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Megan was a wholesome 28 year old, happily married with her husband of 3 years. But she lived with a deep dark desire, something she had never told anyone about. It was the more unconventional type of man, something she was embarrassed about anyone finding out.

She was utterly weak for big black men and their enormous cocks. She never told her husband, she only joked about it and hinted at it. But he always shrugged it off and laughed about it. She found it offensive when other men whistled at her and cat called her, she found it repulsive, but when a black man did it, she blushed and smiled.

She was worried and nervous, but the second she laid her eyes on her first big black cock, well. She ran her fingers down her body onto her pussy and started rubbing her clit. She came immediately. She She was shocked, it usually took her 15 minutes. The guilt of cumming to black dicks behind her husbands back, exhilarated her. So satisfied but so hungry for more. The next morning, Megan woke up feeling guilty, she kissed her husband goodbye, and went along to work. The more time passed the harder she found it to not look back on tumblr, back to the her big black cocks.

She was going insane, Stories about my wife first bbc could feel her pussy get wet, but she kept trying to suppress it because of her husband, but she couldnt anymore. She ran to the bathroom, dropped her pants and panties and just started to finger bang her self in the bathroom while staring at those dark devils. She came on her fingers and licked her own cream imaging it to be black cum, went back to work and finished the day. On the way back from work she felt horny again, but she got a new idea.

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She smiles, full of joy, and reroutes to the sex shop! He home excited about her next late night or her alone time in the shower. Time is 11 pm, the couple is in bed, the husband is drifting off, but Megan is wide awake. Way too excited and anxious about trying out her new toy. Fastforward some time, its am, and her husband is dead asleep. She smiles and gets up and walks over to her bag where she was keeping her special toy. She bit her lip excitedly, and ran over to the living room where she could have some privacy.

Popped her toy out and took her clothes off and lied Stories about my wife first bbc on the couch. Opened her tumblr and went back to the source of her pleasure; big black cocks. She turned the toy on and fell into immense pleasure and ecstasy, staring at a gif of a HUGE black cock gently splitting a white pussy open and forcing its way in. She loved it, she was envious of this girl, she was breathing deeply, syncing the rhythm of thrusts of her dildo with the gif, imagining shes the one in his arms, taking every inch of his massive cock.

Eventually the porn isnt enough, so she finds her self on a bbc chatroom looking for a sexy black bull to talk to. She found an amazing black cock and she dms him immediately…. He starts sending her pics, and requesting the same, she sends pics of herself nude in the living room, showing him that big ass of hers, showing him the face she wants him to cover in cum, she shows him the toy shes using to try to mimic his cock.

She sends him everything he asks for, Hes her bull, her daddy, her lover. She wants him to own her, she wants to be his slave, give him anything and everything he asks for. They start video chatting and shes in a trance, watching him jerk his cock off. He gets close to cummingand starts cussing at her, and calling her his bitch, she starts moaning loud. Meantime, her husband has woken up and he walks into the living room, finding her in that state.

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Embarrassed and freaking out she nervously tries to come up with an excuse as to why she has squirted all over the floor at 4 am. She saved it, cleaned up the mess she made, and went back to her loving husband in bed. The next morning was a little awkward for her, as she was embarrassed from the night before.

Typical morning, breakfast with her husband and a kiss goodbye as she goes to work.

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She quickly found her phone and looked for hisstared at it and then texted him. Towards the end of her work day, he asked her if shed be willing to meet up and just talk in person and get to know each other. She jumped at the idea and was excited, she texted her husband saying she was just going to go do some shopping after work, he suspected nothing. They met up at the mall, she was nervous to meet him. When they first met, he covered her with his eyes, every inch.

She did the same but spent extra time on his muscles and especially his crotch. They hugged and introduced each other, and he immediately felt comfortable grabbing her ass, it only made her blush more. They just went around the mall and did regular couple things, in a specific store, he pointed out a blue mini skirt he thought shed look sexy in, and whilte she went on try it on, he quickly ran over to the raunchy store in the mall.

