School caning stories

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Before our Men Behind the Glass became soldiers they were schoolmates and comrades.

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It is important to consider the social and cultural context of life as a pupil at Campbell College Belfast, which educated them and shaped them as boys and men before and during the war. As in many English public schools of the time, the Headmaster delegated authority to prefects to award and carry out punishments to the boys in lower years.

This innovation was introduced to Campbell by MacFarland in It gives an insight into how order was maintained by the prefects in the school.

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Prefects and teachers had several punishments available to them to enforce the rules. For less serious offences, perpetrators were given lines of Latin text books to copy out, often by the Roman authors Virgil or Ovid. Boys were normally given a couple of hundred lines of text to duplicate but on one occasion in SeptemberJames Atkinson OC was given 11 s.

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The standard penalty for more serious crimes was corporal punishment. The use of the cane was banned outright in schools in Northern Ireland in but was actively used for a range of misdemeanours at CCB a hundred years ago.

Both were caned.

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However, in the Log Book over seven years, no appeal to the headmaster was ever successful and the original punishment awarded by the prefects was always carried out. However, the system of discipline depended on working relations between the Headmaster and the prefects.

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These relationships broke down in early The offence for which he was spanked is not known but there was a dispute about whether he had committed the act for which he was punished. The reed Prefects were in the middle.

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Poor Bill Yates [master] was on duty and did very well. However, this was not the end of the affair.

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The reation of the prefects caused disquiet among the governors. Recommendations were made about suspending the prefectural system for a year but no action appears to have been taken on the issue. Back to Stories Share this story. Soldiers featured in this story.

School caning stories

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