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for Free! A Schoolgirl's Spanking "Ruby faces expulsion from school Score 4. Famous Story.

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Published 5 years ago. Ruby Hamilton was a wild. The only child of parents who were both far too busy with their own lives to care about hers, she had basically been on her own for several years. She came and went on her own with very little supervision. So long as she checked in once in awhile to let her parents she was still alive, that's all that was required.

While this kind of life might be a young girl's dream, having no one really to answer to, it didn't lend itself to proper behavior. And idle hands, as they say Ruby had been in trouble many times before, and been kicked out of a couple schools altogether. Now she was enrolled in G. Jefferson High School, a high school for "at risk" teens - basically, their last shot at graduating high school.

Ruby was a junior there at "G. Now, it was getting close to the end of the year and she was, once again, sitting in the principal's office. She had gotten real familiar with the principal's office over the years, and she was on a first name basis with most of the office staff. When she walked in this time, the woman at the counter just said, "Hi Ruby, have a seat Baker, retired and the new principal had taken over. Ruby had seen him in the hallways and around school, but she hadn't been to see him in his office yet.

This would be her first interaction with him. But from what she had seen, he was a handsome, younger man about 35 or so. And from the gossip around the hallways, he was, as the young girls said, a "dreamy" guy! She would soon find out. Hanson will see you now Ruby," the lady at the counter said. Ruby walked back into the principal's office and softly knocked on the door.

Ruby stepped into the room to see a man sitting behind the large desk with his face covered by a file folder he was apparently reading. She sat there for several awkward moments before he spoke again. Hanson closed the file with a snap and set it on his desk. Then he looked at Ruby. You don't seem to agree with the way we run things here at "G. I see occasions where you felt you needed to be elsewhere - I believe the mall, the movies, and in the parking lot of the local fast food eatery were a few of your destinations.

I also see instances of talking back to your teachers, disrupting the class with various antics, and I am sure there are other things here in your file I would find interesting if I had the time to look through it more carefully. Is that correct? As you have an extensive record of disciplinary problems already, I can see this ending your school career for good. That was School girls spanking stories to do, because she was quite attractive, and he was more inclined to look at her lustfully. Ruby Hamilton was a tall girl with flame red hair that she wore in pigtails, a pretty face with a pale creamy complexion and light blue eyes.

She had big breasts and a slender waist, and her hips and ass seemed to flare out nicely from that waist. As he looked at the young miscreant, he had secret thoughts of her being naked and leaning over his desk while he fucked her from behind. Ruby sat there listening to him speak. She was equally enamored of the man behind the desk. Hanson was just as "dreamy" as the hallway whispers had indicated.

He was six foot four inches tall with broad shoulders, a muscular chest School girls spanking stories well proportioned body. He had dark collar-length hair and a scruff beard and mustache. He had a strong jaw and the bluest eyes School girls spanking stories had ever seen. Ruby didn't want to be expelled from the high school and risk not graduating, especially over something as dumb as smoking in school.

She had come too far to not finish. Besides, she had been told her senior year would be the most fun of all her school career. And the idea of summer school wasn't any more palatable. Summers were hers she felt, and not to be spent making up for school year mistakes. I really don't want to be expelled, and I never smoked in school before. It was just that one time. Can't we do something else instead? I'll do anything. Anything you want me to do. He looked at her record, and noted that she was eighteen years old.

Expelling her would do more harm than good and may ruin her future irreparably. There was another way, a way he would much prefer doing with her, and he wondered if she really meant it when she told him she would do "anything," especially when she repeated it. He decided to look into the possibility further. Would that work? He thought about her suggestion for a moment. Spanking young students was strictly against the law but, since the girl in question was eighteen years old, she could a statement giving consent to that form of punishment.

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That would would probably be enough to cover him, at least as far as the law was concerned. He doubted he would be fired, even if the school board or anybody else even found out about it, which was unlikely. He was fairly certain that Ruby would be smart enough not to tell anybody, keeping her violation of the rules and subsequent punishment just between the two of them.

She had as much to lose as he did, if this got out, she would definitely be expelled and no school would touch her. Ruby looked at the ruler, but not with fear. Instead, she looked at it with lustful desire. She enjoyed having her ass spanked by her many boyfriends as a preliminary to their fucking her, and the thought of this man using the ruler on her bare ass sent a tingle through her pussy.

