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for Free! Score 4. Legendary Story. Published 8 years ago. About 5 years ago, I was home watching TV when my sister in law called and said she was coming by to catch up on a few shows we had on DVR. This was not out of the ordinary for her as she was always stopping by from time to time.

It was a cold weekend, and I was hoping to watch some football or a movie. Sarah arrived, and I offered her something to eat and drink. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and went to the living room while she was already comfortable on the couch. I saw completely up to her bra covered breasts. As she bent over, she wiggled her butt just a little longer than she had to.

She has incredibly pouty full lips, blue eyes, 34DD boobs, and a nice ass. Also, interesting to note, our flirtations had grown over the past several years. She had become a more permanent fixture around our house, which was fine with me. For the past few months though, I noticed that her hand would linger a little longer than necessary at times. She had also make a point of giving me longer than normal hugs. I loved feeling her big tits pressed against my chest. Again, pretty innocent stuff, and my wife was none the wiser of our harmless flirtations.

Back to the story…. She giggled slightly and darted to her side of the couch, opened her water bottle, took a swig and then proceeded to pull up the shows she had missed on our DVR. About 10 minutes passed and she paused the show and said that that particular episode was boring. I agreed and we d watching. She was rubbing her shoulders as if she was in pain, and then a series of events began to unfold. This was not a complete surprise as I had rubbed her back and shoulders before and it was no big deal.

Most of the time, there were kids running through the room or my Sister in law massage stories was sitting nearby. So, I agreed and assumed her regular position of sitting down on the floor in front of me while I stayed seated on the couch. I had to scoot up a bit to get better leverage and she took the opportunity to lean back as my hands went to work on her neck and shoulders. We both sort of watched the show, and I looked out our big bay window and noticed that snow had begun to fall. As I worked on the knot with one hand, my other hand began to rub up and down her back.

Gently at first and gradually pressed my palm more firmly up and down her back. All of our innocent flirtations were probably lost on her. Or Sister in law massage stories they? I looked outside again and noticed that the snow was getting more intense and began covering the driveway and streets more quickly than I had seen in a few years.

All of a sudden, the phone rang. It was probably a good thing as I had started to let my mind wander a bit further into the fantasy of potentially being with my sister in law, and I was hoping, sort of, that the phone call would snap me back into reality before my sister in law busted me.

Little did I know, the phone call would only help my fantasy become a reality. I leaned over to the coffee table to grab the phone. As I continued the conversation with wife, I was eyeing Sarah. She was resting her elbows and hands on my knees. She gently ran her hand down the sides of my legs, as I tried to concentrate on what my wife was saying. I was surprised and a almost a bit giddy. She let me know that she and the kids were going to just stay where they were.

So Dave and Amy offered for her and the girls to stay there for the night. Okay honey. You guys have a good time too. Talk to you later…bye. However, you could still see the bulge in my shorts. I noticed Sarah sneaking peaks at is as she talked to me.

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I pretended not to notice but I finally looked down at the tent I had made and giggled a bit. Sarah looked away, but we both knew that she was looking at me. Think you can behave yourself? Sarah moaned very lightly, as I knew that I had found her pressure point. My left hand returned to rubbing up and down her back with long strokes. My other hand ed in and she leaned forward to grant my full access to her back.

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When she did her shirt rose up a bit, exposing her delicate skin to me. Also I could see the top of her butt crack and white flowery panties. My cock began to wake up again with this sight, and for a moment I became lost, as my mind raced to Sister in law massage stories of all the things I wanted to do with my sister in law. She seemed so innocent, yet looked so sexy, and basically, she was giving me the green light to take it further. I continued with long strokes up and down the left and right of her spine. From her shoulder blades to the top of her jeans, I allowed my fingers to gently linger and brush between the waistband of her panties, skin and upper buttocks.

