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If you are using a proxy or an archive this is probably what you want so just continue although some functions and formatting may be inoperative. The following story is fiction about CP. The story contains scenes of spanking.

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If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor i. I was inspired by this unattributed image I found on the web. You can enlarge it with a mouse over or a touch on the thumbnail image; click to download. This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. The author would appreciate your comments — pro and con, including constructive criticism and suggestions. Please take a moment to. YLeeCoyote juno. Julian was not a happy almost fourteen-year-old boy.

Both Melissa, his year younger sister, and he had just been told that they were going to visit with their Aunt Jacquline for three weeks while their parents were on a trip. Julian could not keep his mouth shut even though both his parents were already quite angry. He continued to argue totally ignoring all the warning s that his parents had reached their limits. It came as Sissy spanking stories total shock when his father stood up and grabbed him by arm roughly.

Melissa knew what was about to happen and was looking forward to the show.

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Julian was slow to react as his father easily opened his belt and jeans. These together with his tightie-whities were quickly yanked down to his ankles. Melissa noted that he still was a little boy with a bald little pee-pee. Of course, his pitiful begging was useless as Dad sat and pulled the half-naked boy over his lap. He pressed down while holding the wrist forcing the boy down onto the sofa seat. It was only then that he commenced the spanking. Melissa was amazed at how loud her brother could yell and how fast his bottom turned bright red as their furious father spanked hard.

Their mother was concerned, however, and dug into her bag to extract her hairbrush. Her joy runneth over when he was bawling. When the spanking was over, Melissa was told to help her brother to bed making sure he peed so he would not wet the bed. Once in his bedroom Sissy spanking stories removed his shirt and socks and then took the compliant boy into the bathroom to wash his face and make sure that he peed. Then she put him to bed. Along with a good night she told him the obvious — that he had brought it all on himself by being incredibly stupid.

A few days later the two were taken to their Aunt Jacquline for the three-week visit. Melissa was quite happy about it because Auntie and she liked each other and somehow found things to do together. Additionally, there were a couple of girls her age who were neighbors that she Sissy spanking stories play with.

Julian was not unexpectedly unhappy because of his dislike of Auntie and lack of boys his age to play with. It was the fourth day that it happened. Julian did not get everything he wanted instantly and did what is best described as throwing a temper tantrum appropriate for a little. His Aunt was definitely not pleased and that made her decide to punish the boy. Auntie was a large powerful lady and since the boy was hysterical managed to undress him completely in short order. Since that embarrassed him and he tried to cover his small immature boyhood, she found it easier to dress him as a little girl than it would have been otherwise.

He was even crying just as if he had been spanked.

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In many ways this punishment was worse than being spanked for he would have to wear the horrible and ridiculous outfit for a full day. And if he was any more trouble, that time would be extended. Nor was he permitted to hide in the bedroom not that would help since he shared it with his sister. He was permitted to play with Melissa and to read. Sissy spanking stories soon encountered Melissa while Auntie was busy. He was dreading this but knew that it was going to happen sooner or later. She was smiling perhaps or was that a smirk or an evil grin. In any case she was enjoying his misery.

He wished that the floor would open up and he would disappear forever into the abyss but that did not happen. Instead she walked right over to him and made tight eye contact. Julian was horrified that she would do and say such things but deep inside he feared that she spoke the truth. Words also failed him and he could not run so he just stood there like a dummy holding his teddy bear and sobbing with his kid sister in control.

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Remember what Dad said. It is entirely up to you. This was all a surprise to Julian. He was having trouble thinking clearly while wearing a dress, sobbing and being held by his stiff willy. Waiting more than two weeks for a spanking sounded doubly dreadful. Getting spanked by his kid sister was certainly dreadful also. To be honest she was not thinking about his suffering by waiting but her own joy in spanking him on her own. Who could know where that might lead to?

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It certainly would set a precedent. He followed along meekly. Once there she quickly got her hairbrush and sat on his bed. You have been a very naughty boy and it is now time for your spanking.

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She took hold of the waistband Sissy spanking stories the panties and quickly lowered them. Melissa started with some hand SPANKS and happily saw his sissy bottom start to turn pink and most excitingly saw her handprints on his bottom. She did not forget to lecture him about his misdeeds. Then she switched to the hairbrush. She remembered how she whacked him very hard with her parents watching but restrained herself this time so as not to scare him off.

She stopped soon after he was crying properly. She parked him in the corner but did not bother pinning up his dress as it was so short. Melissa was most pleased with herself. Spanking big brother was ever so satisfying and she hoped to do it a lot in the future. Your comments are appreciated. ASSTR needs your help to continue to provide the infrastructure that allows you to read the zillions of stories that have been posted here.

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Sissy spanking stories

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