Soggy biscuit stories

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for Free! Have you played "Soggy Biscuit"? I have better places to shoot my spunk. I gotta cookie full of cum for you, darlin' Have you ever played the game called "Soggy Biscuit", or would you, if you had the opportunity? Basically, a group of l wank over a cookie, and the last one to cum on it has to eat it. Personally, I think it's a waste of a nommy cookie, but then, I never nommed cum, so I don't know if it's just like gooey icing or not. Many thanks for your replies, if you give any. Ut incepit fidelis, sic permanet. It's biscuit Bukkake!! Nothing to see here Not into group games to begin with and this Quote by Mazza It's biscuit Bukkake!!

Bwahahahahaha You need to trademark this, and we'll throw it into the next Soggy biscuit stories. I see LM being the star of the scene. Quote by CurlyGirly You need to trademark this, and we'll throw it into the next story. You know he won't eat it, right? Unless we can get the girls to squirt on it first Oh god, I totally threw up in my mouth a bit there Blech Still laughing at bucookie though.

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Quote by Mazza You know he won't eat it, right? Blech Still laughing at bucookie though Of course he won't, unless maybe it's girl juice!! Too late! Sorry, Shylass! I'll go away now.

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Oh fuck it Daisy, you've just ruined cookies for me forever. I know this is ask the guys, but just no. Why would anyone want to do this? Never have done it purely for pleasure. But during rush week it was part of our "torture". They made us do it with 6 guys and the last one had to eat the cookie. Also just like on the show about the football players I forget what the name was now but starred Darin Brooks -- we had to race with an oreo cookie pressed between our buttocks.

If you dropped your cookie you had to stop, pick it up, and start all over. The loser of the race had to eat all the cookies. There were 12 of us in the race. Thankfully I didn't lose either one.

Soggy biscuit stories

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Soggybiscuit Stories