Seducing lesbian stories

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Lesbian seduction that makes your sweet nectar flow willingly and lovingly. Here are quick teasers, "Does this feel nice? My lips trembled, attempting to answer but lost in the moment…"Hush, darling", Sharon soothed, "We don't want your mom to hear, do we?

My lips trembled, attempting to answer but lost in the moment, the arousal.

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Between my legs I could feel my juices slowly gushing from my pussy just as Gabrielle looked down. A gentle smile remained on her face as she continued to caress my hand as if nothing were wrong… Continue reading Moms Seductive Friend Lesbian Seduction "Hush, darling", Sharon Seducing lesbian stories, "We don't want your mom to hear, do we? During the long, passionate kissing, Sharon had increased the intensity of stroking my pussy, and it was getting very hot and wet.

I was starting to raise my bare hips to meet her hand… Continue reading Straight Seduction Lesbian Seduction I licked her inner thighs first and tasted the wetness that had escaped her before moving on to the sensitive place where her legs and body ed. Her legs parted for my oral embrace until they could spread no further, leaving her open to my gaze and caresses. Dipping a finger into her cunt again brought a gasp of delight… Continue reading Sweet Corruption I took her by the hand to my bedroom and laid her on the bed.

She was like a teenager, unsure of what to do.

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I looked into her eyes as I slowly explored her milky white body with my hands. Her virgin skin was warm, flawless and soft. Soon my mouth tasted the same places I had touched. I kissed her from head to toe avoiding the only place… Continue reading Love Across The Pond Lesbian Seduction She was completely shaven and soft with a small patch of golden hair accentuating the space above her clit. It looked absolutely beautiful. I melt at the sight of a shaven cunt!!

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And hers was just a slit, with no extended lips, it was swollen, light pink and glistening, nectar flowing down to her crack. Parting her pussy lips with one hand… Continue reading My New Room Mate And before letting her say anything, I pulled her to me again and started to kiss her. Her lips were so soft and smooth. Just like I thought they would be. I opened my mouth and started rubbing my tongue to her lips.

She opened her mouth and our tongues met. It felt so good to have her tongue massaging mine. This was all a dream come true… Continue reading Seducing lesbian stories Love Lesbian Seduction I continue making a trail from her breast to her navel down to her very moist pussy. I traced my tongue around her erect clit, softly cupping it in my mouth, the sweet taste of her juices made mine flow incessantly. She then pulled me up to her face, kissing me and taking a taste of her own sweet nectar… Continue reading A Shannon Doherty Story "Oooh, yeah" said Shannon, "that's it.

It tasted so good, felt so erotic. Once I started, it was too much, and I couldn't stop. I had never tasted anything so exciting. I tongued Shannon's pussy lovingly from top to bottom, while she leaked cream onto my loving tongue I licked alongside her pussy where her legs ed her body.

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I didn't think it was possible but she was actually getting wetter. I placed my hands on the insides of her thighs and spread her legs farther apart, and lightly touched her clit with the tip of my tongue… Continue reading Help Wanted Housemaid She broke away from our tender sweet kiss and slid her soft lips down the side of my neck and along the length of my shoulder. I could feel an eruption of cold chills as she placed tiny kisses everywhere she traced her lips.

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Gently laying back on the bed, I allowed her to touch me as her will commanded. All contents on this website are copyright protected. Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited without written permission.

Seducing lesbian stories

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