Son blackmail mom sex stories

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I was a young boy with all the normal urges and was attracted to girls and the like, but I never did anything remotely sexual apart from masturbation. At the time, my father was in Germany for a short period and my elder sister was away at a college camp. I had just come back from my school. Due to a power failure at school, we were asked to go home early. I had a key to the house and entered abruptly inside.

I heard no sound so I just went into my room. I changed into my home clothes and was thinking of visiting the toilet for having a wash. My mother was totally naked, though I could see her only from behind, with her long hair falling over her back.

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She had just come out from a bath and her body was still glistening from the drops of water on her body. She immediately realized that someone was in the room and screamed. She turned slightly and saw that it was me. At the same moment she realized that more of her body was being exposed. She muttered something and rushed into the toilet in embarrassment. I was shell shocked at what had just happened. Obviously my mother was casually dressing up thinking that no one was in the house.

But the whole incident shook me up. I remember that when I came out of the room, I was trembling and sweating. The rest of the day was extremely awkward. My mother refused to make any eye contact with me and I was feeling too odd to look at her anyway. All I could think of was her naked back and huge buttocks, with her tresses falling over them, and the slight glance I got of her breasts.

I realized that I was having a huge erection thinking of this and I was disturbed and confused. I tried to get my mind off her by thinking of some of my favorite babes, I even masturbated twice thinking of them to relieve the tension that was building up within me.

But at the end of it, again my mind went back right there. With great difficulty I fell asleep. The next day I woke up late and my mom came to wake me up. She was dressed in a nighty and as she bent over to wake me up, I suddenly woke up and I saw again her cleavage thru the neck of the nighty.

Now this was a sight that I might have innocently seen hundreds of times before but suddenly this took on a totally different meaning now. As I stared at her I immediately got an erection and my mom became aware what was happening and she briskly walked off. As she walked away, I realized I was staring at her backside and suddenly all the things that seemed normal, no, inificant earlier, became reasons for me to get more and more lusty.

I felt a new lusty feeling in my loins which was making me very guilty and I somehow brushed it aside. I quickly had a bath and left for school. I admire my mother though! She behaved as though nothing had happened. In the afternoon when I came back, she just served me lunch and was talking cheerfully with me.

But every word that she spoke, every movement that she made was maddening me with lust and I then decided that something must be done about it just to get this out of my system. My mother had gone to sleep in her room and I knocked on the door. My mother opened it, looking very sleepy indeed. Again her hair was loose. She was looking like an angel.

Now my mother was 38 years old, but she still looked pretty, though she was a little on the fat side. She immediately blushed and as the color rushed to her face, blood rushed to my loins! I told Son blackmail mom sex stories that I was unable to forget what happened yesterday and that I cannot get it out of my system.

I said I was sorry about the whole thing and genuinely asked if I could sleep with her in the afternoon for a small nap. She smiled and said ok. I was convinced by what my mother said and genuinely decided to forget about the whole thing.

I just lay down on the bed and tried to sleep. But that was not to be! My mom soon fell asleep. As I watched her, I saw that her chest was going up and down and her breasts were softly straining against her blouse. Her sari had come loose and her blouse was fully exposed. Again my lusty feelings resurfaced. I got closer to my mom and slept with one leg over her leg as many children often do innocently though. I then softly placed my hand over her exposed blouse and came really close to her. I lay like that for some time and soon the tension within my penis Son blackmail mom sex stories unbearable so I got a little closer to her with my entire body in touch with her and started rubbing my penis against her thigh.

I did this slowly to start with so as not to wake up my mom. But as I approached a climax, I lost control and started rubbing against her violently. My Mom woke up at this point to see me in a wild state with a hard penis rubbing against her thigh thru both our clothes. She screamed at me to stop, but nothing could stop me, I just held her tight and completed my orgasm with all my clothes on. It was the best feeling that I had ever had in my life and now that this had happened I knew that everything would be different from now on… My mom pushed me off and shouted at me for what I had done.

I tearfully begged her forgiveness but said that now I could not control my desires anymore. This went on for some time and I finally said that if that was what she had decided, then I will commit suicide, and I meant it coz I could now no longer think of living even a moment without her.

In tears, she finally relented and said that we could do this just once, but then after that if I forced her again, SHE would commit suicide… I agreed immediately and rushed forward to hug her.

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I kissed her on her cheeks and as I moved towards her lips, she resisted for a moment, but then gave in. I nearly tore of her sari and saw her now in her blouse and petticoat. Her beautiful navel was exposed and I swooped down to kiss it, at the same time fiddling with her blouse buttons.

As her blouse came off, her lovely huge breasts were nearly exposed. It was the first time I was seeing breasts and I nearly came in my clothes just seeing them. I turned her over and released the clasp of the bra. When I turned her over, I saw the most beautiful sight in the whole world. I just started sucking at them naturally as I must have done as a baby, but this was in a totally different setting.

As I sucked away, I could feel her breathing getting heavier and I knew that she was getting aroused. I now proceeded to take off her petticoat. I asked my mother to take it off herself. She refused and told me that since it is you who wants this, it will be you who will have to break the final barrier of shame. I turned over my mother and slowly pulled down the panties. As I slid it off her ankles, I again saw that sight which I saw yesterday. I started to kiss every inch of her back and came down to her large buttocks and started to lick them.

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I could see my mother twitching and squirming in arouse as my tongue drew lines down and between her buttocks. I took off all my clothes and I then slowly turned her over. As I did this, she covered her face in shame. And there it was! That supreme spot of feminity which every chaste woman covers zealously for her entire life, to be revealed only to her husband. It was now there in all its glory and the very sight of it made me come.

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This aroused her and she gave up her guard for the first time. She tenderly pulled me towards her and kissed me on my lips. At the same time, she reached out for my penis and completed the act for me…. She then smiled and asked me if I would like to see and enter that passage thru which I had come out 15 years back. I simply thrust my lusty tongue towards her vagina and started licking, kissing and sucking for all I was worth. My mom was already wet and this was obviously the first time someone did this to her including my dad as she told me later. She had an orgasm in less than a minute. She then told me to lick her butt hole.

I hated the thought for a moment but then as she turned over and revealed her beautiful backside to me all my apprehensions were gone.

Son blackmail mom sex stories

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