Sisters first time story

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The following story is based around the night I discovered the true beauty of one of my younger sisters. It is a work of fiction. Firstly, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Richard; I am a 22 year old trainee building surveyor and attend university on a part time basis, whilst working for an Architectural Company.

I'm about 5'11", with an average build body, very short brown hair and brown eyes.

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During the summer, I was invited to my parents who, along with my two sisters Paula; aged 20, and Anna; aged 18, and my little brother Thomas who is 7, were holidaying in southern Spain. My parents had rented a large two storey villa off a family friend; a few miles from the coast. The villa was big enough so that we all had separate bedrooms, on the first floor, with a single large shared bathroom, and a separate bathroom to my parent's room.

On the ground floor there was a very large open plan living and dining room, a large kitchen, and various other store and utility rooms. We had a private courtyard and swimming pool, and the geography of the surroundings meant the villa and grounds became a sun trap in the afternoon and evenings. We were having a fantastic time, hanging around the pool sunbathing and swimming, or down at the beach, and it was great to spend some quality time with my family, just catching up on what was happening back home, as I really didn't see them as much as I should since moving out of the family home.

In the second week of the holiday, after an especially hot and sunny day, night time became unbearable. It was about in the morning, and it was stiflingly Sisters first time story and very humid. The temperature must have still been at least 30 degrees in my room. There was no ceiling fan, and despite having the windows open fully, there was no breeze to cool me down either.

I wasn't really all that tired, so getting any decent sleep was going to be pretty much impossible. Earlier that evening, after my brother had gone to bed, we'd had a few drinks by the pool; some more than others I hadn't drunk anywhere near as much, but my head was still buzzing slightly. I kept drifting off to sleep briefly, before waking up again, tossing and turning, my body soaked through in sweat.

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All my attempts at trying to get comfortable were in vain. I think it must have been the heat and the humidity, in conjunction with my lack of tiredness, but as I just lay on my back, my mind began to wonder, and I began to feel horny. My cock started to get really stiff, and I knew then that I wasn't going to get any sleep at all. So I decided to get up and get a drink, and maybe then go to the bathroom to fix my problem! I quietly got up off my bed and crept downstairs to the kitchen, and got an ice cold drink from the fridge.

As there were ceiling fans down there, it was nowhere near as hot my bedroom, and I started to cool down a just little. Soon my raging erection had subsided; helped maybe partially because I was also nervous someone would come downstairs, even though Sisters first time story seemed as though the others had managed to get to sleep.

Feeling a little more comfortable, I quietly crept back upstairs, to attempt again to get some sleep. As I walked by my sister Paula's room at the end of the stair landing, on the way to my own room next door, I heard some quiet, muffled noises coming from behind her door. I noticed that the door to her room had not been closed fully, so I figured I would take a listen to make sure she was okay. She was probably suffering the after effects of too much alcohol. As I listened, I could hear her breathing heavily, moaning, and occasionally making soft whimpering sounds.

After a moments thought, I had a pretty good idea of what she might be doing in there, but I wasn't absolutely sure I knew then that my sister was masturbating. I had always thought Paula was pretty Paula is about 5'4" with a slightly skinny, but still very healthy figure. The more I thought about her now in my mind, I concluded that; yes, after seeing her in her bikinis over the last week or so, she did have a very nice body; with a perky little backside, and nice 32B sized breasts, which were in perfect proportion to her slender frame.

She has straight light brown hair reaching down to just below her shoulders, and big brown eyes. I knew for a fact that she was still a virgin. So was my other sister. Listening to her soft moans, and her obvious writhing around on her bed, had caused my cock to instantly become painfully stiff again under my boxer shorts. At first I felt a little guilty and disgusted with myself, that I was getting turned on by listening to my sister pleasuring herself, but as I continued to listen Sisters first time story another minute or so, the heat and humidity of the night was getting to me, and my head began pounding.

I slowly pushed open the door and walked forward into her dim room. As soon as I entered, I caught the strong, spicy odour of female musk in the hot humid air inside the room. It took her a few seconds, but as she finally noticed me standing there in the doorway, she instantly scrambled about trying to cover up, but to no avail.

She quickly covered her breasts with one arm, and placed her other hand over her crotch. In a shocked state she quietly shrieked, "Richard? Get out now. I wanted to make sure you were okay. Are you alright? I'm fine. I just couldn't sleep, that's all. As I stood there, I became aware that Paula was no longer making any effort to cover herself up anymore, and had removed her arm from over her breasts. I stared over at her, without saying another word. I couldn't; I was speechless. I watched her, as she gradually started to slide her hands back between her legs.

Did she think the room was darker than it actually was? Did she not realise that I could see exactly what she was doing? Was she still drunk? I stood like a statue, watching silently as she slowly bent her knees upwards, put her feet on the bed, and spread her legs a little more, allowing me a wonderful view of her wet pussy because of the position I was standing. My eyes by now had fully adjusted to the dim light in her room.

I saw her delicately skim her fingers up and down over slit, and she quietly muttered; "A bit! I'm not tired at all. As she spoke I noticed that her eyes were in fact fixed lower on my body. She was staring directly at my obviously very erect cock, now straining for release under my boxers. I watched her as she dipped one index finger between the lips of her pussy, and began to run it up and down in the folds of her shiny pink slit, stopping as she reached her swollen clitoris.

The heady perfume of her hot pussy was driving me insane, and I moved further forward into the room, close to her bed, and surveyed her body up and down. Paula squirmed around on the bed as I looked on, and she totally stunned me when unexpectedly she asked if I wanted to her, "So we can watch each other while we both masturbate.

Seeing the look of obvious astonishment appear on my face, she giggled. I know exactly what you're going to be doing if you go back to your room. It will make it more exciting, won't it? Although I knew it was totally wrong, it was like I was in a daze, and I seemed to have no control over my actions. The heat of the night, and the sight that lay out on the bed in front of me made me so horny.

I wasn't thinking straight at all. I slowly nodded my head in agreement, before replying, "This is mad! If we do this we have to really quiet. Turning around, I gently walked over and closed the door, and made doubly sure Sisters first time story it was locked shut behind me. I walked back across her room and gently sat down on the bed beside her.

Without any further thought I began to slowly rub my rigid cock through my boxer shorts. I looked over at her by my side, through the dimness of the night, as she continued to slide her finger across her soaking pussy. She giggled, as she got up off the bed and walked across the room totally naked, before flicking on the light switch.

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One ceiling light illuminated the room with a low yellow glow. In the low light I could see her much more clearly. I watched her intensely as she walked back towards the bed, without making any attempt to cover any part of her nakedness from my roaming eyes. Her face and cheeks were flushed red with the heat and her obvious excitement. Her whole body was covered in fine be of sweat, giving a subtle sheen to her skin. She looked so damn sexy. Her breasts were firm. Her nipples were now erect. Her skinny stomach was flat and taught, with defined muscle tone.

Sisters first time story

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