Spanked husbands stories

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Stories about couples who welcome playful spanking as a way to lead up to more marriage heat. It had been a rough week. I had started and to top it off, had contracted some sort of stomach virus.

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March 4, Raymond had had a stressful couple of weeks at work. That coupled with his duties at church made him…. She had been a very naughty girll and she knew it.

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So she wasn"t too surprised when her husband handed…. Most men appear to like a sense of mischief in a woman, so probably my husband, Tom, has more to….

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To say my husband Bill is an ass man is an understatement. Don't get me wrong, he likes my boobs also,…. It was my birthday the other week and I was thrilled that my husband had managed to get a day off work.

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I had to pay a forfeit the other day. It really began when we visited my husband's brother and his wife. I had a romp with my husband the other day.

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Pete had managed to get a day off work and my parents had…. The other night I was trying to get a few things ready for when we go on vacation with the family. Ben and I hadn't long been married when I turned I felt, with the wedding and everything, I'd had….

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