Sorority girl sex stories

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Hi, I am Jan and now the president of the top sorority on campus, I have to monitor our pledges to make sure they are up to our standards. They have to be great looking and smart. Did I mention that they also have to be a fantastic fuck both with men and our sisters. This is the story of my pledging.

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This year there were 8 of us left. This weekend was our first big test. It started at 9am on Saturday. We were brought into the living room and told to strip. We all did but 2 Deb and I were very slow. We were all holding their hands over our pussy and tits. The pledge master, Kim, said hands by your sides sluts. We all moved our hands. She then told us we would do what we were told with no questions and do it fast.

She looked at me and told me to go over to Deb. Since you two were the last to strip you will be the first to make each other cum. Have either of you fucked another woman. We looked at each other and said nothing. Kim said I do not expect to ask you twice. Both Deb and I said no. So you are pussy virgins. She looked at the others and asks who had done another woman. Very good ladies. You can make some of your sisters cum later. She told Deb and me to suck on each others tits and pussy.

Both of us were not sure we wanted to do this but knew we must if we wanted in. It did not take long for both of us to start feeling horny. I was about to cum I think Deb was also when Kim said enough. Both of us wanted to go on but had to stop. That was not too bad for the first time but you will have to get much better if you want to be one of us Kim said. Kim then said we need to know more about you. We already know which ones have never fucked a woman. Now we need to know who has never been fucked by a man.

Only I raised my hand. If you are not ready, you can leave now. Who allows him to cum in you? Only Ashley raised her hand. Who has not been fucked in you ass. Who has not sucked of a guy. Again only I raised my hand, Before the day is over each of you will be fucked in all of you holes several times. For your information, you all take their cum in what ever hole is Sorority girl sex stories used.

Also after they cum in you pussy, you will clean their dick with you mouth. Do any of you have a problem with this? If you do, there is the door. You could tell several were thinking about leaving, but we all wanted to be in this top sorority. As the day went on, we were made to do things like make one of the sisters cum by using toys on her. We were tied up and spanked, Our tits were pulled and nipple clamps attached.

We were made to serve lunch on our knees. About 5pm we were given a 30 minute break and Sorority girl sex stories when it was up we were going to enjoy getting fucked in front of the entire sorority. Kim suggested that we take the time to make sure our pussy were good and wet. Playing with each other would help. Kim then left. I told Ashley I not was sure I wanted to go through with this.

Ashley told me that sex was fun and she would hate for me not to get in. Ashley put her hand on my leg and leaned over and kissed me. I responded and Ashley hand moved up to my pussy. I responded and did the same. The other girls were all fingering, eating and sucking on each other. This went on for the entire time and I know I was really wet. At the end of the 30 minutes Kim came in and ask us if we were ready to become the sluts she knew were were. All said yes. Kim said now we have to see who goes first.

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She looked at me and said I think we will do the virgin first. Come over here and put on the blindfold. Blindfold, I ask. Yes each of you will be blindfolded the first time you get fucked here. Do you have a problem with that? I just said no. Kim told all of the pledges that they were to say nothing. Then she told me that your man will here in a sec. I did not know at the time but this was a big black man with an 8 to 9 inch dick. I could hear the pledges all take in a deep breath but none said anyting.

Kim said this is Bob and he is going to fuck the hell out of you. He will not be gentle so I hope you cunt is good and wet. I felt his hands on my legs and then his cock pushing at my pussy. Kim told me to shut up and enjoy it. She told Bob to put it all in and fuck her. Bob pushed hard and popped my cherry. Most men would let the lady get used to having a cock in her but Bob just started pounding me. I was crying it hurt so much. The sisters were all clapping and telling Bob to fuck me hard. Then an amazing thing happened, the pain started to turn into pleasure. It still hurt but I thought it hurt so good.

Bob pounded me a few minutes and then let go of his cum. He filled my pussy. As soon as he pulled out, Kim told Ashley to clean his dick and for Donna to clean my pussy. She told me to Sorority girl sex stories the blindfold off and see who fucked you. I looked up and saw Bob. All of the color drained from my face. He fucked me? Yes and did a nice job said Kim. Kim told Donna to put on the blindfold and to stay on her knees. She Sorority girl sex stories going to get fucked doggy style. Donna put on the blindfold and a man about 50 and overweight came in.

Again no foreplay this was just a fuck. Again one of the pledges cleaned up his dick and another cleaned her pussy. This went on until each of the pledges except Connie had been fucked. Kim looked at her and said I have something special for you slut. Put on the blindfold. When it was in place Connie was led to a chair and bent over it.

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Then several of the other sisters did the same.

Sorority girl sex stories

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