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The story is set in and features a girl breaking curfew. After her boyfriend drops her off he discovers her makeup kit on the floor of his car. As he walks back to the house to return the kit he is startled by the sounds of a spanking taking place. Unable to help himself, he stands there and listens in until the spanking is finished. The story will continue once I start writing again as it has been very popular and was left open ended for future adventures.

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Even to this day she remembers walking to the shed with tears running down her cheeks, hoping against all hope that nobody Spanking stories blogs the neighborhood was looking Spanking stories blogs of their window as she did the walk of shame. Fourteen well placed swings of the belt later on her bare bottom had her dancing all over the shed and promising that she will never again utter a curse word.

He admired that first swat as he watched her bottom move beneath the panties and almost shrugged himself as he set about his duty as if he was a seasoned pro. Well at least it started out covered, with all the kicking she was doing it was making her thin panties just ride up more and more. Elaine may have thought that the spanking went on forever, but in reality it was no more than 40 spanks. Thankfully it had stopped right when it did, or at least that is what she thought initially until she realized that Tim had stopped only to wave to the two laughing couples who were walking arm and arm past them, not 20 meters away.

It was never that simple though, he would do this little talk about how he had spoiled her and perhaps how he should have done this a long time ago, her face a deep scarlet with the knowledge that a bunch of eyes were probably transfixed on her upturned bottom as he talked. By the time he was done she was almost begging for the spanking to start, and oh boy did he spank when it finally did start. And with that his hand began to slowly and firmly smack down on each nylon covered cheek in turn, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, he had already surpassed the required of birthday spanks and he was only just starting.

If anyone had of happened to peer through the window at that moment, it would have looked like an exact replica of a strict uncle thoroughly warming the panty clad seat of a naughty niece. A summer away from home for Jane, she was 18 and was a junior counselor at a summer camp. She got the exclusive placement due to being able to live with the camp director and his wife. There was a camp break and it also happened to be her 19 th birthday.

Brian and his wife put on an amazing evening for her with lovely presents and then there was the cake to cut. …. They had been neighbors for nearly three years now, not long after her mom had packed up and moved away from her husband with her 15 year old daughter in tow.

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Brian Larson had welcomed them into Spanking stories blogs neighborhood like he would anybody and provided them with any support that he could. For the most part that happened during the first few months and since that time he only helped roughly two or three times a year. Part of his reluctance not to be intrusive was her teen daughter, Laura. He knew it must have been difficult for the both of them so he tried to leave them alone as much as he could. When he is away his girlfriend invites herself to test the spanking machine out.

Once the spanking machine has secured her, it only takes her a few seconds to realize the mistake that she made when she set the timer for two minutes. The first smack from the wooden hand on her thin pink nylon panties had her squirming immediately. It felt like the worst two minutes of the naughty girls life.

…. Amelia, just like her sister before her, is one haughty little madam who is used to having her own way.

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Amelia is one spoiled little madam and she pushes Mr. For the first time in her life Amelia is spanked like the naughty girl that she is, and even gets a few painful stripes from the riding crop to boot. Jamie finds out that her new neighbors have a secret, a spanking good secret. She spots the schoolgirl outfit in the closet and assumes that it is a fancy dress costume, but is stunned to find out that Sarah wears it when Jim spanks her. Sarah evens suggests that Jamie try the outfit on herself for a playful spanking.

She cautiously does so and gets her first ever adult spanking from her new neighbor, and then gets even more than she bargained for in the bedroom. She was a little flustered as she made her way into the kitchen to prepare some food, of course that was one area that she was covered in. The money issues mainly were revolved around frivolous activities, like a new phone, party gifts and a great night out. And then there were the car issues, that one is genuine. Okay, so what if he would have been more than understanding if her car trouble had left her short, as he had in the past.

Yanina, an American Latina, had developed a strange desire for anything remotely resembling English heritage, certainly anything pertaining to schooling in the olden days. This fascination stemmed from her obsession within the world of domination. There seemed to be no logical reasoning for this fascination, sure there had been spankings growing up, probably more than average, but nothing to substantiate the desire to be dominated by a strict man.

The only thing close to this experience as an adult was really of no consequence, a few smacks here and there from playful boyfriends, and one very prolonged birthday spanking from a landlord with whom she had developed a sexual relationship with soon after, and while that came close to a proper spanking, it was still done in fun and her modesty was protected by her underwear, even if they felt nearly invisible for the most part.

