Spying on wife stories

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Spy thrillers have always had a complex relationship to history.

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Even the most escapist fantasies rely on familiar backgrounds like World War II or the Cold War to supply context and credibility, raise the stakes and, most important, provide the villains. The result is a sharp, smart novel that hits fast and hard, its reverberations echoing after the last is turned.

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Claire Saylor is a C. This time, Bridger has a weird one up his sleeve; Claire will be attending an academic conference in Hamburg, posing as the wife of an obscure American scholar of Arabic and Aramaic, who is about to be thrust into the limelight, and perhaps the cross hairs, with his scandalous reading of the Quran. The scheme seems ridiculous to Claire: a book tour, arranged by a C.

Toss in a dastardly C. There are some missteps along the way.

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Are they dissembling even to themselves? But these quibbles matter little as the story picks up speed, and Fesperman plays to his strengths, fashioning gripping plotlines out of his deep knowledge of history and politics, setting and culture, sketching in C. I was particularly taken with how he manages to shift the tone of the narrative as momentum builds.

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And here the author uncovers a deeper truth, about human limitations and the consequences of systemic failure. Or a stolen plane flying into a tower on a clear blue morning. Listen: The Book Review Podcast.

Spying on wife stories

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A Spy Thriller That Mixes Fact and Fiction to Harrowing Effect