Slime inflation story

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General Rating. Download Submission. Like noone's stuff? Support them by sending some Shinies their way! File type : Acrobat Portable Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Russ's Slime Adventure. Falling autumn leaves musting away on the ground, ripening fruit trees hidden amongst the vibrant hues of the forest… the occasional whiff of a funny mushroom. For Russ, his nose was in heaven with all these new scents to explore. The woods were quiet and peaceful. Adventurers likely found something like this boring, but for Russ, it was a good practice for travelling and walking the land… although to be honest he was spending quite a lot of time just following an unusual scent to its destination.

Russ nodded to himself and continued onwards. A new scent caught his nose and he drew his sword from its scabbard. It was a mere 2 foot blade, and though it was fine sharpened steel, it dawned on Russ that perhaps he should have brought a different weapon to deal with things that were more than two feet away. He grumbled at his brain for not realizing this sooner but carried on nonetheless towards the source of the new smell. Russ entered a grove of unusually low hanging branches; weeping willows held their branches down low, creating almost curtains of rich blazing colors between small clearings.

He pushed through them, careful not to cut the branches with his shortsword as he pushed through; not only would that potentially ruin his blade with tree sap, it could also anger a protective spirit, and a grove this serene seemed like it would be the place for one to lurk.

In the center of the spring, resting just outside the bubbling water, a lily was growing from the water. A large, bright green pad absorbed sunlight, and from it, a small blossom was emitting miniscule pollen granules. The unusual thing about this lily was the various rich colors that composed its petals.

Slime inflation story full cycle of color ran around the flower, no two petals being the same shade but all together were a rich gradient from red to green Slime inflation story blue and back to red again. The scent was prismatic as well! One moment it was sweet lilac and daffodil, the next it was freshly cut grass and suddenly it was roasted coffee and vanilla. Russ noticed a small stream of liquid pooling in the base of the flower.

His curiosity peaked; the smell was definitely coming from it. If it was nectar, it had an almost honey-like consistency to it as he prodded a fuzzy finger into the surface.

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The smell was changing constantly, but it had yet to turn to any foul smells, and so Russ licked the damp patch on his finger. It smelled nice but the taste was bitter and incredibly strong. Russ spat out the bit Slime inflation story nectar. Oh well. It still got points for pretty look and interesting smell. A sound caught his attention and he turned around to the sight of the noise on an ear twitch. A small blob of ooze had emerged from the brush; it had a similar burnished orange to the autumn colors and Russ had missed it as he passed by. It was perhaps only the size of a basketball and was inching slowly towards the spring.

Russ realized that the little slime had zero interest in him and rather was headed for the flower. As the slime passed over the ground, the grass seemed to be drained of all its color and substance as it headed for the flower. Oh no, it was going to eat the flower! Russ felt strangely protective over the little blossoming lily; he had never seen it before and this slime was going to ruin it! Besides, he was an adventurer at least in training and an adventurer never abandons anyone or anything in need of rescue.

ALSO… thought Russ to himself as he brought his sword back to swing it at the slime… this would be an easy way to be a hero and practice for real fights. The edge of his shortsword sunk into the surface of the orange slime and sliced a horrible gash in it, cleaving the basketball sized glob into two pieces that were almost even in size. A bright citrusy scent filled the air as he struck down the evil ooze ball in triumph….

At least until he realized that the wounded slime was simply reforming into two smaller slimes. Huhh… Russ swung again and cleaved one of the remaining blobs and ended up with three, all inching towards the spring. How small could these little globs go and still be complete slimes? Russ swung again and again, until he was looking at what seemed to be two dozen slimes, ranging in size from a small key lime all the way to one grapefruit sized one. They all remained steadfast in their march across the clearing to the spring and Russ swung again at the smallest one.

The tiny slime splatted into nothingness and let out a sound almost like a shriek. All the remaining blobs froze in place and Russ could have sworn he saw them turning around to face him with their featureless, shimmering gelatin bodies. The silence following that little pitiful shriek was incredibly deafening. The blobs began to return to the largest, causing it to reform and swell up back to its original basketball-like size. Russ continued to back away slowly as the slime split in half slowly, revealing a goopy looking mouth formed from its body.

