Sex story generator

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What are your names? What slang terms do you prefer to use? Penis e.

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Vagina e. Aggressive sex e. Breasts e. Ejaculate e. Orgasm e. Which of the following activities do you NOT engage in and what to avoid in the stories? Note: Anything left unchecked will be included in the stories. Oral Sex on husband. Oral Sex on wife. Wife swallowing his ejaculate. Vaginal sex from behind doggie style. Vaginal sex with wife on top. Using a vibrator on wife. Aggressive talk from husband e. Domination from husband e. Husband being tied up.

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Wife being tied up. Which of the following are ways the wife can orgasm? Oral Sex. Manual stimulation through fingers. Intercourse often. Intercourse very rarely. Intercourse and manual stimulation simultaneously. Which of the following are ways the husband can orgasm? Manual stimulation. How easy do you want the spouse to get turned on in the story?

Note: You can either make this true to life, or use it as an opportunity to present a more fantastical version to share with your spouse. Physical descriptions Husband's hair color. Husband's eye color. Wife's hair color. Wife's eye color.

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Any special customization you would like? We will try to accommodate time permitting. What e-mail address would you like to receive the story?

Sex story generator

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