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An erotic story of dinner, where the build-up to the main dish is exquisite and excruciating. I put on a light camisole and stare at my reflection in the mirror. I want him to like what he sees when he gets through the door. I rim my lips with nude lipstick and apply some light shimmer to my eyelids. What was I thinking when I told him to come over to mine for a second date?

I dab some perfume behind my ears as the doorbell rings. I imagine him standing on the opposite side of the door, a wicked smile softening the planes of his rugged face. My nipples stiffen, pushing against the thin fabric of my camisole. His arm brushes against my nipple as he moves past me into the room. My body rings like a bell. I look at his face and wonder if the contact had been a mistake. He looks much better than when I first saw him at a conference last week or at our first date a few days ago. I swear I can hear his Sexual teasing stories singing under his tight-fitting black t-shirt and jeans.

The fire is raging fully between my legs as I reemerge with the pizza and glasses.

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But I stamp it out with a determination to hold out. It is still a little too early in the relationship for sex. Go from exploring your fantasies to exploring yourself. Our collection of vibrators features different des and stimulations to unlock your pleasure potential. Find out which one matches your desires. He opens the wine and pours into both glasses. I stare as he takes his first sip and licks his lips afterwards.

I swallow. I imagine that same tongue on my breasts, travelling lower, his hands parting my legs while his tongue stokes the fire between them. I gulp my drink and clear my throat. He does these things deliberately, I think.

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He sucks on my bottom lip as his fingers strum my nipples through my soft camisole. His tongue probes and discovers my mouth, my neck, my earlobes. I feel my nipples swell under his touch. He bends over my chest and sucks my nipples through the thin fabric.

His hand trails a hot path down my body and finds its way under the waistband of my loose-fitting pants.

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The hand ascends and descends my love mound, then it arrives at my centre and gets to work rubbing my clit. Goosebumps explode all over my body. We settle down to watch the match, but his hands their tour of my body. He is everywhere.

He kne my breast gently, then his fingers find and tweak my nipples. I am breathless. He just strokes my lower belly till my body whimpers.

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He lifts my camisole and flicks my nipples with his tongue. He slips his middle finger into my vagina and my walls close around him eagerly, too eagerly. He massages my clit with his tongue as his finger works inside me. I remove his belt and his jeans in one swift move and I have his cock in my mouth before he knows what his happening.

I work him with my mouth and hands till he becomes a grunting mess. He lifts me clean off the couch, places me on the carpet and stretches out beside me. I straddle him and bury his rock-hard cock in my vagina. I hold on to his chest and ride for my life. All About The Clitoris. Guide To Clitoral Vibrators. Tips To Use The Firefighter. In this erotic story, Sylvia and her husband decide to upgrade their breakfast in bed! Genevieve makes a surprise encounter after-hours as she wraps-up her new exhibition opening as French photographer turns up unexpected.

In this short story of female erotica, Sheila guides Tom to the best and longest session of French kissing…down there. A moment of true intimacy and mind-blowing pleasure. Go to Checkout. An erotic story of dinner, where the build-up to the main dish is exquisite and excruciating I put on a light camisole and stare at my reflection in the mirror. I step aside to let him enter my sitting room. What's Your Pleasure? Take The Quiz. I snap into the present and find that he is watching me with a smile. His touch amplifies things.

Suddenly the TV is too loud and my body is too hot. My body is still on fire but I have to maintain my resolve. He comes up for air and smiles at me. Now Sexual teasing stories has three fingers going in and out of my tight wetness at a mad Sexual teasing stories. Dazed, he disentangles from my body. He stands. Back to category.

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Sexual teasing stories

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