cum. Already, she was becoming quite familiar with the taste and texture.

Veronica hung in bondage, resting before her coming ordeal. Her collar had been removed, leaving her with just the ballet boots. Fortunately, Veronica would not be required to stand.

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A complex rig of bungie-like cords held her in place. Her ankles were closely tethered to widespread rings on the floor. Her legs ran straight up and her body fell in the horizontal. Her arms were spread as if she were trying to take flight. From each wrist, elastic stretched to heavy pillars on either side. Harnesses around her shoulders and hips held many such cords, some of these went only a short way up into the thick padded bench that had been carefully positioned atop her, others pulled her both forwards and backwards.

The outcropping above Veronica was heavily counterbalanced at its base, which rested in front of her head. The bench would support a great weight. Veronica, having supervised its construction and put it to much use, was confident it would not fail her now.

Sweat dripped from her erect nipples. Her welted breasts dangled freely below her. The chains had been removed, but numerous fish hooks still pierced her freshly canned jugs. She had fainted when a cherub, using pliers, Raped by a horse stories pulled the barbed fishhook from her clitoris. She wished he had done it before removing the two hooks in her labia.

Her belly also hung beneath her suspended frame. It had been growing larger with each cup of animal semen she drank. Veronica felt she must have at least two litres of beastly cum sloshing around in her gut. As she looked back over her breasts and tummy, Veronica could not help but notice the constant drip of urine coming from the tube jammed up her piss hole, nor did she miss the trails of brown running down her tight legs.

The only reason she was still alert was the needle that had been stuck in her soft ass meat. Medication was par for the course, and Veronica was certain she had been doped with drugs to keep her awake, horny and to keep the shit flowing down her legs. Fingers dug into her eye sockets and lifted her head. Before she even saw the waiting cup, Veronica had parted her lips.

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Veronica missed her hair. She wished she had it right now, not because it was long and pretty, but because it would get dirty and serve as a grip for strong hands. Veronica would usually let her inmates grow their hair back, and she expected the same, but even when she had known for certain she would be shaved, it had been a blow to her self image. This time the cup was definitely not horse cum, probably a pig.

It was thicker, like sucking down jelly. Mr X had decided that while they finished the extensive preparations for the live show, Veronica would gladly gulp down any cum presented to her. A great crowd had gathered in the stables, adding sweat and excitement to the ever-present stench of animals. More than a few cameras were present, waiting to record the once proud dominatrix being raped by a waiting stallion. As Veronica was aware, even before today, fucking horses is difficult. Aside from the inherent problem with trying to slide your fuck holes, no matter how well lubricated, over a penis the size of a mans forearm, the positioning of the rape was key.

If a horse steps on, falls on or kicks a bitch, serious injury is more likely than not.

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It is possible to lie on a bench or swing in a hammock underneath a standing horse, but then the horse is mostly unable to participate in what should be a joyous and brutal coupling. The rig allowed a stallion to mount the sturdy platform above the waiting bitch, keeping her safe from his hooves and weight. When guided into the desired hole, he would penetrate it brutally, driven by the planted scent of a mare in heat, and the teasing to his long rod.

With every thrust or his monstrous cock, the horse would burry himself into the bitch and then the bungie cords would give and allow her to be driven forward, still impaled on his cock, but before any, serious, internal damage was caused. Veronica had allowed herself to be strapped into the rig when it was first completed; she had even let one of the bulls fuck her while clad in a horse costume.

When Veronica felt a cherub begin to loosen the doughnuts in her cunt and ass, she knew it was about to begin. As the last cup of animal cum was taken away, Veronica saw a camera pointed right at her face. Veronica steeled her jaw, but was unable to keep the tears from flowing down her face.

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Now that the cattle prod had been removed from her bowels, she felt no compulsion to answer. She just wanted to get this over with. It had been more than an hour since she had crawled into the stables. She had to sit through an interview, and was quickly punished for failing to answer quickly and honestly. Apparently the twins had been tasked with compiling a video featuring a tour of the sight, and Veronica was to be the star. Maybe her husband was hunting for more partners. The thought of sadists around the world watching as the majority owner of the dungeon fucked one of her own stallions made her cunt drip faster.

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Even if she were one day released, she would be a joke to these people. Already she had been forced to give blowjobs to two stallions and, for the benefit of the viewers, compare and contrast the tastes. Veronica felt the painful stretching of her ass and pussy ease as the toys were removed. A girls hand easily spread thick w of lubricant around her O shaped sphincter and inside her rectum.

After this you can have a short break and tell everyone exactly how it feels like to have a horse rape your precious asshole. It may even make your first equine vaginal rape better by comparison, but I expect the subtleties will be lost on you today. Fear not, you are going to become a leader in the field of horse fucking, I guarantee it.

After a quick sniff and a tantalising lick, aides helped the stallion get his weight up onto the supports. Veronica began blubbing as she felt the massive mushroom like head of the horse cock press against her soft, slick defenceless asshole. He well lubricated hole was still gaping more than two inches. Nevertheless, she felt it when, with a whinny, the stallion truly mounted her. Her screams were drowned out by the cheer of the crowd as the giant cock effortlessly fought past her defences and buried itself in her hot insides.

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The rig worked perfectly, allowing her body to be fucked forward for just a moment before dragging it back for the next thrust. The motorized platform above Veronica began raising. It lifted itself to a height that forced the stallion to dance from hoof to hoof. The rest began rotating left and right vertically, forcing the horse to dance as his partner moved under him. With each step, the hard shaft speared Veronica from a different angle, ploughing deep into her sloppy asshole and tearing her sphincter wide.

Veronica took in a series of quick breaths between each new thrust. With each thrust she threw back her head and cried out. Pain was all she felt as her asshole was sodomized like few women have ever experienced.

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Everyone who could make it to the bestial deflowering did so. Even the vampire was nailed to one of the walls. Fiona and several of the other inmates moved around on their knees working the capacity crowd. Veronica was just one of them now. A horse fucking cum guzzling slut. Eventually Veronica felt the horse begin to pour forth its seed in her shit womb. The cum quickly filled the available space, some spurting out her bleeding anus, more being pushed up deeper into her colon. With all the cum in her belly, space inside her was at a premium.

Moments after the horse was pulled from its perch a cherub darted in to attend the leaking orifice. She lifted a stainless steel bowl from the ground, positioned carefully to catch the precious runoff. Veronica begged for mercy while Jemma did her best to interview her about the joy of being analy raped by a horse. She could taste her ass and could see there was plenty more still to go. Apart from the microphone she held, Jemma was still naked. She shamelessly played with her wet pussy in front of Veronica.

Another jolt from the prod had her bucking like wild in the rig. She began nodding furiously.

Raped by a horse stories

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