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I realized that I am lesbian when I was in my O level because I used to have feelings for my fellow girls. When I finished my A level during my vacation, my parents realized or got to know that am a lesbian because they used to hear rumors from people and they used to see my partner visiting me.

When they asked me I denied so what they did, my brother got me his friend to be my boyfriend I did not like it but I accepted and started to pretend just to take away what they heard about me because I still wanted my family and to study. Time came when my so called boyfriend wanted sex and I refused, I played him around all the time when he asked for it or when he brought up that topic until he got tired and he went and told my brother about it.

My brother went and told my other family members and this is when I started experiencing hell on earth. When my came back I had performed well but they refused to pay my tuition at the university so I had to tell them the truth about my feelings for the same sex. What they did they organized a family meeting to device ways of making me straight and I come out of that horrible behavior. The family decided to organize a collective rape and I did not know about it, they wanted it to look as if it was done by other people.

My brother was the ring leader and my mother did not know about this because she was always on my side. They got to know that I was pregnant and they knew that I will abort so what they did my brother took me to my uncles place because if I stayed home my mother would help me abort because she was not in support of it. My uncle made sure I do not leave home until I gave birth. I gave birth to twins and so they thought they had cured me. My partner was there for me and she supported me very much during this period until I gave birth.

They confronted me and asked me whether am still lesbian and I told them point blank that I will never have feelings for Sex stories quotev completed and I will never love men. I told them I have someone I love and she loves me too. They decided to dis own me and they threw me out of the house and told me to leave with my. They said Sex stories quotev completed am a bad omen to the family. Miriam…be strong in urself….

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I am a lesbian to. Im so moved by story got to know about the late but its okay im also a lesbian who still live a life thats not mine and never had a girlfriEnd because where i come from lesbian are not openly know i kn one day i live a life i deserve. Same happened to me. She said it was just hormonal imbalance that she went to far with me. Can any human could do such a terrible thing to other. I can empathise with her, I am different I am Two Spirit. I am not confused or non-committal to becoming 3woman Gender Reasment. I am also attracted to women only.

And my partner have a daughter.

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I am in love with a girl…. I feel u love.

sweet babes Sylvia

Be strong……I felt the same way as u Miriam. I am in a quest to find understaning in the Lesbian situation. Woundnt rest till I give full self understanding of the situation. Its a grt story dear. You are strong women! I hate faking myself it front of that guy!

You are very strong woman. With rape instead of love…. I admire u u r so strong always be happy and never give up on wot u believe in fight for ur love mwah.

lonely babe Mary

Evn i loved a girl. We r no more togethr. You should have weighed the consequences—the benefits and detriments. Leave the prior lesbian gf and LIE to her and say. Under cover…. In this manner—you have everyone on your side and your lies may hurt you for lying—but everyone else is happy.

The loss is old lesbian gf-so what. But now…doing it this way…look whay has happened…what did u accomplish for being stubborn? It is easy ror a few to criticize my answer—yet it is the finest result. If not that at least not plan a freaking gang rape. It shows utter irrelevance and the real sin…. I mean come on. We have a life. As long as she wasnt hurting anYone, things were fine. Instead they have caused sheer trauma to her physicallY and mentally. MIriam, my heartY well wisHes are with you and your children.

Im sorry to hear about what happenend. But you are strong and Brave. Do t worry. I was speechless…. Share this story:. I am a lesbian too Lgbtq love Stay strong sweetheart. Stay and stand firm …. How would they do that to u. May god bless u with ur. Your story invited tears to my eyes, I am so sorry. May the good lord carry you always. Be brave for Sex stories quotev completed two kids i know u cn pass all ur sacrifice.

Wow u really a strong woman.

Sex stories quotev completed

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