As I worked my way from her shoulders to the edge, one of my fingers gently slipped into the top of her crack. It sent shivers down her spine and she jolted against me which caused my cock to grow even more. She held herself there for a few moments. As I continued, I could feel the hooks of her bra digging into her skin. She squirmed a few times through my strokes and I could tell that they were bothering her. Feeling bolder, I let my hands slip under her shirt and I quickly unhooked the clasps that held her huge mounds in place. I felt the fabric relax.

In my mind I knew that this was the point of no return. I could feel the blood rushing more and more to my cock, and I knew that there was no turning back. I was infused with lust for this girl and needed to be with her. But, I also wanted this interlude to last as long as possible, as it might be my only chance. I then became consumed with making this an event that neither of us would soon forget.

The metal hooks, free from digging into her skin, being replaced by my hands. Sarah never protested, so I continued my long strokes up and down her back. Her shirt rode up more in the back that allowed a better view of her smooth and silky skin and the top of her cotton, flowery panties. Her skin was so soft and supple. I relished smoothing her goose bumps as my hands explored her back. My hand was nestled between her shoulder, the strap and her shirt. I felt her hand go up the front side of her shirt and she guided my hand to the right spot.

As I continued to rub, I felt her slip her bra over her shoulders under her shirt and casually laid it on the floor beside her. It was all I could do to not rip her clothes off right there, but I Sister in law massage stories myself that I wanted this to last.

My cock, now straining more and more against my shorts, had become even more swollen and I could feel the pre-cum oozing from its tip leaving a small damp spot on the fabric. The sight of her bra on the floor reminded me of being in high school, and seeing my girlfriend remove her bra and hand it to me one night when her parents were away for the weekend.

I felt like a school kid again for a second, and I think that was the allure of this interlude. It was the thought of potentially being caught. The fact that I was attached to, of all people, her sister, seemed to make this even more forbidden and exciting in the same breath. She placed her hand on my knee as I allowed my hands, still under her shirt, to drift to the side, to feel the glorious sides of each orb of her breasts. My hand lingered, and I pretended to rub her sides trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, but I found my right hand slowly drifting forward.

Part of me was still in partial shock at how far she Sister in law massage stories allowed us to go. Half of me was waiting for her to turn and smack me away, the other half of me relished being allowed to do this with my sister in law. She was younger, and I assumed less experienced but the excitement was heavy in the air. I felt her gasp slightly, as my hands finally reached the boundary of her areolas.

I softly traced a circle around one of them gently. I waited for a protest from her but it never came. If anything, her gentle moans welcomed my advances more and more. She wanted this to happen too. My other hand followed suit, as they ran underneath the weighty orbs and down to her belly. I could feel the nubs of her nipples grow harder as I gently caressed them between my fingers and then back down across her belly. I continued this pattern a few times as she rubbed her hand through my hair.

The skin of her belly was smooth and inviting. She was perfectly proportioned as my hand slipped down across her belly button to the tops of her jeans. My fingers fumbled for a second against the top button, but managed to unfasten and unzip them in one fluid motion.

I could almost feel a wave of heat being released from her pants, as my hand gingerly slid the contraption down. I gently reached for the waistband of her panties and slid two fingers between the fabric as I felt how smoothly shaven her pussy was. My hands returned to her belly and breasts. I leaned forward as her hands wrapped around my head. She brushed her long hair back exposing her ear to me. I breathed gently near and then sucked her lobe inside my mouth. My hands moved to her sides and slipped inside her jeans. I forced them down and she took the hint and pulled herself up to allow me to slip them past her hips.

She kicked her pants off, leaving the panties on. I continued sucking her ear lobe and placing tiny kisses on her neck as my hands moved up to remove her shirt. As I pulled the fabric up, she raised her hands in approval, allowing me to gently remove it from her body. Sarah was nearly naked sitting right in between my legs. She turned but I stopped her. It took every bone in my body not to pick her up, yank off her panties and slip my cock inside her right then and there.

I figured this may be a one-time only deal and I was going to enjoy it.

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