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Our first visit to The Hotel went far better than I could ever have hoped. My wife Linda was suddenly full of enthusiasm for my plan. I had practically dragged her on the two hour drive to The Hotel for our introductory day here but she changed her mind in the course of a single afternoon. She went from being reluctant and taciturn about the idea to being very impassioned for it.

All in the space of a couple of hours on our first visit to The Hotel. To be honest she hated the idea of me cross-dressing. I was fortunate that she tolerated it in anyway. That was about as much as I could expect. When I showed her the advert she was very reluctant. Wives and Girl friends won over! Contact the Manager: Miss Evans. There followed three solid weeks of my pleading with Linda to give it a go. Finally she gave in but only after the manager of The Hotel, Miss Evans, spoke to Linda personally on the phone.

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Miss Evans had confidently assured me that she could win over any hesitant wife no matter how they felt about the cross-dressing aspect. The sort of queries you might expect, except that it went on for s and s. By the time I drove us home Linda was beaming like one of those happy clappy Mormons you get calling at the door. Though oddly she was silent the whole return trip. What it meant was that she had consented to us spending a week at The Hotel. I would get the opportunity to live out my fantasy. The only proviso from Miss Evans was that I had to lose a stone.

Linda looked stunning. I had never seen her so vibrant and sexy. She had her hair styled in the latest fashion and had even lashed out on some chic new outfits. I think that she had lost a bit of weight as well. The Hotel was hard to find without precise instructions. It was Sissy maid training story wonder they had any guests found it at all.

Winding, narrow country lanes took us to the entrance of this secluded dream maker. I did not pass a single post for it. Miss Evans was there to greet us. She was a tall powerful figure. Very confidant. When I say she greeted us, I really mean that she greeted Linda. A request that made my heart skip. I coughed to attract her attention and as she turned to face me her smile fell from her lips leaving a somewhat disdainful cold sneer. It was said firmly, in a matter of fact voice that had my tummy turning in very pleasant somersaults.

And I had to use it. What a turn on.

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Just then a tall, muscular Italian looking young man in immaculate white tee shirt and blue jeans bounced down the steps towards Linda. The man confidently took her small hand and pressed it to his lips. I coughed again, pissed off at being ignored like this. After all this was my idea and I was paying for the week long stay.

Miss Evans closed her eyes as if controlling herself in a class of naughty school children. She followed as if entranced. I was not a man.

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Run along! I would catch up with Linda later; right now I set off eagerly for the back entrance. There were four of us. The youngest was around twenty the oldest around thirty five. All pretty slim, I guessed that they also had to lose weight. I say, I had to guess, because a smallish woman who introduced herself as Miss Steel greeted us.

Anyway her first command, and it was that! I thought it was delicious being ordered about by such a lovely, little woman. A sentiment, I am sure was shared by the others as we did not utter a word. We sat in a small, cold, stone room near the entrance, in expectant silence for fifteen minutes before she returned. We were ushered into a bare, drafty room where she closed and locked the outer door. Two women you would only describe as Amazons stood beside her.

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They were easily six foot. One was a dark sexy African, the other a blond Swede. They were a wet dream. They wore white leotards that really showed up their muscular, taut frames. It was as if they were on their way to a gym to do some physical exercise. A second door into the room opened and Miss Evans strode in slamming the door frighteningly behind her.

It gave me the slightly uncomfortable feeling of being trapped. Not being allowed to speak leaves you feeling very helpless. The room was a sort of self contained flat. It had a set of showers, a of beds, sofas and a desk. It did not have windows and only a few mats had been thrown over the stone floor. The only luxurious item in the room was the set of full-length mirrors running down the longest wall. They looked straight out of an up market department store. Near them was a triple wardrobe though that looked as shabby as the rest of the furnishings, which consisted simply of a sofa and a couple of well used armchairs.

A few straight-backed chairs were lined up near the desk. I felt the four of us stiffen to attention — and I must say that part of me was already stiffly at attention! You want to be maids and you will be maids. This will not be a game. This will be the real thing Sissy maid training story watch yourselves!

Is that clear?

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Miss Evans caught him with a slap across his face like a whip crack. He collapsed to the floor holding his face. This time the four of us simply nodded, wide eyed. I noticed that the two Amazons were grinning and the African one was licking her lips. I was now quite scared. I felt ensnared.

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