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My name is Peter and I thought I had most things going for me. I have a reasonably good job trouble shooting for big power plants and I have a gorgeous wife. In Seduced wives stories my wife Jenny was better than gorgeous she was a knock out. Her 5ft 8inch figure with log slender legs and 36c bust, coupled with her long auburn her and come to bed eyes had long made her the envy of every man that laid eyes on her.

Yes all in all I feel I am was a lucky man and at 29 years old both me and my wife had lots to look forward. And yet, and yet I wanted one thing more. I wanted a promotion. I wanted not to have to be sent around the country at a drop of a hat or more particularly at the say so of my boss Jason. I knew if I could get one grade higher I could become office based and have the more settled life style that would allow me and Jenny the chance to raise children.

Jenny had dropped enough hints recently that she was ready to start a family. Coming from a catholic family she was expecting to have several children and she kept saying Seduced wives stories time was marching on. She was right of course but I just needed that promotion. And so here I was again working away and holed up in this cottage in the country for two weeks. Still my wife had agreed to come and spend a few days with me which brightened my mood. That was until my boss Jason rang to say he was coming up to the cottage as he had to carry out an additional audit.

Great I thought, there goes my chances of a romantic time with Jenny. My boss Jason was 40 years old and recently divorced due to his infidelities. Jason was a rugged individual some 6ft 4inches tall and weighing about pounds. He was much bigger and more muscular than me and he could see why the women fell over each other to get into bed with him. Suddenly I was worried about Jason meeting Jenny. Would he try something on with my wife? Hell when he saw Jenny he would realise what a stunner she was and surely he would try and flirt with her. That thought triggered an idea.

Suppose I asked for a promotion and offered some flirting with Jenny as a reward. Perhaps he would like a hand job from her? She was a good faithful wife. I did want that promotion after all. And that thing was? Yes it was my secret fantasy to see my wife seduced and serviced by a well hung man. The sight of her long legs Seduced wives stories around an imaginary lover as the man drove his big cock into her tight cunt filled my mind and I could suddenly feel my small prick becoming fully erect at the thought.

Yes I thought I could kill two birds with one stone, but how to do it? Jenny arrived and I had to break the bad news that Jason was coming as well. Later that evening Jason arrived and in no time made himself at home. At dinner time Jenny appeared and I introduced her to Jason. I could tell that Jason was impressed. You look fabulous.

Peter is a very lucky man. That night when we went up to bed I wasted no time in outlining my plan to Jenny. He might look favourably on my promotion. You could let him kiss you and perhaps fondle you. Anyway supposing he wants more than just kissing and fondling as you suggest, what then? It was now or never so I just went for it. There was a stunned silence before Jenny spoke again.

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You want me to jack a stranger off in the hope of getting you a promotion? Jenny was desperate to become a mother. I closed my eyes and my mind was flooded with visions of Jenny tossing Jason off. As images of Jason ploughing my lovely wife filled my mind I could feel my spunk rising. Suddenly I groaned and shot my load all over my stomach. As I opened my eyes, Jenny was looking at me. The next day as I got ready for work I reminded Jenny to wear something sexy that night.

I was nervous as hell as I drove back to the cottage. I stopped the car down the lane and walked the last few hundred yards. I quietly sneaked into the house and peaked in the living room. Jason was sitting on the couch next to Jenny who was Seduced wives stories to kill. She had a skimpy black dress on that finished way above her knees, together with a matching pair of black 5inch stiletto strappy sandals and bare legs.

From where I stood I could also see that she had no bra on! Wow I thought she really is going all out to get me this promotion. Jason was busy telling her what a wonderful cook she was and how lucky I was to have such a gifted wife. Jenny turned slight to face Jason and then he leaned in and kissed her.

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At first I could see that she had her mouth closed, but then she succumbed to his probing and eventually let his tongue into her mouth. I watched as their tongues duelled with each other and I could feel my cock throbbing. When they broke apart Jenny looked flushed and she was looking slightly shocked. As soon as she said that I rushed into the bedroom and hid in the large walk in wardrobe. I was just in time as Jason appeared leading Jenny by the hand.

Jason turned Jenny to face him so that she had her back to me and then he kissed her again. I could see Jason reach round with his hands and hunt for the clasp on her dress. When he found it and undid it, the dress fell to the ground.

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What a sight it was. Jason struggled to get his shirt off and then his muscular hairy chest was revealed to Jenny. He then pulled at his belt buckle and after a quick tug dropped his trousers to reveal the fact that he had no underwear on. His semi erect cock flopped out, and it looked huge even in this state. Jason walked around Jenny as is inspecting her and then standing behind her eh cupped her jutting breasts. I realised that she was falling for this attractive stud and suddenly I felt worried.

Should I go and put a stop to this before it got out of hand? After all this was supposed to be Jenny giving Jason a quick hand job, getting naked was not part of the plan.

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After a few minutes of sucking and slurping, Jason pulled her off him and in one quick movement picked Jenny up as if she weighed nothing and dropped her on the bed. She looked startled but before she had time to react Jason knelt between her legs dropped his head and started to lick her neatly trimmed cunt.

With that her voice wailed as Jason obviously found her clit and really went to town eating her out. Again I was angry and jealous. She had never let me do this to her saying it was too dirty and now here she was letting another man pleasure her! I could see her hips undulating as he probed her with Seduced wives stories tongue and when I heard Jenny give out a rapid series of gasps I knew she was about to climax. As Jenny came back down to earth Jason knelt between her splayed legs looking very pleased with himself. I am only doing this because he asked me.

Do you think he deserves it? I was shocked that Jenny was going to let Jason make love to her. I always go bareback. You will love the feeling. I expected this to be the deal breaker, but no, I was so wrong. At the same time I became aware of my painfully erect cock throbbing in my pants. Did I want this? Should I put a stop to this? Of course I should, it was not too late and yet I remained glued to the spot. I realised that I wanted this to happen. I wanted to see how my wife would react when she had a big bare cock in her.

It was so erotic to see her wedding bands twinkling as her slender hand took hold of his cock and placed against her dripping sex. She rubbed his big bulbous crown up and down a few times in order to help lubricate him and then she pushed Seduced wives stories crown into the spilt of her womanhood. Jason sighed and pushed slightly with his hips.

Seduced wives stories

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