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A Treasure Coast couple was supposed to be raising her and protecting her, but instead they forced the teen to be their sex slave. The young woman's mother had died, and at 13, she came to live at a home in Port St. Lucie with Rob and Marie Johnson.

The woman said for the next five years, she was subject to constant sexual abuse. She was to refer to Rob Johnson as "master. During the day, things would be normal, the woman said. But what went on behind closed doors was not.

I had no one. I was there because I had no one. Turning 18, she finally got out of her situation. Then two years ago, and now living in the Midwest, she overcame her fear and went to police.

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To not be afraid and to be open about it. In March, a judge sentenced Rob Johnson to 87 consecutive life terms on his sexual battery convictions. Marie Johnson was supposed to be sentenced Monday, but there was a last-minute change. Sentencing will now take place Friday. The victim was going to speak in person at the sentencing, but will still share her message.

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She could have stopped it. She had kids of her own. Actions Facebook Tweet. Woman kept as sex slave by Treasure Coast couple shares her story Orphaned as a teen; abused for 5 years. By: Jon Shainman. On Monday, in a Port St.

Lucie park, the now year-old woman recounted the nightmare. Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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Woman kept as sex slave by Treasure Coast couple shares her story