Sex with friends mom story

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Hi everyone I am Raj and I live in Mumbai. I am 22 years old and study in a college nearby. I am a huge fan of XIS stories. So I always had a huge fantasy of sleeping with real milf or a hot aunty or bhabhi. I used to fantasize about my college professors or society women who were hot and in their early 40s.

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Till then I was a virgin and had never ever seen a woman nude in real. I was eager to open my but I was not able to do so. I had a friend in my college whose name was Kabir and he used to live with her mother Shabana. He was 2 years junior to me. I often used to visit his house to meet him. His mom Shabana was in her mids around 44 or 45 maybe. But she had an amazing figure and fats at the right places making her a real Milf. She was not too fat nor too slim but a perfect little chubby milf.

I never used to have bad intentions about her as she was his mom. One day I had to change my rented flat on an urgent basis. I had nowhere to go. At that time Kabir and Shabana aunty asked me to shift to their place for a month till I find a new place. I agreed and shifted to their place. His dad used to run a shop near their home. He was also a nice guy. One day no one was at home. I agreed and we headed to a restaurant nearby. While we were going inside the restaurant I could see young guys checking her out.

That day for the first time I got dirty thoughts for her. I too started seeing it as an opportunity. While having dinner we started discussing a lot of our personal matters with each other. From that day I became close to her.

We used to chat a lot when at home and even text each on WhatsApp. Soon I started flirting with her on WhatsApp. When at home I would compliment her on her beauty. She too would smile and say you are too nice Raj. One day I forgot my bike keys inside. I went to take it and was shocked to see Shabana aunty changing her clothes in her room.

Her room was not locked. She thought nobody was at home. Oh gosh, she lifted her nighty and what I saw was amazing. She was wearing a blue color bra size 38D and a blue color panty that had flower prints on it. I got a real hard-on. That day I could not sleep. In the night I went inside my room and I took out my cock and started to masturbate thinking of her. But to my bad luck, I had forgotten to lock my door. Shabana aunty came to my room and she was terrified to see me masturbate. She ran to her room.

I was feeling nervous about what to say Sex with friends mom story. The next day I went to her and apologized for the same. But before she could refuse my proposal I lip locked her and ran my tongues on her lips. We were locked in a 2 Sex with friends mom story smooch.

My hands had gone down on her butt. Suddenly she heard someone coming and pulled me back. I was so angry inside that I was not able to go long. Soon I realized that till her husband and son are home I might not find space with her.

For a few days, this teasing game continued and I was frustrated. One day I saw Shabana aunty in a gorgeous satin nighty. I used to sleep in the hall and since it was a 1BHK flat. Shabana aunty, her husband, and son both used to sleep in the bedroom. At night I got up and went to the kitchen to drink water. I suddenly realize their bedroom door open.

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Shabana aunty came out and went inside the washroom which was near the hall. As she went inside I noticed both her husband and Kabir were sleeping. I saw it as an opportunity. As soon she came out of the washroom I pulled her towards the kitchen. I forcefully turned her, made her bend taking the support of the kitchen shelf in a doggy position. I pulled down her panty inside her nighty. She was trying to stop me. But I was so horny to listen to her. I knew that know she is supporting me as I could see her getting wet below.

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I pulled her towards me and grabbed her. We started kissing each other. She was kissing me as if she had not been laid in a while. She hugged me tightly and her warmth gave me a current. I removed her nighty and she was not wearing any bra. Her breasts came out they were huge and her nipples were so tight that I sucked them like anything.

She was enjoying it when I was playing with her breasts and sucking her nipples. She had her hand on her mouth so that no one could hear her pleasure. She then asked me to go down. I went down on her and licked her hairy cunt. I always wanted to lick pussy. She was enjoying it. For 5 minutes nonstop I licked her juicy cunt. She then pulled my underwear down and started caressing my cock with her hands increasing my pleasure. Slowly she stroked my cock. I pulled her down and she started sucking my cock and my balls.

Sex with friends mom story

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