Satin panty stories

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I decided to list some of the experiences my readers have had with getting their boyfriends or husbands into soft satin traps … underwear! After reading your article on the benefits of putting him into panties I had to try it out for myself. The change has been remarkable! At the cash register, they asked me if it was a gift and it just made me giggle, it sure was! Needless to say, I was very excited about the opening of the presents!

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On Christmas Eve I had a hard time keeping my mind on anything else but the panties. Finally, it was time for the opening Satin panty stories the presents and I presented Mike with his. The look on his face as he opened the box and held the soft satin panties into the air was priceless. He looked so sexy in those satin panties and I could see him slowly growing bigger through the fabric. I knew my relationship was at stake here so I decided to trick my boyfriend into panties. At first he tried to fight it, but once he got home and all his underwear was gone and replaced by frilly panties, he agreed to at least try them on.

That was his biggest mistake. Well, my underwear is way too nice for him to stretch out and ruin for me, so the next day I decided to take him shopping. In the mall, we went to multiple lingerie stores to find some pairs of frilly panties for him. Once the sales lady had asked me what we were looking for, he expected me to lie.

Little did he know that I had no intention in hiding his little desire. I told her that we were shopping for him. We got home later with two new additions to his underwear drawer and our relationship has taken a very interesting turn ever since.

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I explained to him that it was his turn to do the dishes. He finally agreed to do them, and as he Satin panty stories I produced the frilliest floral pinafore apron. I was soon covering him with the apron and strapping him in. My husband was now wearing a lovely floral pinafore apron with cross over straps in the back. I tied it very tightly on him to make sure he knew there was no escape. I was very surprised when he did so without any hesitation. After he was done with all the chores I led him to the bedroom and took his apron and clothes off.

He was still in a submissive state which I took advantage of by making him step into a pair of my silky panties. He is wearing panties almost every day, even to work! Once we started dating I noticed that my panties were sometimes in a different place than where I had left them. I figured it had to be my new boyfriend, Luke, who was going through my underwear. One day I deliberately left a beautiful set of pink satin panties on the bed, together with a matching bra.

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I called him upstairs and asked him if he could fix the wobbly leg on my dresser while I took a shower. Instead, I walked back towards the bedroom and sure enough, I saw Luke holding up the panties, rubbing the soft fabric between his hands. As I cleared my throat he turned around, his eyes like a deer in headlights, trapped and not knowing what to do.

Soon I had him strip and step into these pretty satin undies. His face got as red as a tomato, just standing there in nothing but a pair of pink silky smooth panties. I took advantage of the situation by putting the bra onto him as well. The pink bra with black lace and the matching underwear looked very sexy on him. We were soon on the bed and I was on top, it was one of the better romantic evenings we have ever had. He was always very flirty and obnoxious and it was really embarrassing sometimes. It was not her idea, but her response connected the dots.

I figured if this is what Rob wanted, I might as well make sure I was the one putting him in them. Then maybe he would at least stop trying so hard. The following Friday I was having a few girlfriends over for some wine and cheese. I knew the blindfold would keep him from resisting and he was too excited to object as I slid a pair of red lacy satin panties down his legs.

I gave him a few good rubs over his now hard member and grabbed my phone. A few cameras clicks later and I now had several Satin panty stories of a confused and vulnerable man in silk panties. The blindfold had done its job and so I took it off of him. I helped him get dressed back into his normal clothes and told him that from now on he had better behave around my friends unless he wanted to have these photos posted on his Facebook wall for all his friends to see.

His argument backfired though when I told him I would take care of his outfit. This year would be different though. We were organizing the Halloween party and I wanted to steal the show. After spending hours online looking at different costumes, I found a beautiful Cinderella princess dress that was just perfect. The thought Satin panty stories making him wear that to teach him a lesson made me smile, and the fact that he had no idea what was coming got me even more excited….

It only took 4 days before the package arrived on our doorstep. I decided to keep it a secret and refused to tell him what his costume would be, just to make sure he could not change his mind or back out. Hours before the party started I got him to get ready with a long shower. In the meantime, I laid out his new satin princess dress with a matching set of baby blue panties and a bra.

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I had ordered the Prince Charming costume for myself. This way we would be matching, but not in a typical way! The look on his face was priceless when he found out that I would be the prince, and he would be my lovely princess. It took some convincing before he would even try it on, but once I got him to step into the satin blue panties and bra, I knew he was mine.

That Halloween changed our relationship forever. As the Prince, I announced the Princess would enter the room soon and all of our friends almost died laughing. He was wobbling in his high heels and looked so adorable with the wig on. My girlfriends put him through so much teasing that it definitely took him down Satin panty stories notch.

Even now when my friends see him they still bring it up. As these 7 strong-willed women have shown, getting your man to wear satin panties might be easier than you think. These experiences show what a frilly pair of soft panties can do for a man, as well as all the benefits it can have on us ladies! Use these tricks to get your man to wear some silky undies and once he is wearing the panties, the strong-willed woman will be wearing the pants!

Thanks so much to the 7 lovely ladies who took the time to write me with their own petticoating experiences. Last Updated on 2 years by pseudonymous. There are hotwifes near? The sales lady loved helping him get his own pair of panties. Put into satin panties by his secretary — part1.

Satin panty stories

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