Spanking machine stories

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Yes, she has been an adult for a month now and could legally make her own decisions. Her friend Karen has been an adult for only one month longer and already her grades were slipping.

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They actually bought it when my brother turned 18 four years ago, but since he moved out last year it only gets used on me. You know, when our parents were kids all corporal punishments were banned. Just our luck it was brought back in time for us, huh! I think they should outlaw those, close down that loophole! Oh, there had been some court cases where undue coercion was claimed, and in some cases the plaintiff prevailed. But there had been sufficient precedence established making it clear that requiring the use of a robotic discipline machine for continued financial support was NOT undue coercion, and hence the practice had become popular with parents who had adult children living in their homes.

Apparently it is really easy to set it to a severe level! So how did your parents calibrate it?

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Then she had dad spank her bottom, just one swat, just like he would us. Then she submitted to the machine and had it spank her, at a really low setting. Then they increased the intensity until mom felt it was the same. And then the basic legal stuff such as no stealing, drugs, things that I would never do anyway. Mostly school stuff: being tardy, poor test scores, things like that. There are few general things: chores, keeping my room clean, a few driving restrictions. The only one that I worry about is the curfew. You are such a goody-two-shoes that you never get spanked? I generally submit once a week and it checks all my school work, including homework, quizzes and tests.

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So I frequently get a mild smacking. Like today. The one per percentage point swat is with a paddle, and those will hurt! Fortunately, today there is only one!

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And Spanking machine stories happens today? I prefer it in the afternoons as I have the house to myself, far less embarrassing that way. The house was quiet and empty, as expected. Both her parents worked and being the youngest child she was the only one still at home. Ordinarily she would have taken some time to relax, perhaps watch a bit of TV before she submitted to the machine, but after the discussion with Karen it was occupying her brain. Might as well get it done with, she figured. Teri slipped into the room, closing the door firmly behind her, just in case someone came home unexpectedly.

She wished that the door locked, but her parents insisted that it not be and had removed the mechanism. It had absolutely no resemblance to a human at all. By now the monitor was showing her the options to select the user, which included herself, her mom, her dad and her brother, even though he no longer lived there.

The profiles for her parents were left over from when they had calibrated the machine years ago. She selected her profile and sat in the chair, willing herself to relax. Interrogation commencing. Answer all questions truthfully to avoid additional penalties. Domestic issues: Did the subject empty all trash containers prior to trash collection day? Checking input from parents. No report from parents found. Are there any household issues the subject needs to confess? Checking DMV records. Teri sailed through these with no problems. School issues were last on the list.

School records accessed. No issues with deportment has been indicated. Does the subject need to confess any non-reported deportment issues? There are no tardies Spanking machine stories absences noted in the record. Have there been any non-reported absences or tardies? Record shows a score of 89 percent. Is this correct? Subject did NOT meet objectives. Record shows no failures to meet objective in recent history, no penalties for recurring behavior. One punishment level one point is ased for not meeting objective.

Additional: one level 3 point ased for being one point below objective.

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Does subject accept this punishment? Near the end of the school year she had managed to fall below the threshold on three consecutive tests, which bumped the levels up two notches. That had hurt!

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One small detail she had neglected to tell her friend was that she had actually been submitting to the machine for over a year, ever since her brother moved out. While it had been legal Spanking machine stories her parents to punish her while she was still a minor, the machine was considered to be a suitable alternative. Teri also considered it much Spanking machine stories to bare her ass to a machine rather than to her father. Is there any input from user? Teri stood, removed all but the heart rate monitor, then leaned against the padded bar.

There were restraints that could be used, which were optional for her situation. Teri chose to fasten the waist strap as a precaution, as flinching out of position would result in additional punishment. Immediately beyond the padded bar was open space, and beyond that were handles that she would hold onto. Teri paused for just a few seconds, then reluctantly lowered her panties to mid-thigh and reached for the handholds. Once she gripped the handles the punishment cycle began. Does subject wish to delay punishment? A robotic arm, the largest of the four the machine had, extended from the overhead frame, lowering down to waist height.

Satisfied, the mechanical hand went to the rack where the various spanking implements were stored and selected the light leather paddle. This paddle had a head that was 6 inches in diameter and constructed of two layers of pliable leather. The lightness, flexibility and generous impact area resulted in a fairly mild sting, not unlike what a bare hand would deliver.

Then the arm raised up. Category School: Failure to meet minimum test score. No enhancements. One swat with medium paddle. Her parents intent was that it would be one swat for every year of her age, figuring that the older you were, the worse the punishment should be. Wooosh, smack! The first one always hurt.

She waited in trepidation as the machine replaced the light paddle for a long slender wooden paddle. She knew this paddle hurt! Once she had endured 15 swats of this paddle and she thought her butt was on fire! Fortunately, there was only one swat due now. Again the paddle was gently positioned, the wood feeling cold against her warm buttocks.

Her hands immediately shot back to rub her butt, an action that would have resulted in additional punishment if it had impeded the remainder of the current punishment. Fortunately she was only due one swat. Teri unfastened the waist strap, pulled her panties back up, removed the heart rate monitor and then dressed.

She immediately went to her own room where she could close and lock the door. Now she stripped down completely and lay on her bed, her hands immediately going to her crotch and breasts. She was alone in the house, just herself and her fantasies.

Spanking machine stories

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