Sister shower stories

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I oversleep, it is am, I needed to wake my sister up at am to make sure she is ready for school. Still in my boxers I go into her room to wake her up, when I turn on her light I see her laying in her bed, I look at her a little bit like I always do, her sexy little body laying in bed, only with a t-shirt on, then I leave to let her wake up.

I go into the bathroom, Sister shower stories my glasses off and put in my contacts; I am about to get in the shower when I realize that Jessica might need to take a shower too. I go back to her room to ask her if she needs to take a shower.

As I go in I see that she is sitting on the edge of her bed, I can see her shaved pussy but she quickly crosses her legs. I tell her that I need a shower before work and then ask her if she needs to take one too.

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She answers yes, so joking around I ask her if she minds if we take a shower together. Right away she answers no, that she wouldn't mind.

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Over the years, sharing one bathroom we have seen each other naked many times; it is common for one of us to come in while the other is in the shower to use the toilet, etc. We go into the bathroom, I take off my boxers get in the shower and turn the water on. Through the curtain I can see her put her arms up as she takes off her shirt. I start to look at her small A-cup breasts and small little nipples but she looks up at me so I look away.

She then goes over to the toilet and sits down. The noise of her peeing really starts to turn me on, but I try to ignore it and start to wash my hair. As I am rinsing the soap out of my hair she opens the curtain up, I look over at her, totally naked, small nice breasts, and shaved pussy. I back up some in the shower to let her have some water. As Sister shower stories gets in I see that she has her razor and shaving gel so I ask her if she has enough time to shave, she responds telling me that she shaved her legs yesterday and that she only needs to get her pits and vagina.

She starts to shampoo her hair, and standing behind her looking at her small, hot little ass I really start to get to get hard. After she puts the shampoo in her hair, she takes a wash cloth and starts to wash her body; watching her just gets me even harder.

Then she takes the razor and starts to shave her armpits, by this time I am rock hard but she doesn't know because I am standing behind her. Then aims the shower head to the side and takes some Sister shower stories and starts to lather up her pussy. By this point I can't take it any longer, I come up behind her and hug her and kiss her neck. I put my hands down to her pussy and start to rub the shaving gel around. I move my hands up some, rubbing her belly as my hard dick is touching her on the back.

As I start to rub her breast and play with her nipples I tell her I want to see her shave, so I look down over her shoulder; she doesn't mind at all. As she starts to shave above her pussy I start to play with her nipples and kiss her shoulder some. As she moves down to shave around her pussy I start to rub the inside of her thighs and rub my cock on her back harder.

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When she is done she aims the shower head back then starts to rub her clit and puts her head back onto me. I take her hand and move it away telling her that I will worry about her, she just has to worry about me; at the same time I am rubbing my cock up and down on her back.

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I start to kiss her neck and rub around her pussy. She puts her hand up on her breast and rubs as I start to rub her clit. I hook my finger into her tight pussy while I rub her clit faster and faster. I back up a little, pulling her back with me and the water from the shower head start hitting her in her groin, as she moans more and more I start to finger her and let the water hit her in her clit.

As I am kissing her neck and fingering her faster she has a orgasm. After we hug and I hold her up some as she regains herself she puts her little hands behind her back and starts to rub my cock.

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She spins around aiming at me and puts some soap in her small little hands with a little bit of finger nail polish left on them. She starts to stroke me with two hands, sometimes rubbing my balls. As she is stroking me she gets up on her tippy toes and kisses me on the lips. Her little hands moving faster and faster, looking down, seeing her Sister shower stories, her shaved pussy and her hands rubbing my cock gets me even harder.

As I get close to cumming she gets down on her knees and starts to rub my cock around her nipples stroking me slowly. I quickly cum on to her chest, and she gets up. I start to suck on her nipples and licking the cum off. She puts her hands on my head as I kiss her chest and tells me she doesn't want to be late for school. We get out of the shower and dry off; I am still looking at her sexy little body. We go back to our rooms and get dressed Later when I drop her off at school she gives me a kiss and tells me how much fun she had and that she wants to do it again sometime You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story.

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Sister shower stories

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