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Hi friends, I am Kumar. I am living in Hyderabad. I am a great fan of ISS. I have recently started reading sex stories and would like to share one of my experiences which happened in a bus around 10 years ago when I was going to my hometown. I apologize for any mistakes and for the length of the story. Women who want to contact me can contact me at [ protected] Please share your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Looking for a date as I am not at all satisfied with my wife. She lacks interest in sex. Privacy guaranteed. Things are going so bad with her in bed that I have to leave her or go out for dates with some random people. So am in search for women who are willing to go on a date with me. No strings attached. I was living in Hyderabad at that time. Later moved to Bangalore and again back to Hyderabad. Anyway coming to the story. Once I was visiting my hometown which is nearby Vijayawada.

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It was around 9 PM when I reached Vijayawada. I had a 3 bags of luggage with me. My bags were heavy. I got into a bus in the bus stand, got my luggage on the bus with some struggle. The bus was already filled up with other passengers.

I found a seat beside the window seat, which was a two seater. The bus was full and we started our journey. In the next stop, some more people ed in. A lady around 30 — 33 yrs got in. She was amazing. She came and stood near my seat.

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From the back door, an old man came and stood near my seat. I gave my seat to the old person and stood behind the sexy lady. The bus was crowded now. We were close to each other.

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Let me describe her figure. She had big firm boobs, she was white in color. I could see she had firm round boobs from the side.

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I could see her navel which was deep and sexy. Her sexy figure was mesmerizing me. The driver applied sudden break and I leaned on her. In the process, my dick touched her back which was hard by then. As the bus was fully crowded, in order to give way to him I had to lean on her to give conductor way. There was no visible emotion in her. I moved back and the conductor crossed me. In order to avoid physical contact with the conductor I thought so she moved back.

She was leaning completely on me. She was there in that position for nearly a min or so. I was out of this world. In the meantime, we have reached another stop and the person in the window seat beside the old man got down. I asked the lady to take the seat, but she declined politely and asked to sit. I thought I had missed a great opportunity to see her cleavage. Hesitatingly I sat beside the old man.

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The conductor started coming to the back door again. She moved and stood exactly near my right shoulder. Her pussy was close to my shoulder. As the conductor was passing her she leaned onto me.

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Her pussy over her sari was touching my shoulder. I shoulder was nearly between her legs. It was like she was sitting on my shoulder. She stayed like that for a moment and moved back as the conductor had gone back and people were seeing her suspiciously. After a while, she was again leaning onto my shoulder. I took some courage and put my left hand on my Soft core sex stories shoulder as if I was itchy over there.

She leaned again and her pussy was touching my left hand which was on my shoulder. I kept my hand in that position for a while. She started slowly moving her pussy up and down. I was like massaging her pussy over her saree.

Suddenly there was some smell coming from her pussy. I understood that she had cum already. This continued for a while, she moved back. Adjusted her sari and moved towards the front gate. I could see drops of cum over the floor of the bus. I think she was not wearing any panty that day. As she was going towards the front door. She saw back towards me and gave me a smile. It was as if she was inviting me to her.

She kept seeing me even after getting down of the bus. I thought of going after her. The bus moved on. I would like to thank that sexy lady for allowing me to touch her pussy at least over her sari. At least if I would have known that she was getting down at that stop I would have managed to follow her or at least get her contact info.

I remember each and every moment as if it had happened just yesterday. Thank you for your patience. I apologize for that. Any ladies who want to meet me can mail me at [ protected] I am a married man but can consider me as a bachelor as my wife is afraid of having sex. I have tried a lot but no use. So request ladies to mail me with your suggestions and in case if you want to have a memorable experience with me. What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2. If you're on ISSstories.

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