Sissy baby humiliation stories

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Chris makes the wrong choice when picking what girl to go home with. After a long night of drinking, Chris ge After a long night of drinking, Chris gets himself stuck in a situation fulfilli Another hour passes, and Chris starts to feel cramps. The laxative are begining to work.

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Another ten minutes and Chris feels like he's about to fill his diaper to the max, yet he finds it disgusting. Not only five minutes later, Chris gives in, and the second he lets go, he thinks he's about to fill his diaper, but he doesn't. The dildo is keeping anything from coming out. For the rest of the movie, Chris goes through cramps, and every five minutes, thinks he's going to mess his diaper, but at the last minute, he doesn't.

Once the movie is over, the two sit the for about 10 minutes until Sarah comes back into the room. Immediately she sees the look on Chris' face. It takes her a second, but she figures it out. She picks up Chris, and carries him to a bathroom adjacent to his "bedroom". The bathroom is like a regular bathroom, but painted baby pink, much larger, and has a changing table against one of the walls.

Sarah lays Chris down on the changing table. Sarah pulls down the plastic pants, then undoes the tapes of the diaper.

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Before taking the diaper off, Sarah looks at Chris and says "When I take your little toy out, you have to hold it, understand? If you don't, i'll give you twice the amount of laxatives and I won't let you out". Then, Sarah lifts Chris' legs. She begins to pull out the dildo, and the second she pulls it out, Nick holds it in as much as he can. Sarah then pulls the cold, clammy diaper back over Chris' crotch and tapes the diaper close. She then picks him up and sets him on the toilet, with the diaper on.

Chris immediately explodes, nearly completely filling his diaper with wet, sticky poop. After a second load of pooping, Chris stops. Sarah then picks Chris up by his arms, and while he's in the air, the diaper sags twice as much as it did before. Sarah then sets Chris on the changing table again, smearing the poop all throughout his diaper and over his crotch. Sarah then procceeds to examine and pat the once pink, now nearly brown-stained diaper.

Better use thing to it's max.

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These are expensive! She then picks Chris back up, and carries him back ti where Nikki is waiting patiently. Sarah sets him down beside Nikki, and takes a step back. Sarah thinks for a bit, looking at the two babies. You two ready to go out?

Forced Diaper Sissy Transform Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3.

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Chapter 4. Chapter 5.

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Chapter 6. If you don't, i'll give you twice the amount of laxatives and I won't let you out" Sarah then drops the front of the diaper down. Continue Reading. Sofia Diaz, known as an angel. The two are arranged to be married, forced by When Americans turn 20, they become immortal- if they can afford it. Ilana is ready for her birthday so that she can become immortal and enjoy a wor A lie in church.

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Sissy baby humiliation stories

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