Severe spanking story

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Dear readers, Before I begin, I would like you to know that everything detailed below are real life experiences between myself and Tiffany. Today I am in a predicament, Tiffany has indicated that she has intentionally played hooky from work for the day. My wife has disciplined and punished me since before we were married — and that was nearly twenty years ago.

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To clarify, in our house the difference between discipline and punishment is that one is applied prior to an ejaculation, when the pain is at least partially mitigated by my horniness and the latter is applied immediately following my ejaculation, t It had been a few months since my lover and future husband, Bill, had begged me to make him my submissive. From that very Severe spanking story day, when I'd reduced him to a blubbering mess, tears running down his face and his butt aflame, first from a ping pong paddle and then thoroughly welted from switches I'd had him fetch from outside our secluded cottage, I'd maint As happens during every party, there was soon a lull in the conversation, and Jenny called to him.

When he was by her side, she told him, in front of the four other women in the room, "I want you to strip. This story is totally true - but the nature of that truth depends on your point of view. The two protagonists are the author, John, and a lady who advertised in the personal for someone to meet her disciplinary needs, Wendy.

She ed herself "Country Girl" since she had spent most of her life living in rural Queensland. Her husband who had ly m Chapter 1: Reina I had asked Reina out to lunch several times, and she always had some excuse to decline. I made some discreet inquiries and no one knew whether she had a boyfriend, so I persisted and after a few weeks she surprised me by agreeing to go.

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I'm rather shy, and Reina appeared to be the quiet type. The attraction I felt to her was as much on a m Chloe Ashley Anderson was a very solitary individual.

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She grew up without ever having had a close or intimate friend. When she enrolled at the University of Minnesota, her two main goals was first and foremost to secure an excellent education which would allow her to be self efficient and lead a comfortable life style. As she was a virgin her second goal was Review: Dedeaux's Delightful Disciplinary Tales THOSE who delight in sophisticated yet incredibly arousing tales of delicious discipline have long been entranced by the novels of the mysterious P.

The eclectic author set his scenes in Europe—both present-day and historically—as well as Canada and sometimes unidentified exotic locales. While man Where Mitten and the other new students are instructed on the proper etiquette for receiving discipline.

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All of the girls were awakened by a bell rung by Juniper Lee at exactly AM. The girls of Charity wing were instructed to pair up, shower and prepare for their morning. As is normal for most f SmutMD Log in.

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Severe spanking story

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Severe Spanking Stories