Anna didn't think the ruler would School girls spanking stories all that much different than his hand and it might even feel better, adding a bit more sting and giving her more sexual thrills. Certainly bending over the desk and being paddled bare-assed by this hunky man added to her thrill-o-meter!

She wondered though if, after her spanking, he would be up to the idea of finishing the job and fucking her. Ruby knew that she would be extremely horny and want to fuck in the worst way. Spankings had always turned her on and half the time she acted up just to get one! The longer and harder he spanked her the more aroused and excited she would get, especially if he gave her a bare ass spanking like she hoped.

Those were her favorites because School girls spanking stories showed him how wet and dripping her pussy would get! Hanson," she answered, trying not to sound too excited about the idea of him spanking her. He didn't want her to see that this idea was getting him aroused as well. She ed the paper and handed it back to him. The first thing he did after getting the ed release was place it in the top drawer of his desk and lock it safely away. He didn't know if he would ever need it, but he wanted to be prepared in case he had to defend his actions. Then he went to the door of his office to make sure it was locked and no one would disturb them.

The last thing he wanted was somebody accidentally walking in on them as he was spanking her - especially if it led where he was hoping it would. He walked to his desk and cleared the top of everything so the beautiful redhead could lay over it while presenting her ass for her punishment.

Ruby kicked off her shoes and bent at the hips to lean across the desk, jutting her ass out and presenting it for his purposes. She was wearing a red plaid skirt and a white blouse with white knee-high socks and flat heeled black shoes. The school had a strict dress code because a lot of gang members and former gang members went there.

Also, many of the girls had come to "G. Ben walked up behind her and patted her ass as she leaned across over his desk. She felt good to his hand back there, soft but firm, and Ruby lay there offering no protests or objections.

He softly stroked her round firm ass-cheeks, enjoying the feel of them, the heat radiating from them and their firm tightness.

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Ruby was also silently enjoying his caresses, the feeling of this man's strong hands on her tender flesh was very arousing. He was much different than the immature fumbling boys she was more used to. Hanson knew his way around a woman's body and she could tell. His actions were sure and confident and she could sense that he knew exactly what he was doing He lifted the hem of her skirt over her waist, folding it, and then tucking it under its own elastic waistband.

He reached under her to push the front part of her skirt between her body and the desk, making sure it would not get in the way of the spanking and what he hoped would follow. Ruby raised her body up from the desk slightly to allow him to tuck the skirt out of the way.

He smiled when he saw the girl was so cooperative with her punishment. He smiled upon seeing the lacy black panties she was wearing, and how they contrasted so nicely with the creamy white skin of her ass cheeks and upper thighs. Such racy underthings were a violation of the dress code even though they couldn't normally be seen. Defiant to the end!

He liked her spirit, although he couldn't condone her infraction. As he stood there stroking her panty clad ass, he thought about how he would be turning that whole area bright red in a matter of moments and it made him smile even more. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of the skimpy garment and pulled it down over her succulent ass and reached around her body again to pull down the front of the panties. When he pulled them down to her thighs and let go, they slid down her legs to the floor, and she lifted one foot through the waistband so her panties were around only one of her ankles.

Her ass was fully exposed to him now and ready to be spanked, but he took his time to admire the lovely view. As he suspected while she still wore that clunky plaid skirt, Ruby's ass was truly a thing of beauty. Her hips flared from her waist and sloped down to merge with her legs, while her buttocks arched out from her back, forming a pair of perfect, creamy-white hemispheres before curving around and under to her legs.

When his hands caressed the lovely bottoms of those hemispheres, the skin was soft and the flesh was firm. Best of all, fondling her in an intimate way like he was doing now, did not evoke any complaints, which made him think his goal of fucking this sexy schoolgirl might just be achieved.

Ruby hoped it would too, although she had no way of knowing what the man behind her was thinking. She did know her ass was alluring and loved having boys and men stroke and fondle her there, especially if their touching was a prelude to a good, hard spanking, and a good fucking after that. School girls spanking stories had shaken that ass on more School girls spanking stories one occasion to get what she wanted, and she hoped that this time would be as equally successful. Hanson's strokes had already lit her fire, and she hoped that he would be willing to feed that fire.

Wanting to encourage the principal to continue what he was doing, she bowed her back, raising her ass and making it an even better target for his hands and the ruler he would be using for her punishment.

School girls spanking stories

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