Spread gay wings

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The definition of gaywings in the dictionary is a perennial spring-flowering plant of the family Polygalaceae. Educalingo cookies are used to personalize and get web traffic statistics. We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.

View details Got it. Download the app educalingo. Meaning of "gaywings" in the English dictionary. Polygala paucifolia. Synonyms and antonyms of gaywings in the English dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the English literature, quotes and news about gaywings.

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A most delicate plant, the Gaywings hasflowers growing on a long stem from the upper leaf axils. Two purplish-pink lateral sepals form flaring wings, and the petals form a tube with afringed yellow, or pink, crest. Leonard M. Adkins, A most delicate plant, Gaywings ' flowers grow on a long stem from the upper leaf axils. Two purplish-pink lateral sepalsform flaring wings while the petalsform a tube with a fringed, yellow, or pink crest. Elizabeth M. Patric, Fringed polygala and bird-on-the-wingare other names for this charming pink or purple orchidlike flower.

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There are five sepals, three of them inconspicuous and the two lateral ones forming wings. The three Hugh O. Nourse, Carol Nourse, Appalachian rosinweed. Appalachian rosinweed is found in forests with high light conditions and increases after fire and limited tree removal. Gaywings q The flower of gaywings looks like a little Thomas G. Barnes, Deborah L. White, Marc Evans, Roger Tory Peterson, Kay Yatskievych, Alternative Spread gay wings may refer to either all or part of the name: thus, "Fringed Polygala Gaywings " means that the species is called either Fringed Polygala or Gaywingswhereas "Common Tall Buttercup" means that the two names applied to Jack Parker Hailman, Elizabeth D.

Hailman, Gaywings requires a moist, cool, leaf-mold soil pHin rather dense shade. It is rather difficult to establish in the garden, apparently because it is partially parasitic. Unless its roots the proper host plant, it will not remain for very long. Walter A. Kolaga, Heus has made his native plant nursery into a mail-order business selling trillium, Joe Pye weed, fringed gentian, blue flag, Virginia bluebells, and lesserknown flowers including wild quinine, cup plant, gaywingsand shale-barren pussytoes.

Su Clauson-Wicker, Not easy to stick to to-do list when nature is all around you.

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My notebook quickly sported quite a list of blooming wildflowers, starting with gaywings also called fringed polygala that carpeted the moist The USDA species Orra Phelps Nature Gaywings [online]. Oct ยป. English words that begin with g. English words that begin with ga. English words that begin with gay.

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Spread gay wings

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Meaning of "spread your wings" in the English dictionary