Rapid weight gain story

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Studies and Sketches by Henry Wong. Maybe coming as a fatass for Halloween was a mistake:. One man hires a cute assistant and finds himself inexplicably gaining weight not that he minds. Read for male wg that turns into XWG :.

But it has never, ever done shit for me, and this is because it goes about resolving anxiety in the completely wrong way.

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You will just end up still sad and stressed, only with sand on your butt. Your sadness is inside of you. To escape, you need to give your brain something to play with for a while until you can approach the issue with a healthier frame of mind. People who have anxiety do not need more time to contemplate, because we will use it to contemplate how much we suck. When we let our minds run free, they run straight into the thorn bushes. Our minds are already running, and they need to be controlled. Rank celebrities according to Best Smile. As weird as it seems, American Horror Story actually helps me a lot, because it sucks me in.

If it can, then…ignore this one. Working with 5 people to get a ball over a net is a challenge which will require your brain to turn off the Sadness Channel. Now obviously, I am not a doctor. I am just an anxious person who has tried almost everything to help myself.

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When I do the stuff I listed above, I can breathe again. And I hope it helps someone here too. If your anxiety includes rapid heartbeat for no reason then it may help to exercise! Look up a quick cardio workout on YouTube or something and just do it in your room!

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Rapid weight gain story

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