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A wonderful memory and a first for me that occurred a few years ago. I had been conversing with her through a dating site, and phone conversation. This woman was seventy three years old at the time. Her name was Joan. She was actively involved in the Mormon Church and wanted to finally meet.

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Her adult grandson that had autism lived with her as she was his legal guardian and her daughter in law and young granddaughter lived with her and the adults all slept on the living room. I conversed with her and fixed her computer for her. I stood for a lite meal and we kissed on my departure. We talked more and I visit more and we kissed more passionate when her family people were in the garage drinking. One night she suggested we go into my car.

We did and we kissed deeply and I fingered her through her pants as I slipped my hand inside her pants and panties. She unbutton my shorts and then slipped her hand inside my underwear and groped and twisted my weenie to hardness. It was wonderful to experience this with this much older woman.

I was in my late thirties then and she was seventy three. Joan enjoyed talking to me and my visits. One day we fooled around in the car and then went back inside her apartment. We talked and lightly kissed on the lips. She then said we could go into her room. I followed her into the room and she closed the door and locked it and turned on the radio. We listened to music and then the kissing and caressing started and before I knew it we Sex with older woman story naked and feeling each other as I tossed her panties to the ground and led her to her twin bed.

I suckled her old saggy breasts and she held my weenie and we had deep fore play. I took her socks off and now she was completely naked as I was. We rolled on the bed and I asked her if I could enter her. I took it as a cue and got on top of her and asked her to guide my hardness into her old vagina. It looked nice and was beautiful for being aged and I wanted it bad. This content appeared first on new sex story.

I thrusted in a slow mannered rhythm as she guided me into her aged experienced love canal. I thrusted harder and deeper and we both moaned as she grabbed my ass cheeks and thrusted me deeper into her seventy three year old vagina.

I thrusted about thirty times and ejaculated deeply into her as I kissed her breasts and lips when I spilled my last drop of sperm inside her aged hairy vagina. A pop slurpy sound was heard when I got off her naked body and we were no longer connected as one.

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I enjoyed my first sexual experience with an old lady and lady and it was beautiful. We kissed as we dressed and I would see her a few more times before she moved out of state.

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Sex with older woman story

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