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I am a middle-aged woman who enjoys the company of younger men. Ask me anything. Thank you for your questions.

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I'll answer them a few at a time, in no particular order. I'm in the middle of debugging some ridiculous code, so my attention is divided. But I welcome the diversion. Too soon to tell. Maybe the best is yet to come? Pun used advisedly. I certainly enjoy myself more now than I did then, and I hope I am a more pleasing lover than I was back in those self-conscious years. I miss having the youthful physique, of course, but the trade-off in self-confidence is worth it.

Your question made me realize something I hadn't considered before: when I was 20, there was no internet. Porn was for old guys in trenchcoats, and wasn't readily obtainable.

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So, the wealth of sexual knowledge at the fingertips of today's young 'uns was mostly invisible to us young 'uns back then. I know my sexual literacy has gone way, way up in recent years, courtesy of the internet and its how-to sites. We share expenses pretty equally, much as I would with any of my friends. I might pick up the tab one night; the fella will treat on another occasion. If I'm extra-flush, I might spring for an extra-swank treat; ditto with the man. Was that your veal pen I raided the other night?

I apologize. I needed something to go with the baby carrots I know that it is in bad form, but for the sake of reddit and the spirit of IAmA, may I ask what is your age? I appreciate your politeness. One of the nice things about Reddit cougar stories older, though, is a person stops worrying about bad form.

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Is it just for sex, or do you genuinely enjoy the company of younger men? Do you make an effort to stay current with "youth culture", or do you prefer younger men who are more mature than average. Do you make an effort to stay current with "youth culture" One of the best things about pairing up with younger guys is that they introduce me to all sorts of contemporary culture that I might've otherwise missed. Music in particular, but also literature, and to a lesser degree, gadgetry and fashion. My work software dev has me keeping company with young people, so I'm somewhat exposed to youth culture, and my hobbies tend to skew "young".

Found the internet! I am a cougar. Posted by 12 years ago. Sort by: best. Why younger men?

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When did you reach your sexual peak? Do you provide monetary assistance to these men? I love you.

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Continue this thread. Boy, you know how to charm 'em. Why do you kill our livestock? I am going to have to second this motion. She backed out because this is a troll thread. Not just for sex; that is secondary to the companionship. More posts from the IAmA community. I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal. Created May 27, Top posts december 24th Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top.

Reddit cougar stories

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Hey Reddit, what has been your experience with older women? Cougars, that is!