Sph humiliation stories

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User Name Remember Me? Go to Hi, this is a fetish I've had for many years. To have someone from the opposite sex laugh at my small male package. Too bad I don't live in a world depicted in the porno films where this fantasy can be real. But I've 'created' several real incidences of having a girl know my small cock size and comment to me about it. Will share them here because it brings back such 'turn on' memories. Anybody with the same fetish, share your stories too! To set the context, my penis is only 10cm when fully erected and really tiny when soft, sometimes can shrink to cm only.

Only saving grace is that my cock is quite thick when hard. And my balls can be considered undersized Sph humiliation stories well, only slightly larger than a big grape. First incident to share from me: Last time I was working in a building with a few companies. My colleague was dating a girl from another firm. She worked as a PA to her boss. She's in her early thirties and divorced with. The three of us will smoke downstairs throughout the day. Sometimes I will end up smoking with her without my colleague and chat about different things.

She was telling me about her ex husband and went they divorce. She's very open. She say one of the reasons was that sex is very unsatisfactory for her. When I asked more, she revealed that her ex husband's cock is too small for her. She even used her fingers to gesture roughly how small she meant. So immediately my instincts took over. I joked to her that the length looks OK what.

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She say cannot even feel it, especially after her childbirth. She even complained that her ex husband's balls very small and don't even shoot anything out, not shiok. Those were almost her exact words. After she said that, I told her:' hey you know that my penis is probably also something like that size? Maybe even closer to the lower range of 10cm, instead of 12cm. I said it was ok la. Then she joked that luckily my colleague is able to satisfy her, and she's not going out with me. She say she only joking, don't angry. I just said it's ok, my cock small but working normally.

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I just told her that this is classified information now. Can never tell anybody! I went to jerk off in the toilet after we finish smoking. Whenever we smoke together, and especially when my colleague is also around, I get super turned on. Anyway, we only ever brought this topic up one other time.

I think that day she was in a light mood and wanted to tease me when it was just the two of us smoking downstairs. After we lit up, I could just see her smiling big at me. Got grow any bigger these days? Bro, so have you gotten lucky with any girls cos of your openness to share?

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I guess I make up for it by being very ballsy in real life Small never mind lah, at least got a lady willing to discuss with you, considered not bad liao. Share another one: This one also with another female colleague, call her J. We're quite ok friends, from different department but meet for kopi downstairs almost everyday. Got one time she introduced me to a guy from her department who us for kopi, call him R.

R is quite short but hunky looking, and I've seen him around before.

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I've seen him changing in the company gym one time before, so yes saw him naked before. Anyway, the next time I meet J for kopi, somehow the conversation led to R. So I mentioned that i saw him naked before because he walks around naked in the gym changing room after bathing. J thought it was funny and asked whether his body nice or notc since he dare to walk around bravely like that. So I took the cue to 'describe' K's body to J! So she was not expecting it when I told her that K had a pretty well developed package down there.

Somehow I took some pleasure in 'exposing' K's details to J. I even mentioned how his big testicles hung low and swung about, probably due to the hot shower. J screamed for me to stop as the details were getting too much for her. Anyway she also jokingly asked whether I was naked as well in the locker room. I answered I wasn't and usually never because I'm not blessed like K. So she figured I was small down there. No stories from me Just an experience Was at a coffee t the other time when a group of young teens walked inside and sit down at the table next to me Then one of them starts to ask his friend "U gonna fuck her tomorrow?

At your house? You seem like losing interest at Zouk after you start fucking her. There was one time I did 69 with her and I nearly puke due to her chee bye. She did not shave. Then my dick shrunk, got no mood to fuck her.

Exact words from his mouth After hearing this amount of fair share, i decided that it was time to leave. Although I could have stayed and listened more. Good day. Last edited by Splitter; at AM. Reason: missing words. Originally Posted by jazp. Originally Posted by dhdlgggk. Originally Posted by uber Upz, anybody got any SPH experiences to share? I'll share another of mine: this one happened a few times at KTV.

First time was genuine whilst after that I created the incidents. During the early few times I go KTV with friends, I'll always be subconsciously nervous that the KTV girls will reach into my jeans and find out about Sph humiliation stories small cock. My anxiety makes it worse because I'll be totally soft and shrunken.

Anyway, the first time happened because I reached into my girl's bra to touch her nipple. She said that to be fair, she had to touch my cock inside my jeans. Before I could react, she reached in and did it. That's when she whispered into my ear that she couldn't find my cock. I think these KTV girls very aware not to say it loud enough for my friends to hear, in case it offends me. I think she could see I was definitely embarrassed thru my fake laughter, so she joked along that she'll help to make it big. Which made me even more nervous and even more difficult to get hard!

Once was at the swimming pool and two girls walk past me and i heard them laughing: ehhh his kkj so small! Hahah" wah lan eh! So paiseh. Hoping to restart this old Sph humiliation stories of mine. Small penis humiliation or CFNM stories, all welcome!

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Sph humiliation stories

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