Sex slave short stories

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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. As I ran later I was alone now to walk, I lived with my step dad after my mom passed away last year. Im 17 and a senior in high school, my name is Kelly Peterson, I have long blonde hair and green eyes.

I walked down the street and called him, he said come over and he leave the door unlock for me, he literally lived up the street.

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He just laughed Sex slave short stories then pulled over his car and parked and got then came to my side and got me out. I opened my eyes and he walked over to the bed and tied my legs apart and made them spread to these side hooks. He took scissors and cut my pants off and underwear. I sucked and he groaned and moaned, later he sat on his knees and sat me up against the bed head bored and stuck his di-ck in my mouth and thrusted.

Your now my pet. You got that. When I tell you to do something, do it. Or ill kill you. I took her off the bed and tied her up on the side, I threw this young lady in the bed and took her clothes off. I looked at her while she was crying and terrified and breaking down inside, she wasnt as strong as I was mentally or emotionally for this situation. I was gonna break you into my sex slave but LuxyPurr: I finished the first novel in a day and a half, that's how addicted I am to these novels.

I love the author's writing style and of course, lots of steamy scenes! Definitely reading all of her work! Neferua: It was a good mixture of crime and romance.

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CutePandaXD Very good story, good grammar mostly which isn't that common on here. Thanks for this author, looking forward to reading more of your books. Dracyy: Absolutely captivating! I adored watching the relationships grow and how utterly fabulous to see them coming out of their shells. Watching the trust building and the love was wonderful but oh the heartbreak of their story.

Well written but definitely Cristina Maria Verhest: P okay here's some ideas for you you had Darian and Katrina with eight kids we only heard about two what happened to the rest then you have Farrah and tank they had seven we heard about two but what about the rest then Darien and Katrina's son had one with aces daughter what happened to them what MMi: I enjoyed this story.

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It's unfortunate he is being so stubborn and essentially hurting the both of them. I really hope there is a continuation to this story I was left with soooo many questions about the last events that transpired Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Story. Fantasy and Werewolves the Pack! How it works.

Unknown pov The names Matt so dont call me unknown. The size of that thing my God. Then ill moan. Ill show you on a map. Chapters 1. Chapter 1. Further Recommendations. Scotch on the Rocks by S. Cant wait for book 2!!! Need by jbouchie. Deceitful Love by wapan. Kimberly Codynah: Good ……………. Katherine Sudario: I love the happy ending! Rescued by Ct More Recommendations.

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Sex slave short stories

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Sex Slave: Hot Erotica Collection: Rough Sex Short Stories (Unabridged‪)‬