Sissy castration story

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New Femdom Title! Sissy Story : Feminized For Her. A Special Treat For You! A Free Scene, Exclusive to Goodre! I felt inspired, I had to write a little bit of something. I don't think it's a big enough idea to make a good story out of, but I wanted to write it anyway. Sorry for taking time out of 'Anita Transgender Pill 2' but I wanted to write this idea while it was fresh in my head. This little scene is titled 'Elastrated' Sid chuckled to himself as he tapped away his latest snide comment to the femdom author he'd decided to launch an online attack on.

In this latest spiteful comment he suggested she had too much testosterone and was a 'herme'. It was sure to have her seething with frustration. Pleased with himself he logged off, shut down his computer and climbed into bed.

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When he awoke he felt somewhat groggy, disoriented? He tried to open his eyes but the light seemed glaring. For some reason he'd moved his arms up, he tried to move them down but felt them restrained, cold steel wrapped tightly around both his wrists.

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When he opened his eyes, there was a young woman standing at the bottom of his bed, watching him in silence. He tried to get up, but found his ankles and wrists were tightly handcuffed to the bed. He glared at the woman, "Who are you? What the fuck are you doing in my -" She held a finger to her lips. I'm Sabrina, well, that's not my real name of course.

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I decided to do you a fav-" "But you're from Engl-" "Yes, I know, but I was actually here in the States when you wrote that last comment. It's amazing how easy it is to find people if you're willing to pay. Once his eyes were adjusted to the light he could see her face, she had the features of an oriental, but had paler skin than most chinese, suggesting a mixed race. She looked young except for the tiny wrinkles around her eyes that seemed more characteristic Sissy castration story a thirty something. She was wearing a cream sweater with a white shirt underneath and a short-ish black skirt with black nylons.

He couldn't see what she had on her feet, but when she started walking towards him he heard the characteristic clicking of stiletto heels on the hard wooden floor of his room. Try to relax! You remember saying you were a castration fetishist? Well, I've decided help you experience your fantasy!

The tape was very tacky and stuck like superglue, the smell of solvents from the tape wafted up his nostrils. In a panic now, he started jangling his chains and making muffled shouts through his taped-shut mouth. She ignored him, flashing him a smile as she slid up onto the bed. As she started cutting his boxer shorts off with some scissors, she flashed him a smile. If you're not good, then I think we'll remove your penis too.

He could see the polished steel handcuffs around his wrists and the bed-frame above his head, and the same around his ankles. She snapped a pair of latex gloves on then smiled warmly at him.

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You will feel some discomfort, it might take a while for them to drop off. Keep still for me. She was obviously a psychopath, she'd broken into his home and chained him up in his sleep. It seemed his best bet was let her put the 'elastrator' thingie on him, then wait until she'd gone and try to get it off. While he watched, she slipped a tiny rubber ring onto the end of a pair of peculiar looking steel pliers. He couldn't see exactly what she was doing, but he felt one hand manipulating his balls gently, then he felt a tightness around the base Sissy castration story his scrotum and his balls started to feel numb.

He whimpered softly, looking pleadingly at her. She simply smiled back unapologetically. You're all done! Now, I'm going to leave you restrained, so you don't get tempted to try and remove your elastrator before it's worked.

You're balls should have dropped off within twenty four hours, so I'll call the police to come and free you as soon as it's too late to save your them. Enjoy your new life as a eunuch!

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Good night Sid. He heard her leave by the front door. He looked at his crotch, he couldn't see anything, but his balls felt numb, swollen? There was definitely a dull ache down there. He wriggled and squirmed, trying anything to get a hand free of the cuffs, but she'd pulled them in so tight they were nearly cutting his Sissy castration story off.

It was so frustrating, he could feel his testicles dying, from lack of blood supply, but he was helpless to do anything about it. He rested for a moment, trying to think about what to do, was there a mobile phone within reach? He looked at his bedside table, empty. Even if he could get a hand free could he remove the elastrator? She'd used some sort of pliers to put it on, could he remove it without a tool? As the seconds ticked by the feeling of numbness in his balls increased, as did the dull ache. When he squirmed and wriggled again, his balls touched the inside of his thigh - but they felt cold and dead.

He whimpered softly and started crying, he had been a castration fetishist, he'd never wanted to actually be castrated, yet this was happening now, slowly, painfully, so he was fully aware of it happening as it happened. The pain increased, but he was helpless to do anything about it. Eventually he passed out from the pain. When he came around, he saw a white brightly lit ceiling. He had a blood pressure monitor and blood oxygen monitor on, as well as a cannula in his hand. The bed-rails were up and a nurse was standing watching him. What hap-" She sighed.

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The police were called last night and they broke into your place. They found you restrained to the bed, but your balls had already dropped off. Where are they? Can't they be re-atta-" "Sorry sweetie, they've gone to the lab, the police are hoping to get some forensic off them. They were completely dead, there was no way they could have been re-attached. This can't be happ-" "Just try to stay calm.

Yes, you've been castrated, but you're otherwise in good health. The police will be in to see you soon, to take a statement. What you need to think about is your options. Your scrotum has fallen off too, so prosthesis are out Sissy castration story the question. You can either have regular testosterone injections, accept your loss and live your life as a eunuch, or consider gender reasment. There's no rush, you can take all the time you need to decide, but I just wanted you to know your options from the start. I have to go and tell the doctor you've come around now, try to stay calm. How could he stay calm?

He'd been castrated against his will by a sociopath writer who'd broken into his home, restrained him and popped an elastrator band on his scrotum, before leaving him alone until his balls fell off It had to be a nightmare, he thumped his head into the pillow in frustration, whimpering softly at the feel of bandages around his groin, and the clear absence of testicles dangling from his crotch Hope you enjoyed it!

I liked writing it, hehe! If you enjoyed my stories and can review, pleaseplease go and leave your reviews! I would really appreciate it! Comments Showing of 20 20 new post a comment ยป. Nov 12, PM. What an honor. Thank you so much he said snidely. I'll just assume you are. You write that way. Nov Sissy castration story, AM. If you'd read all of my stories you'd have a good idea of my ethnicity.

I wish you were more interested in my writing though rather than me!

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I like this scene, after I wrote it though I thought about the victim, all helpless, writhing, struggling, knowing there's nothing they can do to save their balls. I thought wouldn't it be hot, if instead of wandering off leaving him to his fate, I blindfolded him, then pulled up a chair and a little quiet 'me time' while I watched him squirm around, whimpering, his balls going blue

Sissy castration story

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