Robot nanny story

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Get ready, we're celebrating the 80s, 90s!

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In this age of viral videos and rampant gossip reports, it's sometimes difficult to tell what's true and what's not. Once the stuff of science fiction, these are now in the beta testing phase in Korea, where the cost of day care is the third highest in the world.

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The robot plays and re with kids, and can even warn parents with a text message if the kids are up to no good. Yoo-Mo is the brainchild of engineer Dennis Hong.

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It's the next big thing. If you think this story is the fictional one, tweet RobotNanny or select it in the poll. Art from Ashes: Robert Burch has been creating glass sculptures in his Vermont studio for more than 40 years. But seven years ago he began working with a different medium. It's called Art from Ashes, a business created by three friends who wanted to deal with the art of grieving.

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Instead of merely storing remains, a loved one can now reflect the sun, hold a martini or dangle in a piece of jewelry. Ellen Millis-Audette had a piece made from the remains of her dog Molly. If you think this story is the fictional one, tweet ArtFromAshes or select it in the poll.

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Spoiler alert! Al Roker's fake story in Fact or Fiction is Or is Upstart Academy? Fact or Fiction Day 2: Is Soyle edible earth a fake story?

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Or Hoofball? Or is Balloon Guy? IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Share this —. Follow today. More Brands.

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Which is fake: Robot nanny or art from ashes?

Robot nanny story

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I, Nanny: Robot Babysitters Pose Dilemma