Real mom story of having sex with her son

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Looking briefly at his wall, the clock showing About to turn off the lights, 25 year-old Todd heard a knock on his door before seeing an attractive mid- forties woman enter. Smiling at her son, Mona walked over to the bed. Mona was in remarkably good shape, able to rival any woman 10 years younger.

Her lbs. She had full breasts, that were at least a D-cup and shook just right when she moved, showing their softness whenever she was wearing something low-cut or loose. She had placed her near leg on his other side to give him more room. He could clearly see her black panties covering her pussy with her legs parted. So does that mean you love having a woman ride your face?

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The thought of being underneath her luscious hips, sandwiched between her sensual thighs, servicing her wet pussy was very intoxicating. I love having my pussy licked. Smiling at her son, amused at how shocked he was at her words. Even more surprising to Todd, seeing his mother enjoying every second of his forced pampering. Eat me some more!

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Wearing only a long T-shirt, Mona sat down on the bed, facing him. Eating pussy?

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So do you? Eat my pussy! Lick me there!

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Real mom story of having sex with her son

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