So today was the day, Sue Jackson had turned The early morning shower felt heavenly as she sang happily Spanking stories blogs herself, smiling from time to time thinking of her neighbor, Dominic Russo, a studly Italian in his late 30? What to wear though, Opening her lingerie drawer she pondered, oh how I wish he will be brave enough to lift my dress she thought to herself, after studying the contents of the drawer, Sue selected a cute red satin panty and bra set with white polka dots, carefully checking her butt in the mirror, yep, there is plenty of bare cheek popping out the bottom of these, allowing herself a quick couple of smacks.

The snow was falling heavy outside and Gail had to make it home. Luck must have been with her today, her co-worker, Ted Johnson, lived close by to her and offered her a ride home. Due to the weather, the ride was going Spanking stories blogs take a while. Gail knew that Ted was a widower and that his 2 girls had moved away from home years ago.

As the drive was slow and tedious, and the conversation was very lame the brat started to come out in Gail. Thinking of her own mislead youth she had joked that it must have been hard to raise two girls. When he replied that his hand got more than a workout Gail became intrigued and pressed on, wanting to know all of the gory details.

Lyn Byron had Spanking stories blogs for the same nursing agency for four years now. Most of her asments were in nursing homes, with the occasional engagement in a private house. Her next asment was to be one that would change her life forever. Lyn was busy with her laundry when she called the agency to check her schedule for that week. She was told of a new engagement in a private home with an elder gentleman. As per his wish, he wanted to spend his recovery time at home following his operation. To help Spanking stories blogs the pain he would need round the clock care for a few days as the pain medication would put him in and out of consciousness.

It was Monday that was to be her first day at work. After getting herself ready, she started on the drive to take over from the night nurse at this new patients home. Pulling into the driveway she was caught in awe at the size of the house, it was like a stately mansion, an eighteenth century house deep in the Virginia wilderness. The drive was arduously long for Emily. Someone who was finally going to spank her bottom like a naughty girl, something she had wanted and desired for years. She had even practiced placing pillows on a chair and laying over them like she was OTKlooking at his picture on her computer screen as she lifted her skirt, blushing as she imagined how it would feel for real.

Then inserting her fingers into the waistband of her panties and drawing them all the way down to her knees. My God is this going to be embarrassing, she thought to herself, as she tried to clench her cheeks to protect her modesty. Emily laid there for ten minutes trying to imagine the scene unfolding, looking behind her to try and see what view he would have. Part 2…. Part 3…. Linda walked into the small wooden hut wearing her white camp T-shirt and grey shorts. Ral beckoned her over to his side and stared at the little minx. Linda winced as she saw it as she realized that she was going to need to talk her way out of this one with a series of little white lies.

It had been 2 nights since Karen and Doug had made love for the very first time. Tonight was going to be different. Tonight she was going to let him know what her turn on was, she felt comfortable knowing that she would be able to share it with him.

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It had taken a while for the couple to even get together. Karen had a self confidence issue, never thinking she was ever attractive enough to guys, and deeply traumatized daily because of…. It was a hot and humid summer in North Carolina, the small town offered little but the sense of community was strong. Kyle had grown up there his whole life and this summer break was different for him. Two months prior, the owners of the house attached to his had relocated to Florida, in their place had moved a single Mom with her grown up Daughter.

Kyle was pretty smitten with the next door girl immediately, and for the past couple of weeks they had spent their summer break doing things together. For some reason today was different. It was approaching supper time and the two of them were sat on the stoop of the local library. Tara had been unusually quiet that day like she had something on her mind. Kyle had tried to be the Knight in shining amour, attempting to make her laugh, Spanking stories blogs talking gently while trying to display a sympathetic ear, but Tara remained pretty withdrawn that day.

Four years ago, Kim had moved away from her neighborhood and was in the final year of her college. It had come as quite a surprise to her, but she had received a birthday card from an old neighbor that week and in it he had included Spanking stories blogs phone. Tom Hansen was a 54 year old widower with 3 grown daughters, his wife having died about 3 years ago. Kim decided that she wanted to call Tom and thank him for the birthday card; we get to listen in to their conversation. My Spanking Stories. Mother Spanks Daughter — Overheard The story is set in and features a girl breaking curfew.

Birthday Spanking For Laura They had been neighbors for nearly three years now, not long after her mom had packed up and moved away from her husband with her 15 year old daughter in tow. The Exclusive Riding School Amelia, just like her sister before her, is one haughty little madam who is used to having her own way.

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