Russ shook off the ooze and suddenly felt a rumbling coming from the ground. What in the world…? A large thud landed behind Russ and the canine jumped, turning around to see a bright green slime behind him the size of a pillow.

He did not have long to see it as the Slime inflation story bounded for him, attaching to his chest and swirling up to engulf his head. The world turned green and blurry through the gelatinous body of the slime but it quickly started to fade away as his mouth and subsequently his belly was rapidly invaded by the excited ooze. Russ could do little more than yelp and run, but he was not being held down, merely blinded and stuffed with ooze. He felt his paw connect with a root and tumbled forward, landing with a yip on his tummy.

It already felt engorged and swollen as the last of the green apple Slime inflation story slime swirled down his throat, but the rumbling continued. Russ scrambled to pull himself to his paws, feeling a slosh and sway in his stuffed tummy, and heard the impact of another slime falling from the canopy of the woods. He panicked and started to struggle, but the slime was quite small, merely the size of an apple, and was funneling down his throat before he really had time to register the event.

He had to watch the boughs of the trees where now he could see them. Ooze emerging from the canopies and trying to plunge down on him, unable to chase far but as he had seen, quite effective if they caught him. Russ charged through the woods, but the weight of the two slimes in his belly was working against him.

They were already gurgling and wriggling and he was getting exhausted from fleeing with no direction at all. Russ stopped for just a moment to catch his breath and look up. Huh… no more slime around? Had he outrun them? No more rumbling and the only sound was the digestive juices of his tummy starting to work on the ooze he had already swallowed.

Still, he leaned against the trunk of a tree and took a moment. He could hear a creek running nearby and all this sweet gelatin had made him somewhat thirsty.

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He stumbled Slime inflation story the the water, feeling the slimes continue their jiggling and wobbling, and bent down to lap up some of the creek. Russ pulled away from the creek with a yelp as the creek came with him!! The instant his tongue hit the creek he tastes a powerful orange juicy flavor as the creek began to harden into a gelatinous ooze and leap up into his mouth!

The clear water turned orange and his eyes travelled up the stream to see the source; a massive blob of various slimes! Russ pulled but the creek behind him wrapped around his legs and pulled him onto the ground as the ooze in his mouth seemed to be tugging him closer to the core of the slimes, as if it had anchored himself in his mouth.

Russ dug in his claws into the ground and grasped at a tree trunk to wrap his Slime inflation story around it as he was pulled along. Russ wriggled as the hose-like tendril of ooze began to pump him full of more goop at an alarming rate. His gut trembled and then began to blimp outwards, bursting buttons off his shirt one-by-one as it grew and grew. In desperation, the canine slashed at the tendril with his blade and severed through it, spraying him with what felt like another gallon of slime as the remaining half of the tendril bolted down his throat and came to rest in his beachball sized belly.

Russ struggled to his paws, feeling his gut weigh down on him as he wobbled away. He was feeling so full and stuffed, it was getting harder and harder to stagger forward as- Another rustle from the bushes interrupted Russ as a large yellow glob of ooze bounced out of the bushes. Oooof… he was already feeling painfully stuffed as that little mouthful caused his tummy to groan and gurgle dangerously. Russ moaned in stuffed exhaustion and tried to cleave through the slime, but as his shortsword made contact with the ooze, it became stuck fast.

The lemon slime began to ooze up the blade and Russ panicked, trying to pull it free but soon his wrist was engulfed and it began its journey up his arm. Russ pulled and tugged, only succeeding at weakening his already damaged balance as he landed back on his rump with a THUD. The lemon slime rose up over him like a wave and Russ cried out in terror, only to be quickly silenced by the slamming of ooze down his throat, causing his poor brown tummy to stretch and grow massively. He attempted a weak whimper as the lemon ooze continued to chug itself down into his tummy as it began to rise up through his fading overstuffed vision.

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Slime inflation story

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