Regressed to a baby story

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By abismeJanuary 31, in Story and Art Forum. I fell in love, her name is Claire. We'd been friends for about a year, flirting on and off, before neither of us were in a relationship and I could ask her out. Naturally she said yes and we'd been together for about a year before I told her about my fetish. She couldn't have been happier. As it turned out she wanted to be a mommy. I had been a daddy before, and loved it, I'd been into diapers as long as I can remember. After a few times where she babied me I came to love it.

Eventually we moved in together, and then she told me her fantasy. I want you to be my baby, she said, this is how its going to work, over the next 5 days I will regress you slowly back to infancy, after 5 days you will tell me when which age you wish to remain, after the 5 days we will finalize the transition and you will remain that way until you decide that you wish to grow up, which we will do in stages.

I will start you off as an 8 year old, unless I see that you are fit to regress earlier. Each day I will lay down new rules which you have to follow do you understand. First rule is that you must call me mommy do you understand. Then I went to sleep I awoke with Claire next to me, the last night was probably some of the best sex that I had ever had, I'll spare you the details but lets just say she was more than satisfied. I got up and went to get myself a cup of coffee, forgetting the conversation we had the night before.

She took out two boxes of cereal, rice krispys and captin crunch. She poured me a bowl and we sat down. V and I'll be there as soon as I finish washing the dishes"I Obliged and sat down on the couch to Regressed to a baby story sports center. A few minutes later she came in and turned off the T. Secondly, you must obey everything I tell you, otherwise you will get a spanking. Do you understand?

She brought me to the bedroom and brought out some childish clothing. I was soon dressed and ready to go. She took me to the car and buckled me into the back seat, no surprise. We drove for awhile until finally we reached a store called "the inner child".

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We went in and Claire said to the lady behind the counter. They both laughed. Alright so I have here everything that you'll need. She then brought out some packages of diapers and some pullups, a few pacifiers, some large baby bottles, a sippy cup, some bibs, some toys, and an assortment of clothing. I was really going to be a baby and finally live my dream, "The bigger stuff is in the back. We have some assembled models if you want to see.

We went to the back and she showed us serveral models of adult size cribs, a large high chair, a changing table and a playpen. Claire had a very large trust fund so I was sure that she could afford all this. I helped her load it all into the back of the truck, then we set off back home.

She smiled and handed me a juice box. When was the last time I had one of those. We got back played for the rest of the day, then at she decided that it was time for me to goto bed. She helped me get undressed and put a pullup on me before putting me in my jammies. I woke up, wet. Earlier the night, Claire had made it clear that she would appreciate if I "had an accident". Claire came in to check on me. She undressed me and took off my pull up. I expected her to put me back Regressed to a baby story the spiderman briefs I wore yesterday but instead she took out another pullup.

She grabbed my Regressed to a baby story and walked me over to the bathroom, to my surprise there sat a giant potty, big enough for me! So I sat down, and sure enough, a started to pee, after I was done, mommy helped me with my pants and emptied the potty into the toilet. She then brought me to the table and served me breakfast. I had waffles cut up into squares, and some orange juice in a plastic cup.

It was raining so we didn't do much that morning, except play snakes and ladders. Then it was time for lunch which consisted of pieces of hot dog which she cup up for me and put in some mac and cheese. I ate it with a special plastic spoon with pictures of racecars on it, then mommy told me that I need to take a nap and put me to bed. The afternoon was the same as the morning except it cleared up and we were able to goto mcdonalds.

I was kinda embaresed when she ordered a happy meal for me and also kinda worried that someone would see that I was wearing a pullup but luckly there was hardly anyone in there. I sat down and ate my meal, then, since mommy was still eating I played with the toy I got.

It was some sort of action figure from some movie I never saw. We went back home and soon enough I had wet my pullup. Mommy took me to the bedroom, which was begining to look more and more like a nursery, and instead of allowing me to take off my pullup and put on a new one, instructed me to get on the changing table. She then undid the sides like it was a diaper and preceded to take out a disposable bambino, baby diaper. I was confused. With that, she powdered and diapered me and helped me back to the living room where we watched some more T.

A few minutes later I had to pee. So I let my bladder go, I hadn't really wet that much in my pullups during the day, just a tinkle every once in a while. It felt great and I was fully satisfied. Soon it was time for bed, mommy, tucked me in, brought me my bear, kissed me goodnight and turned off the light. I woke up early so I went to the kitchen to get some food, mommy was already awake and had everything ready.

