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for Free! Seducing Daddy "Even though it was my birthday, I gave my dad the best gift" 6 Votes 6. Score 4. I was so excited. I was finally It was my birthday and my parents threw me the perfect surprise party. Everyone was there. All my friends said how awesome it was that my dad spent so much money on a DJ, and the caterer. My boyfriend wanted me to sneak out later so we could fuck, but I told Seducing daddy stories I was really tired, and had a lot to clean up. He said he understood and we made plans to go out the next night. After the last guest left, I looked around and noticed my mom wasn't around.

Where did mom go? I noticed that he looked a little sad. I asked him what was wrong. You OK? My girl is all grown up. Its a little hard for d to take. You are a woman now. He whispered to me softly, " I didn't get a dance Steph. I let him hold me close and we danced slowly. I put my head on his shoulder and pressed my young firm body against him. I turned my face to his neck and he could feel my breath on his neck.

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I felt him growing hard. His cock was swollen against my stomach. The music stopped, but we just stood there a moment. He pulled away suddenly, his face red. I smiled at him. Don't be embarrassed.

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I turned off all the lights but the one in the hallway. I led him over to the couch. We sat down together. He asked me if I liked my birthday present. He had gotten me a diamond heart necklace. I told him I did love it but it wasn't what I really wanted more than anything. I can't. Its so wrong. His head slowly turned toward me, and I leaned toward him. I kissed him hesitantly at first. Then I got braver and my tongue flickered out and his tongue met mine. He pulled away slightly and leaned back against the couch.

I climbed on top of him and straddled him. FUCK I want you. I leaned back and pulled my camisole up over my head exposing my small firm breasts to his view. I unbuttoned his shirt one button at a time very slowly. I bared his chest. I kissed all over his chest, and playfully bit at his nipples. He was frozen with a combination of lust and guilt. My skirt was hiked up to my waist. I rotated my hips slowly, grinding against his raging hard on. I turned around and asked him to unzip my skirt.

His shaking hands slid my zipper down. My Seducing daddy stories dropped in a pool on the floor and I leaned Seducing daddy stories giving him a view of my ass in only a thong. I sat in his lap and leaned back against him. His hands cupped my breasts and his fingers found my nipples as I ground my ass into his throbbing cock.

I took one of his hands and slid it down my belly. His fingers slid down into my panties. His middle finger teased my smooth slit. My legs spread for him. He slid one finger inside and felt the heat and wetness clinging to his finger.

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He found my clit Seducing daddy stories rubbed it in gentle circles and I gasped in pleasure. He moaned softly his face in my hair. Steph, this is so wrong, but I want you so much. I smiled. I turned around and unzipped his pants. He had no more resistance left. We removed his pants and underwear and he sat down on the couch.

His legs were weak. I lowered my mouth down and blew gently on the tip of his rock hard cock. He moaned. My tongue snaked out and I licked him. I got him all wet and slippery. I took the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked on it firmly. He gasped as the sensation of my mouth on his cock made him shiver. I took more of his cock into my mouth. I started sucking and licking him as I rhythmically sucked his cock in and out of my wet mouth. I took him all the way into my throat, and he couldn't stop himself from thrusting.

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I felt his hand on the back of my hair. I kept sucking him harder into my mouth. I could feel he was nearing his climax. I stopped and pulled away. I whispered, "Make love to me Daddy. I lowered my pussy down onto his penis and he slid in slowly. I felt every inch push into me slowly. His hands cupped my ass and started guiding my rhythm up and down on his hard cock. I leaned back, bracing my hands on his knees and slid my cunt up and down his glistening dick.

We fucked that way for a few minutes. I let him control the pace. When I felt him start to pick up speed, I sat up and leaned forward.

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He groaned and I got up and bent over the couch with my firm round ass in the air. He smacked it lightly. I begged him to fuck me. He thrust into me hard and fast. The sound of our bodies smacking together filled the room, along with the sound of my excited cries. His hands clenched my hips, as he pounded inside. Punishing me for HIS own loss of control.

He leaned over me, his hips thrusting erratically. His sweat dripped on my back. He pushed a finger into my tight ass as he fucked me. I could feel my orgasm building like it had never built before. I screamed out in pleasure as it ripped through me.

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My tight body was jerking as scream after scream ripped out of my throat as my Dad made me cum harder than I ever had in my life. He pulled out of my dripping pussy, and I knelt before him. The look in his eye was animalistic. He rubbed his wet cock over my lips. Gobbling his cock down my throat as much as I could take. My hand cupped his balls gently and I lowered my mouth and sucked on them gently. I tongue his balls until they were wet then went back to sucking him. He pushed further and further down my throat.

Make Daddy cum hard! With a shout he blew stream after stream of hot cum into my mouth. His muscles clinched and spasmodically twitched. His hand gripped my hair to the point of pain as he held my mouth down on his cock and sprayed his hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed every hot salty drop.

We collapsed sweating together on the couch and he pulled me to him. I whispered to him Seducing daddy stories it was the best birthday ever. Incest Fantasy daddy seduction oral sucking hot fuck daughter forbidden.

Seducing daddy stories

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Seducing Daddy, A good daughter does everything she can to make her dad feel better after a hard day at work