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Boosted - Premium Member Boost. Right off the bat, you introduce a cocky, flawed character that shows a lot of potential. Despite him being a bit of an S Luis. Published a book? Promote it. Post Your Writing. Read New Gay and Lesbian. Search Reset. Gay and Lesbian. Start Reading. Re: Comments: 4 Likes: 5 Shelves: 2. As the spaceship secretly lands on Earth, Ka's mission is clear: find and kill Transprophetics. His shipmates think of him as a killer. On his home planet of Koranth, he is considered a murderer.

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Haunted in his dreams by the boy whose life he stole, Ka struggles to define who…. Featured Review by A. Smith "This is a great opening! How to Boost your writing. Tales of a Shifter B2 - Clan Celebration. Re: Their interactions with each other hampered by personal demons, family members Still virtual strangers both the Mortal and the Shifter make an attempt to ignore the undeniable.

And yet they…. It's about Finn Finnchen and Oakley, who are both staying at a hotel. Oakley only wants to get a drink from the fridge, when he finds the person that has bothering him for so long on the couch. An Interview Experience. Re: 21 Comments: 1. Marcia DeMaine is a busy, dominant, city lawyer. She's hiring a second in command but her hunt is not going well. Will the final candidate of the day be a wash out like the first or will she be surprised by fate? Carrie is an experienced manager who is intimidated…. Re: Comments: 3 Shelves: 1. I can't believe I'm actually doing this.

This is so personal. Dangerous Love. Nero and Jules have known each other since they were babies, their bond growing stronger and stronger throughout their lives. What happens when a dark shadow from their past reappears? The Touching A novel. Re: 97 Shelves: 1. Arabella Manning, 14, and her girlfriend, Hilary Marsh, also 14, are lesbians in Minnesota, with the power of touching, a supernatural gift that can cause mayhem in the city.

Arabella Chase is a fourteen year old teenager in Minnesota. Read gay books online free a series of murders happen in the city, as they die from touching, she tries to find out who is the killer. Re: Shelves: 1. Aliyah has had a bad day.

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She's just been rejected from yet another exhibition, and her parents are on her again, telling her to just give up on being an artist and get a regular job. At this point, she's thinking of obliging them. When a stranger offers to share…. An Evening Walk - GxG. Summary: She expected a dull evening party, but ended up instead having the most romantic night of her life and wanted more. Yamamoto Chris who is going to move in with his dad in Japan he met a guy way in his dad's house, Sasaki Akira. Sasaki helps Yamamoto to find his dad's house.

Sasaki Akira is an acquaintance of Chris's dad's lover back when they are high school, so what will… .

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Double Vision. Rose works as a barista by day at a local Read gay books online free shop in St. She's personable and easy to talk to, if a little soft spoken. Peter works as a martial arts instructor at a local dojang. He's energetic and outgoing with a booming voice. Jude and Logan come…. Tales of a Shifter B1 - The Meeting. They met in the darkness. Brandon a mortal.

Ezekiel a Shifter. Pain and loneliness brought them crashing into one another. Their meeting will be the first dominoes in an epic saga that branches through not only time, but blood as well. Broken Bonds will come too light. A new Bond….

Different Lover Start Reading. Different Lover. Re: Comments: What happens between the two as the school year continues and ends? What'll happen when the two are threatened? I suck at summaries, but hope you like it! Re: 97 Comments: 1. Re: Shelves: 2. Lipsyncing for her life takes on a new meaning when Drag Queen, Izzy Lovely is rudely interrupted by ravenous aliens.

Trading center stage for diva rage, Izzy and her squirrel friends rally together to sashay-slay these aliens away. Hiding in Plain Sight Start Reading. Hiding in Plain Sight. Jerry just never felt right.

That is, until he stumbled upon a certain video, which opened up an intoxicating world. Jerry tries to find his footing in that world, but soon learns that certain sacrifices will be required. The first novel in a new series. Feelings of an Untouchable Kind. Under no circumstances would Cam call herself a happy person, or would Abi call herself a vocal person.

BEE I'm a boy!. I'm a boy!. Let me share some one-sided memories. A Tale of Deception and Defeat. Princess Rowan was living the good life before it crashed down around her. Her parents, the King and Queen of Malsalval had chosen her to be the heir to the throne, even though she was born sixth of seven children. She could handle it, no problem.

Until an assassination in…. Sex on the beach. Re: Comments: 1. Annoyed, Finn finds himself in his local shop and meets a nice man, handsome, with long dreadlocks. They arrange a great meeting on the hot beach, where they have a lot of fun together. Exactly what Finn likes the most. In the last Read gay books online free, however, he is reminded of his…. Miene Sonne My Sun. Leaving Milton behind without his prize was not easy for Dr. Bryce Nicholson. Kidnapping his love, Dr.

Aaron Spencer, on the other hand was no hardship at all. First time. Finn's a boy that just started university when he's looking for someone to have fun with, maybe even fall in love with and meets a cute man. The evening goes as planned, he gets closer to him The King's Right Hand. King Patrick loves his wife.

He's also falling in love with his hot new male Companion. But a murder plot threatens their happiness and the security of their entire kingdom. Confronting the devil Start Reading. Confronting the devil. This is the story about Carl confronting and expressing the anger he has towards his ex-boyfriend Sean for the demise in their relationship.

Nowhere In Between. After a suicide attempt, a young gay man moves in with his aunt and tries to put his life back together. CW: self-harm, suicidal ideation. Re: Comments: 2 Shelves: 1. The Rainbow Club. A twenty one year old male stripper named; Samuel Meade, but known as Sammy, works as a male stripper at homosexual club called: The Rainbow Club.

This Old Thing Start Reading. This Old Thing. Just an old persons perspective. Alexander's Lover Start Reading.

Read gay books online free

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A New Beginning: An M/M Contemporary Gay Romance (Love Games Book 2) by Peter Styles (1)