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Hello, everyone. My name is Mohit. I am 19 years old. I go to the most reputed engineering college it b in my state. That itself usually gets me dates. But this is about Richa, a very fair girl in my college. Her dimensions are around slightly plumpy. A little about me — I am tall and muscular I have been going to the gym regularly for 3 years now. Pumping weights makes me feel so good. This story actually begins after one of my workouts. That day morning I had seen Richa in my class and she immediately caught my eye.

I knew I had to have her. I approached her after class and asked if she would come on a date with me.

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So I told her I would like her to get to know me and so asked for her phone after telling her she was very beautiful. She looked at me feet to head and I think she liked what she saw so she gave me her. She sent back a flirtatious looking smiley and then we started talking about general things like the class and college. Then I asked her if she had a boyfriend. She said no. She replied saying how I was the first guy to ever tell her she was beautiful. I believe she became very happy and blew me a smiley kiss.

She said she has to go but will talk in class tomorrow. I was so anxious for fucking her but somehow managed to get some sleep after some wanking. The next day in class we managed to get two seats together in the back of the classroom. She was trying to pay attention in class but I kept distracting her with jokes.

I finally acted as if I had dropped my pencil and went to the desk and slightly touched her thighs. I could hear her gasp. She started to gasp and slightly moan. I t made me feel so horny my large dick sprang up and made a big bulge in my pants. She Sex in class story that moved her hands from grabbing my thigh and started stroking my dick from outside my pants. It was my turn to moan.

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Meanwhile, my hand reached her clit and she started calling out my name. As soon as everyone left that classroom for a break, we started kissing like the world will end, her tongue roaming in my mouth and over my tongue and mine in hers and it was so passionate that we kissed each other for Sex in class story minutes. We quickly ran out of the classroom and into the nearest broom closet. I pushed everything out of the way and pulled her to me. Her boobs were crushed by my well-built chest and our lips were locked.

Then I removed my shirt and ripped her bra with my teeth. Then she took my dick out and started sucking it as if she was a baby and my dick was a lollypop. Then I removed her full dress and she was there naked in front of me. Then I rubbed her pussy and put my middle finger in her pussy. Now she was moaning loudly and I had to remind her we are still in college. I just want you to fuck me like a dog. Mohit, I want to be fucked very badly. I was biting her pink nipples. She was moaning beyond anything now. I squeezed her big butt in my hands.

I turned her around to doggy style position and started spanking her right ass.

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Now she was just shouting. She let out a loud moan for when her hymen broke but I put my hand on her mouth in time to muffle it. We missed the classes for the rest of the day but tried almost everything- missionary, sewing, doggy style, scissors, boob fucking and even anal sex.

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All of them were accompanied heavily with her moans. Now, every class we meet we give each other hand jobs and I even once played with her boobs during a class from under the t-shirt. After college, we go to her house both her parents work and come home late and fuck, fuck and fuck more!

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Sex in class story

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