I looked toward the table and noticed the adult size high chair set up. After I was done eating mommy left me in my highchair as she washed the dishes. At least she gave me a toy car to play with. After that she brought me to the room and put me on the changing table, I felt so small.

She took off my diaper and to my surprise didn't re-diaper me. Instead she brought me to the potty and instructed me to sit on it. Then she told me that I had to make a poopy like a big boy and that she wouldn't let me off the potty until I did. I complained about her watching me, but she told me to stop whining because pretty soon I was going to be using my diapers in front of her anyway, and this may be the last time i use the potty for awhile.

When I was done she rediapered me and told me that I was to tell her when I needed to poop and she would put me on the potty. Otherwise I was to use my diaper. She also explained to me that I was toddler now and Regressed to a baby story speak as such, then she put in in the playpen to play, she also turned on Barney the dinosaur, which I really got into. I soon lost track of time as the hours went by, I didn't even notice what mommy was doing. By nap time I had already wet my diaper a few times.

She brought me into the guest room, I could see now that she had turned it into a giant nursery for me. It was beautiful, there was everything a baby needed, she changed my wet diaper then I layed down in the crib and said to her as she was locking the side. She just smiled, closed the blinds and left. I stared at the mobile hanging overhead trying to stay awake, but within a few minutes my eyes became heavy and the last thing I can remember was clutching my bear while making peepee in my diaper.

A little while later Mommy came in to check on me. I was fast asleep, but woke up when mommy, accidentally slammed the lid on my new toy box.

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She checked my diaper, no surprise I was wet. She changed me and then proceeded to dress me in a very toddler like outfit. Corduroy pants, I bright blue t-shirt with a sun on it, and a Barney cap. She took me to the car was I really going out dressed like this at least the pants covered up my diaper, even if it was a bit crinkly. Luckily for me I had moved in with her like I said she's rich so I didn't know anyone in the town. I looked in the car and to my surprise saw a giant car seat in the back, She strapped me in boy did I feel like a real toddler and soon we were off.

For some reason riding in the car must have made me sleepy cause I dosed off. The next thing I knew, mommy was getting me out of the car and I saw that we were at the movie theater. At least its dark I thought. The cashier wasn't paying us much attention but when she saw me I saw her crack a smile, I felt like dying. So we watched to movie, normally during movies I usually have to go to the bathroom and miss part of it, however this time I just used my diaper.

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I was careful to to wet too much seeing as how I didn't want to risk getting changed in public. After the movie was over we were on our way out when mommy bumped into a few of her friends coming from the movie that I wanted to see. I was so embarrassed I just looked at the floor, wondering what they were going to think.

Laura was a tall brunette with wide brown eyes, she was pretty cute I had to admit, though I was certainly in no position to hit on her. We all went for pizza and I actually had a good time, Mommy's friends were really nice to me Jenny even cut up my pizza for me and both of them indicated that they wanted to baby sit for me sometime.

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The only thing that I think made me stick out was that mommy had made me drink out of a sippy cup. Finally we arrived home, I was very tired as it was almost my bedtime, which was getting earlier and earlier.

Mommy changed me into a fresh diaper and brought me to my crib, she asked if I was thirsty and I told her yes, normally I don't drink before bed because it makes me have to get up and pee, but given the circumstances it didn't matter. Mommy came back in with a baby bottle and told me to drink it, it was warm milk and it tasted really good, what I didn't know was that mommy had added a sleeping powder.

Within seconds after I finished I was out.

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Mommy then went to the drawer and pulled out a pacifier which she popped in my mouth. I immediantly started to suck on it.

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Mommy smiled, turned on a baby monitor gave me a kiss, and left. Feel free to give me any notes and suggestions.

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I have a basic idea of where I'm going but I'd still like to hear what you guys think. I do not really have any suggestions for you, as this story is awesome. I was having pleasant baby dreams, I dreamed that I was with mommy, and that I was actually a little baby, it was great. Then I woke up, fist thing that I noticed was the oder. I had never pooped my pants before and now I didn't even remember doing it. When I first agreed to doing this, I had no idea that it would be this intensive. I mean role playing was fun but this was getting out of hand, on the one hand I didn't want to disappoint Claire.

Regressed to a baby story

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