He bought her a black anal plug, with purple diamond on the end of it. Meanwhile, Megan was sending pictures of the miniskirt to her husband, and getting his opinion on it. He loved it, just like her black bull.

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She wonders while he pulls her away to a secluded area, he tells her to drop her panties, then he takes out the butt plug. Her eyes opened wide, she was shocked at what he was about to do, she was nervous, she had never done anal before. He licked the plug to lube it up then he reached behind her and shoved it into her asshole while he made out with her, Megans pussy started to drip. He pulled her skirt back down and they went along their way at the mall, but with a butt plug up Megans ass. After finishing their little date at the mall, they returned to his car, she was incredibly horny at this point.

The butt plug had been stretching her virgin asshole and make her wet the entire time. When they sat in the car, she looked at him, waited a second, then reached over and grabbed his crotch while biting her lip. He unzipped his pants and once again unleashed his massively hung black cock for Megans pleasure.

She leaned over and put his massive rod in her mouth, and started licking, kissing and sucking on his tip. She felt so naughty and lustful, such an exhilarating experience to cheat on her husband with a big hung black bull. He put the camera down, facing them, and he grabbed her and pulled her over to him. She got ontop of him and he took his big cock and slide it into her drenched tight pussy.

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It was so tight, it felt like she was a virgin, she had never had suck a big cock inside of her. She was mesmerized and she couldnt put words together. She rode his cock, in the parking lot of the mall, with the butt plug in her slut ass, his hands grabbing and groping on her, squeezing her butt cheeks, slapping them, while she was riding his cock. She received a text from her husband saying he was going to be home late from work, so her immediate thought was to take her black bull home and fuck him there. They quickly stopped and she hopped back into her seat and they drove to her house.

They finally arrived to her house, she had been on her knees, on the seat, sucking his dick giving him road head while he drove.

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She sprung up when they arrived, and she excitedly jumped out and ran over to unlock her door, he bull followed with his cock hanging out, in public. He followed her into the house, grabbing her again, kissing on her, sucking her tits, biting her lips. She was moaning loud, grabbing his crotch, kissing his lip, she grabbed his arm and guided him to her and her husbands bed. He grabbed her and picked her up with her legs wrapped around him and his hands on her fat ass. He went over to the bed and dropped her, stripped him self and her, and began going to work on her tight little pussy with his tongue.

She was going insane, grabbing the sheets, pointing her toes, absolute heaven. He made her cum on his tongue and then he got back up and slapped his cock onto her pussy. He slowly put the head of his cock inside of her, then took it out and rubbed her clit with it, and then put it back inside. This time slowly going deeper, and deeper, until he hits the end of her cunt. He started thrusting into her, his balls slapping against her ass, her legs bentone foot on his shoulder.

She was so incredibly sexy, he was kissing every part of her while Stories about my wife first bbc was giving her the best dick of her life. He then turned her over, taking the butt plug out, ready to put his black cock in replacement. She was so nervous and anxious, but she loved him, and she trusted him. She opened her ass cheeks for him and begged for his cock.

He spit on his cock and her asshole and went to put it in her asshole. He got his head in and she was aching in pain, screaming, but begging him not to stop. He didnt stop until his entire cock was deep inside of her. She could feel him rearranging her organs.

He was about to start thrusting her when her husband walked in and saw his cock buried deep inside her asshole. He had come home on time, despite his text message, noticed the unfamiliar car, and came home silently to investigate. To find his wife with another man in their bed, with his cock in places he had never been…. Shocked and bewildered, her husband just stood there. Unable to put words together. He couldnt believe what he was seeing, all the jokes she made in the past were true. She wasnt joking, she was telling the truth.

Her black bull wasnt surprised, he had seen her wedding ring, he just didnt care. Megan was lying there so embarrassed and guilty, she didnt know what to say. He sat down on the bed and she sat up on her knees next to him, fully nude.

Stories about my wife first bbc

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