Still in diapers stories

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I told you that you would be wearing diapers all summer. Where else were we going to put them?

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Aww, no need to cry, Everyone has accidents now and then. Every time he saw the basket sitting there, filled with diapers, he knew exactly what his fate was. He knew that, no matter how much he resisted, he would be wearing diapers full time until he had used every single diaper in the basket.

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Your stepmother called you over, seeing that you were watching her prepare the baby bottle through a crack in the door. She smiled at you as you walked over to her, your face blushing. You tried to make up an excuse and she cut you off. No need to be embarrassed dear. Does that sound nice?

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But we do have to change you into a diaper first. I know my stepson seems too old for them, but even big boys have accidents in their pants from time to time. I do expect him to go through them pretty fast, but I think these will hold us over for a couple days. You began to blush red as she walked towards you, grabbing your arm firmly and pulling down your pants.

Someone made a big baby accident in their pants. All the women gathered around, trying to conceal their delight. I think its become more than clear that he deserves to be in diapers.

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Every single accident gets documented and posted on your chart. Say cheese! I know you are potty trained, but accidents can always happen. How does that sound? You blushed red, seeing people pass by in the park as she pulled back the front of your diaper. Posts Archive. Top Photos.

Still in diapers stories

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