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My name is Neethu and I am 21 years old now. I live in bangalore but completed my college studies in Delhi. This story that I am going to narrate what happened to me when I was As every day I got ready for college and left at Classes were going on as usual but it started to rain heavily by the time it was over. It was pretty cold so I went to the canteen to get a cup of coffee and thought that the raining would stop by the time I was finished with my coffee, I waited for about Sex with professor stories minutes and then a friend of mine came over and asked if I wanted a lift to my hostel, but I was modest and I refused but little did I realize that I would regret that choice.

As I sipped my third cup of coffee the rain was still pouring outside. The waiter in the canteen told me that they were going to lock up and I had to leave. I looked at the time on my cell phone and it was a quarter past 6, I had been waiting in the canteen for over two hours. I went outside and looked for an auto, no luck the streets were empty.

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I thought that if I called the warden and told her what had happened she would let me off the hook for once. He turned around and he was startled to see me there in the dark soaking wet, he asked me if everything was alright, I just broke into tears and told him my story. He told me that he would drop me to my hostel but I told him that the warden would not let me. I started to cry again and he probably felt bad and he agreed reluctantly. I got in his car, it was an old maruthithere was a ton of clothes and books, papers in the back of his car he gave me a towel to wipe myself off.

The rain was getting worse now, I thought I was lucky to find this guy when I did. The professor was a slow driver and the rain made him drive him even slower. After about 45 minutes of driving we reached an old house on the outskirts of the city. I felt bad for the guy for asking that question.

It was a single storey building with just one bedroom and one kitchen and a living room. He asked me to sit down and he will get me something to drink and eat. I opened the book and saw young girls spreading their legs and showing their tits, I quickly closed the magazine as I heard him coming to the living room. He came over and there was no place to keep the coffee and the plate which had biscuits, since there was no table or anything. He finished his coffee and told me that I could use his room which had a bed in it. I went into the bedroom and closed the door behind me but there was no latch or lock to lock it, so i just closed it and went to bed, it was a medium sized bed with a blanket and a pillow.

I quickly went to sleep. I went back to sleep giggling at what had happened. After a while I heard a noise near my door and I thought the professor was at it again but before I could get up I saw the door open and in came the professor only in his Boxers. I Sex with professor stories my eyes and pretended to be asleep. He closed the door behind him. He stood there right in front of me for a while.

He touched my cheek with his short old stumpy fingers, he brushed my cheeks gently with his fingertips I have to say that I was strangely arousing. He Moved away from my face and moved towards the other Sex with professor stories of the bed, he climbed into the bed and slowly started lifting up the blanket that barely covered my shivering body, the professor moved his hand over my right leg all the way up to my knee.

He started to remove the blanket completely but most of it was tucked away underneath me, he was moving more cautiously and slowly. The professor was moving his hands around my feet he was quite a horny bastard. I was getting more and more horny and aroused by this and I decided to make a move and give him a little more space to do something.

I slowly spread my legs wider apart and I hoped that he would seize this opportunity and do something more stimulating. As I had hoped he took his hands out of my T-shirt and put them on my legs now, I could feel him massaging them and caressing them slowly and thoroughly, I liked the way he was working on my legs. I was still a virgin and was hoping to keep it that way until the right guy showed up, but I was too horny right now to care.

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I sensed him going further upwards now and I wanted this. His other hand was now trying to lift my skirt higher and I lifted my waist a little bit to facilitate that, he got my skirt all the way over my Panty. He could see my Panty and he now had total access he moved his right hand over my pussy and he slowly rubbed it with the panty still covering it. He was probably expecting me to scream and yell and curse but that was not my intention I looked him in the eyes and grabbed his hand and shoved it into my panties he was obviously surprised but why would he waste this chance.

I could feel his fingers digging deep into my pussy and his fingers were doing a pretty good job of it. He kept fingering me, he had two fingers in me but his third finger was on its way there my pussy was already pretty wet and now it was completely drenched.

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I could see his face and was he happy he was smiling and his mouth was wide open. I felt my body stiffen and my pussy muscles clasp hard on his fingers. I knew I was going to cum and in seconds I did. I left out a moan soft but long he kept fingering me faster and faster as I finished Cumming he took his fingers and started to lick them. He made me hold his Penis. I felt the warmth of his dick in my hand it was small but fat it felt a little saggy but I was very hot.

