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A gripping collection that draws on the Argentinian military dictatorship to mix daylight horrors with supernatural shocks. If you want to wince, flinch, and momentarily panic when you switch on a light, this is a book for you. To reimagine the subjects in accordance with our realities, to include indigenous mythologies, local urban legends, pagan saints, local murderers, the violence we live with, the social problems we suffer. They were disappeared.

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In less explicit ways, this repression seems to lie at the root of several other stories. Some have bruises that have stayed fresh for years. The other part of the book that will stay with me is its depiction of male violence against women.

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When she asks to see the tape, he decides not to give it to her and swears he will never return to her house. Following his voyeurism, this act of withholding is the final cruel detail in a story that powerfully captures the isolation and abandonment abused women often suffer.

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Short stories. Chris Power.

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Smoking stories fiction

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