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Home » Couple » Senior Citizen. Hi this is Rahul; I was working in Bangalore, when this happened while I was in a hypermart. As I was pushing my trolley, I was not watching where I was going; I bumped into a trolley being pushed by a very attractive, well-dressed lady in her fifties. I guess I was daydreaming. Although I was taken aback by her remarks, I said no, I was just thinking of how boring the rest of the day was going to be.

I am Ruksana, she introduced herself. I took her hand and replied, I am Rahul, Pleasure meeting you. She took my hand to shake, but she held it for some time. How about ing me? I live alone now. She had changed into a silk nighty that, with a little backlighting, revealed the firmest body I had seen in a long time. It takes a lot of time and energy to keep a fifty-year-old body in this kind of shape. She smiled and bowed with her arms outstretched, giving me a good, long look at Senior citizen sex stories beautiful pair of tits.

I gave her the rose that I had picked up from the garden. You seem all bound up. At first they had tried watching sex videos. The sex movies had helped for a while but had really only served to open her eyes to just how enjoyable sex could be. But the rose you brought—not to mention the bulge in your pants; it makes me think that tonight will be a good night. Very soon, we were on our second wine bottle and I was beginning to feel it.

When it was my turn, she dipped in with two fingers, thus giving me a chance to lick the dip from between her fingers. When she tasted, she used only one finger and ever so slowly slid it into her mouth, closing her lips around it before pulling it out, all the while holding my attention with her twinkling brown eyes. Our tasting rapidly turned into one hell of an erotic episode.

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I reached over, cupped her chin in my hand and brought her lips to mine. As before, the kiss was soft and our lips barely touched, but it was enough to send tremors clear to my toes. I slowly ran my tongue across her lips, hoping to entice her to open them so we could enjoy a little French-kissing.

Although they remained closed to my probing tongue. When the kiss ended, she held me with her eyes and ever so slowly traced the outline of my lips with her finger.

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As it was, my shorts were soaking wet. We kissed, and once again it was soft but extremely sensuous. This time my tongue found an opening and was welcomed by the tip of her tongue inscribing little circles around mine. Without breaking contact, I made her sit down and slowly eased her to the sofa, with me kneeling next to her on the floor.

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I began kissing her cheek and slowly tracing the outline of her ear with my tongue. As I darted my tongue into her ear once or twice, I felt her body Senior citizen sex stories. I tenderly kissed each eyelid as I moved to the other ear. By now her body was moving in slow, sensuous gyrations, and I began to hear soft moans of pleasure. I moved down to the cleft between her lovely breasts, letting my tongue explore until I located the nipple. Now her body was moving uncontrollably, and her moans were quite audible. She pressed her breasts together so I could suck both nipples at the same time.

After bringing both nipples to their maximum firmness, I moved slowly down her stomach, flicking my tongue from side to side. When I reached her pubic hair, her legs were spread wide and the musky odor of her juicy pussy almost drove me mad with desire. Wave after wave swept through her body until I thought she would pass out. Now give me your dick. I want to suck you till your balls are drained dry.

I was so charged up that my hands could hardly get my pants and underwear down. My dick was so excited that it was throbbing. As Ruksana took my dick in her hand, she began moaning and seemed to be trembling all over. I was sure she had come again. Controlling herself as much as possible, she ran her tongue around my ready-to-burst dickhead, slowly taking in more and more of my pulsing dick until I was fully down her throat.

She closed her lips, pressed my dick against the roof of her mouth with her tongue and contracted her throat muscles. As she pulled back, she worked her tongue back and forth, paying particular attention to the sensitive underside.

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Never had I experienced so strong and long-lasting an orgasm. Tonight you are going to come and come until you are bone dry. She took a sip of wine cooler, swirled it around in her mouth and, without swallowing, pushed my half-hard dick in and began tonguing my dickhead. The cool bubbly drink tickled the tender skin under the head, and, to my surprise and great pleasure, my dick started to grow again.

This was going to be a night to remember. When I was fully hard, she led me by the dick to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

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As the water flowed over our bodies, we again shared a soft, tender, passionate kiss. She spread out a couple of towels, lies down and spread her legs. I dove in. The feel of the cool water splashing on my back and the scent of her hot, wet pussy drove me wild.

We switched positions, putting Senior citizen sex stories on top, and I found that licking the water cascading off her bushy pussy was a lot of fun. We decided the shower was getting a little cramped, so we jumped into bed without even bothering to towel off. Taking the top position, I began to slowly lick her pussy, going down one side of her crotch, across the bottom and up the other side, each time getting closer to the center of the action.

As I would dart across the top, just brushing her clitoris, she would thrust her pelvis up in the air, trying to maximize the contact with her clit. At the same time, she would take my entire dick into her mouth. When I finally began working down the side of her labia, she would match my actions with in-and-out motions on my dick.

As I crossed over at the bottom, I darted my tongue into her snatch, and she swiveled her tongue around my swollen dickhead, flicking her tongue against the tender underside. When my tongue was between her labia, moving up toward her clit, she was taking more and more dick down her throat.

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When I reached the clit, I began sucking on it. She again pressed my dick against the roof of her mouth with her tongue and contracted her throat muscles. We came together in long waves of pleasure. We were both sweaty again, so we went back to the shower, we showered slowly, letting the cool water rejuvenate our still-excited bodies. I found myself getting aroused again.

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We dried one another with soft, fluffy towels. Our kisses were now a little more forceful and our tongues moved a little faster. When I was as hard I was going to get, she took me by the rod and led me back to the TV room. Ruksana came many more times, but I must admit that one better one turned out to be my last.

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Senior citizen sex stories

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Senior citizen sex stories