Sexual discipline stories

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This is a work of fiction and is not meant to portray any person living or dead, nor any known situation. This story contains themes of spanking, anal sex, and incest. Twenty minutes after her final class, Ashley Shirer appears at Mr. She leans against the jam, waiting for him to get off the phone.

She is also dangerously carefree and cavalier. Her English teacher and sometimes soccer coach, Jarman is easily flustered, always uneasy in her presence. She reaches out and touches his shoulder. Jarman looks away. She begins to read and by the time she flips to the secondher face is crimson.

At one point her eyes grow wide as silver dollars. Ashley is quiet a moment. Jarman takes back the letter and places it in his drawer. He looks at his hands. An assistant principal will carry it out. You refused to listen.

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Arms folded, Jarman shrugs. Two in fact. Ashley continues shaking her head. I never ed the paper. Jarman forges ahead. Or someone else from administration. Jarman is quiet a moment. Ashley shakes her head. Looking at Mr. Jarman looks distraught. Everyone knows what for. Chances are they let you stick your foot in it. Ashley is stricken. Until now she put it down to her approaching eighteenth birthday, someone planning a surprise. Evidently someone had. Jarman shakes his head. And the Board of Regents takes this change very seriously.

They already have. They want discipline restored. Ashley looks at the floor. Then Administration schedules the actual punishment. Probably for later this week. Thursday I would guess. By Thursday everyone will know. Absolutely everyone. She bites her lower lip. Could you if I was eighteen? Not on my bare ass! As much as you want!

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Just the two of us. I know how much trouble this could cause. Even if I am of age. Jarman cannot help but look away. This is insane. This is beyond insane.

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Not only would he face dismissal if caught, but you could kiss his marriage goodbye. And getting another job? Jarman clears his throat. Taking into consideration you may never have been properly apprised bullshit, Jarman! Bull shit!

Jarman coughs. Very likely they will. And if not, any infraction of the rules— even a tiny one—will result in your probation being pulled. Jarman pretends disgust and, barely suppressing a grin, orders Ashley the hell out of his classroom. Jarman looks up. She is wearing the same translucent, peach colored raincoat over her uniform that she wore Monday. Rain be on the plastic and her hair is wet. She looks adorable—almost coquettish. Jarman snorts, softly. Slam books are a serious offense at St. You could be gone for good. It is two weeks later. Jarman sits at his desk, grading mid-term exams, ready to go home.

He has a nasty headache and a stomach that refuses help. Thanksgiving is Sexual discipline stories weeks away and Jarman is dreaming of Florida, a much-needed vacation—both from the school, and from Ashley Shirer. Seeing her is torture. Each day he forces his eyes away from her face, her body, her rounded hips.

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She is eighteen now, having made the transition to adulthood just this past Tuesday. Legal of age if not of approachment. And yet, Jarman seems unable to force himself into regretting the decision. Just this once— even if it was a lousy one—he made the right choice.

Jarman leaps in his seat. I thought I was alone. The building is locked.

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Supposed to be locked. Ashley grins. The front door was wide open. She has on the peach raincoat again, but with a thigh length white miniskirt and a white blouse. Raindrops dot her hair and coat. Were we scheduled to meet?

No teacher schedules an after-hours meeting with a female student. Not if he wants a job the next day. Ashley smiles. This was my idea. The white shirt rides up out of sight.

Sexual discipline stories

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