His Crotch was covered by a thick coat of long pubic hair, his balls were saggy and big, it was my first time touching a man. I touched the Sex with professor stories of his cock and pulled the foreskin back and let go of it. He softly took me in his hands kissed my face. I did not say anything. He slowly kissed my face lips and then my neck.

I felt a little disgusted as his breath was foul smelling. It was a real turn off for me but he kept kissing my face and licking my neck. I tried to get up, But he grabbed me from behind forced me to the bed he made me sit on his lap. As I was on his lap I Could feel his penis press forward against the back of my vagina.

He slipped his hands from underneath my armpits and held my breasts from behind, his grip was hard and strong. As it was still raining outside the room was quite cold, my nipples were erect and incredibly hard. He ran his fingers around my nipples he used his index finger and his thumb to pinch them. Although this was relatively painful, I enjoyed it. He could probably tell that I was enjoying this quite a lot as my breathing was getting heavier. He turned me around and we were face to face, but I was still on his lap and his hands were now around my waist.

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We were now staring at each other, he loosened the grip he had on me and his hands went straight around my neck, I knew what he was going to do next so I just jumped on him and locked my lips around his. His breath still smelled dreadful, but I was overcome by lust. We kissed and sucked on each others faces, my legs were now around his waist and my skirt was covering nothing.

After about five minutes of hardcore kissing I was the first one to release the hold, I had to take a breath and I released his face and now I was on top of him he was underneath me with his cock just behind me near my ass, I reached behind and held it in my hands it was now harder than it was the first time I held it, I guess all that kissing and licking of each others faces had made it harder, I held it in my hands and pulled it Sex with professor stories and then backward I guess he liked it as I felt him shudder a little bit.

I turned around to look at him and I saw him over come with lust his eyes were on fire and he got up and immediately pulled my T-shirt off I was now in my Black colored bra and my denim skirt which was not covering anything and underneath that was my Black colored panties which were soaked by now. I was still trying to remove my belt and he had his mouth over my left breast and his right hand over my right breast, he took my nipple in his mouth and was flicking it with his tongue, I finally got my belt off and I was now trying to get my skirt off and I guess he was frustrated with me fiddling with the skirt for so long that he pushed to on my back and held my legs in the air and pulled off my skirt off in one swift motion.

I lifted my head to see how he was going to do it but as soon as his mouth reached my pussy and his tongue made contact with my vagina I lost it I gave out a load moan, my Sex with professor stories went backwards and my legs were making their way around his neck as for my hands they were gripping my hair and pulling on them. I could not believe the feeling.

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I managed to get my head up and see his face dug deep in my crotch, I arched my back forward and he probably noticed this and moved his hands from underneath my ass and towards my back, he looked me in the eyes and gave me a good slap from his talented tongue. I let go of my hair and moved my hands on top of his head and pushed it deeper into my crotch, he gave out a loud grunt and looked at me.

I was in total ecstasy. I Sex with professor stories my an orgasm building up in me I felt my pussy muscles tighten on their own, now I could feel his movements in my pussy even better. I knew my orgasm was only seconds away, my legs tightened around his neck, his face was now even closer I could now feel him breathing fast and hard over my crotch. I guess I was too much for him to swallow as he was struggling to go free but I was not in control, my body was reacting on its own, he pulled himself free and liquid was now squirting from his mouth as he tried to catch his breath, this was amazing he spit some of my own juices over my stomach I took my index finger and took a little bit of it I smelled it and I was a little strange but nice I took it in my mouth, It was a combination of his saliva and my cunt juices, he caught me doing this and came over me and kissed me I could taste myself in his mouth it was kinky.

It will be my pleasure to do it. He got out of bed and went to look for something, He came back with a condom. He ripped it open with his teeth and the he asked me to put it on his dick, the condom was lubricated and slippery I put it on his small and saggy penis, I felt disgusted touching it but he had given me good time so I was obliged to do the same.

I just hoped that it would end soon. This content appeared first on new sex story.

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